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  1. TopGEOYT

    Custom load text

    add in first line of script: pcall(load("text"))
  2. of course there is . on this page its very rare thing , but check Telegram forums , many developer shares open source for getting more popularity , so dont miss it)
  3. have u tried parallel space lite ? when parallel does not works , people often starts choosing another virtual spaces , but they avoiding trying lite. try it , it worked without bug on 3 device i tested and origina lparalle space had bugs in triple phone and was not working correctly . btw best choise is octopus (cracked version) or virtual xposed, try them too .
  4. TopGEOYT

    Android 10

    i always recomend to root phone .
  5. well, there is codes for all hack whats given in original one . if u are not going to copy paste script and u need codes only , then its great one : Dec.lua
  6. well , ELGG by Revo was one of the best in the past... but in 2019 june , we decrypted Revo 6.0 fully . i dont advice to use it right now , there is better free compilers , example u can try encryption by hero gaming. of course it can be decrypted too. and about mainc topics.... yeah , i would tell that scripts can be encrypted saifly , there is some encryptions , which edits whole opcode . after editing script gets large size about 1MB+ and for human its almost impossible to reverse it's opcode , because of size . such encryptions are not decrypted until today , all decryptors are avoiding themselfs to start working on decrypting such files... once again , reason is size and also opcode is differently edited in all cases by program , so its almost impossible to decrypt . of course if program (at this way i mean Lua) can read, then it will be decrypted by human too , but as i already said its almost impossible and noone will waste his time for 1 script .
  7. TopGEOYT

    I need help

    Log gg calls and u will get codes for do that .
  8. contact to @DarkingCheater , he is selling paid version of hacks ... u can trust him about payment and about antiban (but idk if he still works for ff) . just pm him (ofcourse if you can pay).
  9. simple way of using cheats : just use mod menu apps (they are too many in youtube, all ahcks are free) .
  10. My reaction : WTF ? there is not specified anything... Stop writing such posts , noone replies them .
  11. Well , those 2 apis are fully different things . May be you want to select file and read it ? Or whats your main purpose ?
  12. Hello there I think advertisment of script is larger than whole script . Just find and add more values... About backfont of script (source) doesn't have matter for users... They need more hacks. Btw nice for begging!
  13. TopGEOYT

    Script error

    Such error can be faced by printing in loop . It gives out of memory error . Solution : decrypt full script or remove this part of loop from opcode .
  14. TopGEOYT

    GG Choice icons

    Those are emojis only . Nothing special.
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