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  1. I understand dude. Thank you for your patience anyway. Last night I used your script and only turn on the Aura and Quick Steps Mode. It made my Candle running More faster than before. Thank you for your hard work mate. N.B.: I found out just now, some users have the Suck all flames from all realms Script but they are not willing to share it. Its like, you are just at home, Run the script, wait for it to finish 100%, then suck one candle, and it will automatically SUCK OUT all Candles across ALL REALMS. Finishing your candle run immediately. That's what I saw in his demonstration video.
  2. Hello Pylot, have you managed to obtain the script?
  3. I need this script, like in just one minute you finished GRAY out you candles.
  4. I heard and read somewhere that Sky Pavan has the Script, but some who got it Don't want to share it unless there's permission from Pavan Himself.
  5. Hello there, can you do the Suck all flames script? Where you can suck all the flames at home and finish the candle run in one go. Thank you
  6. I get what you mean. It is randomised, encrypted or not. Good luck with that bro. I get what you mean. It is randomised, encrypted or not. Good luck with that bro.
  7. its not so easy. and it is well protected. The Company that runs the game was paid well by whalers so they will also try their best to strengthen their security of modifying their game as well. its been years when is the last time I played this game and I don't know if the 3rd party website that you can pay related to it is still working or not. Some people already tried what you are intending to do but its not possible. That's why this thread was not bumped for awhile.
  8. I just heard that also from others but I haven't seen it in action. I don't have an iOs Phone so I can't really try doing it, not to mention jailbreaking it.
  9. This game has been running for more than 6 years already and I can't find any existing hack or mod about it. I've tried every possible means but GG can't seem to penetrate it. I also have been banned 5 times with dummy accounts for testing it. Open for discussion and sharing of ideas.
  10. I tried your way, but I got errors and kick out from the game. Shame. hahaha
  11. Tried it. Its sticking to the server side. [added 0 minutes later] Haven't tried that. You can make a request on a new thread for new discussions related to the game. I'll help out if I have available free time.
  12. Try re uploading again, its glitchy. [added 4 minutes later] I'm back, was on work overseas and not so active in the loop. Anyways for users of GG then complain please get out ot this site. Try to understand the situation that developers are humans too, they too have their own limits, capacities and some of them are self-taught, hence, we users sometimes donate and support their work. You have no right to criticize them in the first place because you haven't even help them in the first place. Be a good sissy okay? Instead of complaining, why not try to be resourceful and help each other here? And also stop attacking other people here. Hoping you turn into a new leaf and help us out and give us your inputs but not to demoralising the developers. Avoid ad hominems too. Please.
  13. Need a tester? Count me in. I'll do it when I get a new Laptop so I'll try it on Nox. [added 4 minutes later] Touch + Hold it. Do it with other items too. It counters the Dodge rating of other equipment with the Dodge stats. Usually in gears of Agility Type heroes. Also take note of Dura's Relics. It also has additional effects and its unique in each relic. You may also take note of Every hero's signature items, it boosts their attack ratings. Signature Items can be unlocked if the Hero becomes Mythic Tiered (Red Background/Portrait)
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