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  1. Does anyone have working Lua script for shadow of death for gems and souls? Or could someone point to right direction on how should i approach finding said values. I have seen its possible but since im super bad at this im just curious could someone assist. I appreciate it alot!
  2. Interesting, i wonder since you can edit max energy itself is it possible to also directly edit resources from similiar pathing or is it limited? Personally im very interested on the resources itself but its also highly possible its not possible.
  3. Does anyone have working scripts or anything to unlock heroes, get some gold and emblems? I don't really care about map hacking or anything like that personally.
  4. So i require help. I'm very new user to gameguardian and i want to use it to get resources for botworld. Mostly money, gems (if possible) and resources to level up bots and boat. Can anyone write a guide or make a video for it? That would be highly appreciated.
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