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  1. May be thats Liapp protection. I dont really have much experience about it,but for another game (called Random Dice) with liapp protection app called "SudoHide" worked well. This program can totally disappear another apps and make then unreadable. That's Edxposed module, but if you have LSPosed its Okay too.
  2. TopGEOYT

    Where The Offsets?

    First if all you should convert it to HEX for find them in memory or wherever you are searching...
  3. TopGEOYT

    Android 12?

    This phone is enough strong for run VM. i recomend to try X8 SandBox app, you will get rooted android in your phone (idk if it works on A12, but in A11 it was great, try it) Sandbox link
  4. "Nobody" -- ??? May be you are joking.
  5. I dont really think its possible to do like this with general method. At least i have never heard about any method which works for most/some games. U should calculate offsets again manually.
  6. TopGEOYT

    script password

    There is already general answer by MAARS, but for advanced protection you can see my vip service (that's paidfull) : https://t.me/TopGEOYT/204b
  7. Ah.. thats good question... In reality there is not any reason why you should add it to ur script, it can be bypassed if pass is unknown and if its known then i don't see any purpose of it. Thats just bcs visuality may be...
  8. until you will ask thing in a public, u should search answer first : Set Mutli Password For Script (#2u5vh3zw)
  9. there is some ways to do it (i have tested in game Gang War Mafia) i added random bots and random textures on map, but for me it was hidden, it was visible for other players, i added houndreds of random things and after it online players were facing many bugs and game was freezing in their local device, their game was like breaked but for me they were freezed on map. another way is editing local client as @Lenn1 mentioned, but of course we cant do it in all game. this game (GWM) has really weak protection, we can see all requested/sent data by capturing net or just by editing app, it is sending everything by base64 moded encoding (with random key, for make it harder) ... at this way if sent data will be changed , servers wil be edited in live, current match's info will be edited in servers, so that way we can do anything... freeze , kick , kill , spawn anything anywhere we want by X Y Z values (of course this method needs more knowledge and experience than first one but it can be done (in this game its simple)) may be there is other ways too, thats all what i know.
  10. not really usefull, but well assambled script ! i like your functions merging style (its really delicate)
  11. mm... im curious, what do you mean about "TopGEO's decryption" ??
  12. Hello there, i already told above... Servers are stopped, at this time servers on nikatools.site are not working. You can't fix, but i advice u to use another decompilers if u need them ( try TDecompile , you can get this tool on telegram forums )
  13. Basic Custom Compiler (#5tieplcx) try this compiler. Its open source, after modification it can be strong enough. Also u can get open source compiler from another forums (on Telegram,QQ)
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