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  1. May be thats Liapp protection. I dont really have much experience about it,but for another game (called Random Dice) with liapp protection app called "SudoHide" worked well. This program can totally disappear another apps and make then unreadable. That's Edxposed module, but if you have LSPosed its Okay too.
  2. TopGEOYT

    Where The Offsets?

    First if all you should convert it to HEX for find them in memory or wherever you are searching...
  3. TopGEOYT

    Android 12?

    This phone is enough strong for run VM. i recomend to try X8 SandBox app, you will get rooted android in your phone (idk if it works on A12, but in A11 it was great, try it) Sandbox link
  4. Hello there, Zuzu is player of GWM, not admin. There is some scripts and modified apk for GWM, search them in YouTube.
  5. in general there is tens of ways how to find such values... for beginning i would say thats hard for understaning, but u can still try... best way for begining is random searches, start from float 0.01 to above (try memory regions, such as XA, it can be dangerous for game process but u can try) and change them to whatever u want... if something changes then u found hack. example when u find wall hack in memory there is similar values for other things like norecoil, wall shot... its depended on game, writing strutcture, else... once again, thats general way, but for beginning i can say thats the best way.
  6. i dont really understand what u meant, if u edit values and then phone restarts thats another thing, but if its happening because of script, in normal way such thing happens when there is loop of toast... try to disable toast function before executing script if its encrypted... nowdays people use this "phone rebooter" codes as a way of revenge...
  7. the thing is it detects not only GG. u should also hide all root tools u have, magisk, GG, root essentials maybe, lucky patcher and all hacking and root things... try after it. as badcase told, u can use some virtual spaces, but its really uncomfortable for me, i prefer to use gg and game in phone without additional things.... so u should just hide these root apps from sudohide and thats all.
  8. "Nobody" -- ??? May be you are joking.
  9. I dont really think its possible to do like this with general method. At least i have never heard about any method which works for most/some games. U should calculate offsets again manually.
  10. You have to grant root permissions to GG from your SU manager.
  11. Select "record script" and it will output code what u want.
  12. TopGEOYT

    script password

    There is already general answer by MAARS, but for advanced protection you can see my vip service (that's paidfull) : https://t.me/TopGEOYT/204b
  13. TopGEOYT

    help script error

    That's because people often copy paste codes and they don't know what are they for. At this way function 'xqmnb' is for modify something, but you have missed this function in script, in conclusion you (or developer) have copy pasted code mistakenly.
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