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  1. Thank you @NoFear ur da best Nope. Was amazed on how he did it, just waiting like everyone else here how he did it.
  2. Thank you @NoFear ur da best
  3. Tried VIP for 3 months 

  4. Just downloaded and tested your script. Well done and it works!
  5. Good thing you updated the script, I was still using your previous lua script and still working though. Many thanks for your hardwork! ?
  6. I used to follow Anonymous1000 hacks and works great, and lately he's nowhere to be seen, but anyway I saw this LUA and follow step by step, easy-peasy, works perfect too if you follow the instructions every single time. If you are unsure on what to select and save or edit, just follow the steps, like, 3 address up, then 4 addresses down, just follow the steps. If it doesn't work, restart the App and try again. This is also trial-and-error situation so please don't blame the authors if you didn't get it right, just try and try until you succeed. ? Happy hacking!
  7. Guys just a heads up, Script for 1.8.4 still works at 1.8.5.
  8. Only GG makes me more enthusiastic to learn more from you guys! Keep the fire on! ?
  9. I'm in Tekridag, Turkey right now. What happened to your Channel mate? _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later I'm in Tekridag, Turkey right now. What happened to your Channel mate?
  10. Its nothing dude , it will go back and recall its true values from the server even trying to freeze the values. Bumping this thread
  11. I have a situation: Suppose my level is 6, and played the game using LUA scripts and other hacks until I reached level 68, then, i restarted the game, all of my progress were not saved! Is there a problem in cloud saving of game to its servers? I tried completing the Chopper and ATV again and again for 3 times but the progress cannot be saved. So what I did, i disconnect my Google play account. I tried closing the app and open the app again. Still the same. I re-installed the game and tried it again. Same thing happens. Anyone exeprience this situation? Note: i tried building radio tower but there's a bug which i don't understand where whn you are going to the Furniture tab of Build Menu, its not the Radio Tower picture as you see in the inventory, but a white square with a quantity of 10. Don't know what that is so I just deleted it.
    Mostly recommended updates and downloads kudos to Anonymous1000 Hacker! Cheerio!
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