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  1. "Nobody" -- ??? May be you are joking.
  2. I dont really think its possible to do like this with general method. At least i have never heard about any method which works for most/some games. U should calculate offsets again manually.
  3. You have to grant root permissions to GG from your SU manager.
  4. Select "record script" and it will output code what u want.
  5. TopGEOYT

    Range Bar In GG

    May be that's what you need: https://gameguardian.net/forum/gallery/image/554-750-example-of-seek-bar-in-the-script-gameguardian/
  6. TopGEOYT

    script password

    There is already general answer by MAARS, but for advanced protection you can see my vip service (that's paidfull) : https://t.me/TopGEOYT/204b
  7. TopGEOYT

    help script error

    That's because people often copy paste codes and they don't know what are they for. At this way function 'xqmnb' is for modify something, but you have missed this function in script, in conclusion you (or developer) have copy pasted code mistakenly.
  8. Ah.. thats good question... In reality there is not any reason why you should add it to ur script, it can be bypassed if pass is unknown and if its known then i don't see any purpose of it. Thats just bcs visuality may be...
  9. until you will ask thing in a public, u should search answer first : Set Mutli Password For Script (#2u5vh3zw)
  10. if its not happening on server and this 10 second timer is from local codes of app, then u can speed up it. i guess it wont be easy to find, but as i told if its local then its possible.
  11. speed hack speeds up whole mechanism of game, so if ur purpose is to speed up character's speed on map , it also speeds up example shooting, timer and everrything... so of course it will be detected easily... u should find directly value for speed hack .
  12. Decompiler just converts opcode's codes to normal code (of course if owner of decompiler taught this codes to decompiler) And yeah, any script which is readable for LuaJ machine.
  13. Heh, well, looks like you are not member of other main forums where they discuss lua ciphering things. There is new decompilers, they are moded from original apk of TCDecompiler, there is added functions to ignore any opcode's codes, by this way it can dec any script without modding chunk. About "stop app from reading" thats not possible, if u mean editing header bytes then i wilk tell u that i found this method in summer of 2019) its too old method and easy to bypass (just recompile chunk).
  14. serriously ? : ) lua code cant block decompiler. nowdays new decompilers can read and decrypt such codes without error and if cant then just disable this case and done. once again, lua code cant block decompiler, chunk should be well obfuscated for do it. and about load... thats not possible to block, if machine will read data, then human will catch it too.
  15. its not lua script, its just information of value .
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