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  1. and there is no script you know of? cause I searched 0.xxxx and nothing found yet (
  2. hehehe yeh I gusse I am looking for smt like this you know
  3. well it's a 2d game and it only stretches out from right to left instead of top and bottom I will link a ss [added 0 minutes later] oh wait now that I look at it this is no zoom hack right this is just a stretch hack
  4. so like I found the value but like... it only stretches right and left not from top to bottom any idea how to?
  5. ok maybe I over exaturated the title but yo how do they make there money? nothing is free so if we don't pay with our money does that mean we are paying with our data?
  6. yes I think you only change the display value and not the value of the energy
  7. let's say searching 1 number takes 15sec that's 1000000 x 15 = 15000000 sec 15000000 ÷ 60 = 250000 min 250000 ÷ 60 = something like 4100h like if you go and only search 0 ~1 with no sleep or brakes it would take a little under half a year like what do you mean bruh xD [added 1 minute later] is there like some search thing that searches 0 ~ 1 for you? that I have missed?
  8. is there some kind of script to do this cause my calculations are that it would take way to long doing this by hand no?
  9. so let's say I have a lot of cheats how would I make a category for activated cheats where all cheats witch is active are and another category where all the inactive cheats are? [added 1 minute later] I am talking about a a lua script if it wasn't clear
  10. ok thx but what does ~ mean?
  11. so yeh how do ppl find zoom hacks? to see more of the mao for example
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