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  1. A real shame... I really like this game, and with the new update where we can buy hats and have to re-buy multiple characters, gems and coins would have come in handy.
  2. Sadly, currency values are stored online. Changing them won't give you cash, tickets or gems. IAPs and individual cosmetics had a similar result for me. Best I can say is join a group, add friends and it should allow you to borrow their stuff so you don't have to purchase.
  3. Try Sammax71's recommendation yourself in order to learn to do so for other games and get more familiar with GG. If by any chance you get stuck, DM me and I'll guide you or upload video on what Sammax71 suggested.
  4. If you turn your internet off and time skip forward, it'll change your shop items, allow you to play Danger Zones and you can also skip time for Arena Masters. Note that if you skip time for Arena Masters, you have to be online at first, then change the date and turn off data. It may say offline with a yellow button. As long as the button is yellow, keep changing dates forward until it changes to "Battle". Remember that date, because the next arena master is likely to have a huge waiting time and you have to skip a day further from the last date you attempted. Sadly, time skipping won't work for recruits as they're offline. As for lucky patcher, here's my advice: Buy as many gems as your auto clicker will allow you when you AFK, in case LP gets patched when the game is launched as BA2 is still in early beta stages. Seasonal passes cost gems instead of money, so you'll be able to buy those even if the hack is patched if you cheated gems. However, if your phone isn't rooted, youau not be able to log to Google Play services. Try Nox emulator, enable root, use LP, then in the game options click save after cheating to transfer data to the cloud and load it in your phone.
  5. What I've tried so far: Exact value DWORD, QWORD, WORD, BYTE, all the above as encrypted, fuzzy search, encrypted fuzzy search and I have yet to find the address for the Transient Stones. Whenever I try and narrow down the results, it reaches the point where all searches are cleared as nothing was found at the end of refining.
  6. Hello everyone! I wanted to ask for help on this one. I've managed to be able to get the values for power and health in battles, but I was wondering if it's possible to add Transient Stones through GG. I've tried DWORD & BYTE searches, but I keep feeling like I'm missing something in the process and doing the search wrong as I haven't been able to edit my current amount yet. The game's one of those "Gacha" games, so it drained the limit of transient stones I can get as rewards from winning current events with GG. My question is that if it is possible to add Transient Stones, which is the correct value type to search and would I have to do the searches in the summoning screen where the currency displays? Here's the game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.lifewonders.housamo&hl=en&referrer=utm_source%3Dgoogle%26utm_medium%3Dorganic%26utm_term%3Dhousamo&pcampaignid=APPU_1_BwixXpSMMcHB3LUP4MuWgAs
  7. @MonkeySAN Thank you so much, really! I learned plenty from this. Before, I kept trying based on videos that weren't game specific while in a game round and all the values I changed didn't really change anything or made me crash after changing values. Thank you, thank you!!
  8. Hello! I'm trying to modify coins and gems from Potion Punch 2, I can play the game offline. I can't seem to succeed and I was wondering if someone that's able to achieve so, could post a tutorial or a small guide if possible.
  9. Hello, I'm fairly new to using GG and I've tried to search values to change, but even with YouTube videos I fail to replicate the process and I was wondering if it was possible to change the Coins and Gems data within the game through GG.
  10. Do you know the author? I could search them up and purchase it if it's not free.
  11. Thanks for the info! Very much appreciated. I contacted them, but he mentioned the script was used in Beta. I have a script from a friend that works on live, if you'd like to test out if it still works on yesterdays update.
  12. I wanted to try regular GG editing through a virtual space, but I've gotten a LIAPP protection message that I've been trying to google on how to bypass. Any pointers would help a lot.
  13. I've tried to find a way to bypass the LIAPP protection, but nothing I've done helps. I'm trying to modify damage values, crafting materials or coins/gems, but I can't even get pass the protection. Does anyone know how to bypass this?
  14. All the help provided will be extremely appreciated!!
  15. Thank you kindly for letting me know. It saves a lot of headaches of trial and error. Had my hopes up for the candle packs.
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