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  1. TopGEOYT

    Zip a file

    Lua scripts in GG does not have access on folders.
  2. Idk structure of this game...
  3. Its reversed bcs game is server sided. U cant hack such games with GG.
  4. TopGEOYT

    remove alerts

  5. TopGEOYT

    cheat detected

    Check video about how to hide GG from game (warning: trick is only for rooted device)
    Well, looks like u worked hard... I rated as 5 star bcs of this... But i want to tell you that u wasted time for nothing In the ending i seen message its for developer for dont waste their time...i dont think any developer wil luse it Its so long way of doing this , also slow way. Ill share way of making this type system very shortly , in 1 function Just doing it by string char and string byte ,nothing else needed But not bad for starting ,good luck abojt ur stuffs , since u are not copying and u are working hard by urself Nice , carry on
  6. Understood almost nothing... But may be u meant this : test = "www." test2 = "google.com" test3 = test test4 = test2 test5 = test3 test6 = test4 print(test5..test6)
  7. Dont you know how easy will it be to bypass such type detections ? In some illegall/modified GG(s) there is this function , but all of them is too easy for bypass .
  8. If you still need then check this video .
  9. TopGEOYT


    Compiler is not encrypted by itself . It uses different key system (in the past it was different , last time i dont have checked). People encrypts their compilers much stronger than compiler can to enc another scripts . Example look at Revo's any compiler. He uses fully different key system in compilers , but in encrypted scripts its same everywhere .
  10. TopGEOYT


    hmm , yes its free , but not best . check telegram forums , there are many decrypted scripts of this encryptions .
  11. TopGEOYT


    its not decompiler created by me . i just moved smally modified unluac on linux servers . may be u misunderstood anything
  12. TopGEOYT


    Hmm , looks like you are new . Im not making decompilers for public , idk how u "know" that im doing it . And about last sentense ....looks like there are so many "idiots" .
  13. TopGEOYT


    Hello , i advice u to dont trust publiced compilers . If you want really strong encrytion , you can check my page : https://www.nikatools.site/CA/CompilerAd.html its modified chunk , which blocks all decompiler , its really trustfull .
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