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  1. Obviously not possible to happen. This is one-time payment, once pay, you get access forever.
  2. You can just tell me your PayPal name so I can verify.
  3. Well technically there are many free scripts on the internet. But everyone complaining on my script. Why? Because they want to use mine, so it's obviously worth the prize $15.
  4. well.. all feature and he used only one
  5. Well.. I haven't record a demo yet..
  6. 1. Register in my script. Private message me your username. 2. Goto this link https://ko-fi.com/itssc0241 and send $15. 3. I will give access. That's All (If you don't understand English, take my advise, don't buy. Everything inside is in English and will be hard for you to use if not understand.)
  7. So... I wanted to limit the script to only 100 users or maybe lesser. After the target amount of people gain access, I will close this thread, also I will keep update for those who bought.
  8. Well.. He bought from me in legal way, so doesn't matter for me. My script is restricted to redistribute so in other word... this guy is helping to promote my script.
  9. Mhmm.. I didnt see my script on YT... Where is it
  10. But .. my point is to have lesser user...
  11. Yes It is working now. Download the latest launcher, once paid, you will be given access to the script. Yes that will be five coffee ($15 usd)
  12. My script provide x64 and x84 version. But you have to buy to gain access.
  13. Thanks for understanding, with premium script , I will try make as much hack as possible.
  14. I was surfing on the web, seeing Chinese , Russian trying to decrypt my script. Then an idea came up to my mind, hey why don't I just make a premium script so not everyone can access to get the lua file that contain every functions. And I look at my wallet... So I decided to turn it premium. The moment when you see someone comment on your free fully functional script. "Ah this is nothing, I have better one", "Faster update","This doesn't work for me". That's really frustrated, so with payment, I can really decrease those dumbass greatly. It was just a sharing, I wasn't selling, but they made these comments like "Hey I bought this, you should work this out for me", it sounds like I should really turns this whole bunch stuff into business.
  15. Well I didn't force you to buy.
  16. I did made announcement that the script was down for update purpose. Last Day On Earth (#5z0aacjm)
  17. Still available, but might as well straight buy my script. I will add it into my coming script. Also I will update by these three days.
  18. Look back to this discussion. I said my script down for update.
  19. I guess you guys can create another discussion for grim soul. Or tutorial for ldoe. Here is feedback of my script.
  20. Yes. I will also add in season premium unlock(may be update for every coming season) , switch pack to any item as you wish, fast search for item you want to change.
  21. Script is still in update. Will be done in around 3 to 5 days and comes with 32 bit and 64bit. It will be cost 15$ can be paid through PayPal.
  22. Note: Script will be down for few days for update purpose.
  23. When you answer a question for like 100+ times. You will know the feeling.
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