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    HAWK: Freedom Squadron

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    Space Justice hack request

    Thank you @NoFear ur da best Nope. Was amazed on how he did it, just waiting like everyone else here how he did it.
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    Space Justice hack request

    Thank you @NoFear ur da best
  4. Cleru

    Space Justice hack request

    Any updates????
  5. It looks that way, but honestly I was able to finish quests and eliminate enemies better and easy because of increase Stats and Attributes. If needed to power-up each specific character, you need specific DNA fragments and by doing so you need to especially grind for dna maps. Also, you can easily place yourself on top leader-boards to accept generous rewards especially during Event quests. For instance, the HP and Attk attribute of 1 Star Level 45 is way higher that the Brute with a Level 10 1 star. Level suppression can be easily identified, and also performing skills like lockpicking, free running, assassination, stealth, and etc.. acts have higher chances of succeeding . (70-90% success rate to perform the action task.)
  6. Check my previous post after this post for proof.
  7. As you can see, the Brotherhood level is at Level 11, whereas my Assassins' Levels are all in Level 45.
  8. did they raise the max brotherhood level as well? That I don't know. I was trying everytime to do the max brotherhood level but it can't get through, so my assassins are all at the same high levels whereas my brotherhood level is low as a noob. _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later On added note, yes I am not banned, and I can still retrieve everything thru cloud sync. Will post screenshots soon but will blur some known names related to my account profile, I can't risk being exposed.
  9. before I patched the game I put the max level of characters to 45, and it is as of this moment, it is still level 45 to all my characters and across all devices.
  10. Tried VIP for 3 months 

  11. Just downloaded and tested your script. Well done and it works!
  12. Good thing you updated the script, I was still using your previous lua script and still working though. Many thanks for your hardwork!
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    I used to follow Anonymous1000 hacks and works great, and lately he's nowhere to be seen, but anyway I saw this LUA and follow step by step, easy-peasy, works perfect too if you follow the instructions every single time. If you are unsure on what to select and save or edit, just follow the steps, like, 3 address up, then 4 addresses down, just follow the steps. If it doesn't work, restart the App and try again. This is also trial-and-error situation so please don't blame the authors if you didn't get it right, just try and try until you succeed. Happy hacking!
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    Guys just a heads up, Script for 1.8.4 still works at 1.8.5.
  15. Only GG makes me more enthusiastic to learn more from you guys! Keep the fire on!
  16. I thought you were a goner! Welcome back!
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    Donation Error

    EDIT: Found it. https://gameguardian.net/forum/store/ Will pay if I have funds ready.
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    Donation Error

    Image Sample Taken Just now: And Also, I found this: So, If I am willing to donate to the site, because I like it and I feel it and also to thank the developers and moderators for their hard work and support them also, how can I do it? Please enlighten me, thank you. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later For reference: this is the address related to the 1st 2 images above my post.
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    Donation Error

    I am now in Tekirdag, Turkey, bumping this thread again.
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    I'm in Tekridag, Turkey right now. What happened to your Channel mate? _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later I'm in Tekridag, Turkey right now. What happened to your Channel mate?
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    Lineage 2 Revolution

    Its nothing dude , it will go back and recall its true values from the server even trying to freeze the values. Bumping this thread
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    I have a situation: Suppose my level is 6, and played the game using LUA scripts and other hacks until I reached level 68, then, i restarted the game, all of my progress were not saved! Is there a problem in cloud saving of game to its servers? I tried completing the Chopper and ATV again and again for 3 times but the progress cannot be saved. So what I did, i disconnect my Google play account. I tried closing the app and open the app again. Still the same. I re-installed the game and tried it again. Same thing happens. Anyone exeprience this situation? Note: i tried building radio tower but there's a bug which i don't understand where whn you are going to the Furniture tab of Build Menu, its not the Radio Tower picture as you see in the inventory, but a white square with a quantity of 10. Don't know what that is so I just deleted it.
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    Mostly recommended updates and downloads kudos to Anonymous1000 Hacker! Cheerio!
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    The sims mobile

    No worries, I have a copy of @NoFear's Video Tutorial and I will be in a place soon where there is no Internet Connection. Thanks by the way. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later This is the video that I followed guys, just follow where he presses the address and it will work on you too. The Sims™ Mobile - hack currency, XP, items - GameGuardian (#9ivvnwc7)