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  1. it has to be group search, if i have to type every value down and edit them 1 by 1 it wont be productive for future parts of the scripts. X was supposed to be the function to edit the results. if i put "x" instead of the value it was supposed to mean that after gg.getResults(100) X would then take those results and divide it through 3.. from there x = x/3
  2. that's why i had the problem, x was supposed to be whatever the result was and then divide through 3...only problem is actually its a group search...that's why x was supposed to be nil..it was supposed to take whatever was gone be in the results..am i explaining correct to you?
  3. Oke something we can agree on. That won't help. X is supposed to be a nill value and separate whatever that is the result. [added 1 minute later] indeed, its a nill. it has to divide any results to 3 because i'm gone use a group search and it would just be to much work to edit each value 1 by 1 through 3. [added 4 minutes later] each value is different so thats wy each value has to be seperated by 3 and in the other case it will divide its 30 by 3. thats why i made this topic. 1. divide the results of the group search by 3. Each results by his own value.
  4. Protect my script better (#3ulzkmwf) I would not be happy since i experienced similar issues(guns of boom, rules of survival. . . pricks taking everything), well however i don`t bother protecting my scripts though so that's on me anyway, if someone managed to reverse engineer your script or decrypt it then that's on you and it can be argued as much as you want, at the end of the day the only one you will be arguing and blaming is your self. Don't want it to get stolen = don't share it Share it = deal with the risk Your being sarcastic, why? is there actually a necessarily motive for that, i call it being a prick. While someone is looking for answers your gone start being sarcastic to them, how is this actually "helping" anyone, unless your motive there was not helping but you just like to reply on topic perhaps knowing the answer but again playing a guess name, even if you wanted him to reply with a new or more clear question, if his first question was already clear enough there is logically no need to come out with a half baked answer that was actually helping nobody and then later come of with some excuse like whats happening now. That's what i mean with your ego, you don't give a clear answer anymore instead you play around with the people because you can tell your self that you already know the answer, sounds like the guy that want to keep all for himself and the rest out. No, your throwing the stick. i knew what the error was. i never said i don't know what the error is, what i did not know is were i'm going wrong, what i mean with that is how i have to input it into a script CORRECTLY. but you start talking in a way that is very ego, let stand you putting that peace of script there. non relevant towards this topic just to much~
  5. 1. I doubt that you understand how a machine understand, your not understanding machine language, you understand high level language and closed "you" will get is perhaps Assemble(s) 2. You pointed out what is explained 10 times to me through the GG error, amd then give some half baked amswer with it, with evem the effort to try to make a fool out of someone who is requesting help. 3. Because of 2 you got Ego issue and it seems a lot here have that problem. Thats why i can't ask questions here because here you cant feel confident to ask a question with people like you around, you can't ask something without getting in to a guessing game with someone who is supposed to be helping atleast. And now i think about it i saw your name several times in this forum always having problems with someone, then you even had the balls to say somewere that your the best scripter on the forum or the best cheater(the topic got deleted), but don't put your attitude to me or anyone else. 4. To search something you must understand first, thats why i say a proper explenation: Son: How do i fish? Father: Gives his son a stick and explains him once how to use and prepare the stick. Son: Knows and understand how to fish. your not giving the fish, your teatching how to fish.
  6. don't worry all, i will continue with the script in some time. I'm really buisy these days but you guys will be notified in the channel when there will be a update.
  7. That is a excuse, you don't use any form of critical thinking. Thats not how you provide support, you give a solution with a understandble explenation, not some half baked answer that is not a solution but like zam535582 saying a guessing game. i already knew were the error came from. I said "i ceep getting error when i (DEVIDE) the results. i'm not sure if you readed and responded well with a guessing game. [added 2 minutes later] But if this is making your ego increase and make you feel good then no problem. you go on and ceep providing support like that and you gone have helped a lot of people.
  8. Great help. [added 4 minutes later] Son: How do i fish? Father: Throws a stick at his son, you figure out son. Son: ... -- Your kind is very depressing, your ego is running very high so you like to see people struggeling with there problems. Don't reply on this post if you were never planning to give a solution beside "look it up"
  9. i ceep getting error when i try to divide the results, were im going wrong?
  10. well, i made zoomhack, that works very well
  11. i can't anymore!! btw that wont work, anything you change on body character is only visual to you [added 1 minute later] and gtfo
  12. aah i remember using it years ago before GG was like now. very old school, there were several similair modification tools, at that time Game Hacker was the best for me, they dont update it anymore but it was very similair then GG at that time, talking about 2013 or 2014, old times for reall, when it was only you looking for a value and editing it haha ya had to make like videos explaining people how to find the hack, look enyby how advanced GG becaume we can make like or own scripts so everyone can use it, genius team
  13. But that is for rooted device, The error he receives is this: i had the issue to but i did a factory reset(for other reasons) and then when i installed the game and after that GG it worked. so perhaps some path name has to be changed? only had this issue with my huawei though.. [added 1 minute later] i'm pretty sure xprivacy would work though.
  14. you mean this? 29. What if the game detects GameGuardian? Try the following options (singly or in any combination): - Enable the "Hide GameGuardian from the game:" options. Usually enough 2, 3 and 4 options. - Do not cancel the reinstallation GameGuardian with a random name. This is done the first time GameGuardian is run outside of virtual space. - Use XPrivacy or similar utilities. Look on the Internet for how to do this. - If you have root rights, use root from the virtual space with hidden installation of applications. Read more in the context help for the "Use root in virtual space:" setting.
  15. Haitiaan


    yes! that exactly thanks man, somehow i saw it before but could not find. so appreciated haha
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