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  1. mm... im curious, what do you mean about "TopGEO's decryption" ??
  2. Hello there, i already told above... Servers are stopped, at this time servers on nikatools.site are not working. You can't fix, but i advice u to use another decompilers if u need them ( try TDecompile , you can get this tool on telegram forums )
  3. TopGEOYT

    Help script

    also it will need : gg.setValues(t)
  4. Idk , just try it. If not works try another file, if not then google google and google...
  5. Basic Custom Compiler (#5tieplcx) try this compiler. Its open source, after modification it can be strong enough. Also u can get open source compiler from another forums (on Telegram,QQ)
  6. There is moded version : local Cashe, A= "/storage/emulated/0/...cfg", "" if io.open(Cashe) then -- type here code whatever u want to do if previous process was interrupted gg.alert("Previous Script Process Was Interrupted !","") else io.output(Cashe) end function MAINMENU () mainmenu = gg.choice ({ ' to subscribers ', ' exit '},nil,' ') if mainmenu == 1 then tosubscribers () end if mainmenu == 2 then exit () end MAINMENUVISIBLE = -1 end function tosubscribers () ts = gg.multiChoice ({ ' thank you very much for 4 000 subscribers ', ' thank you for like my videos ', ' back to main menu '},nil,' to subscribers ') if ts == nil then else if ts [1] == true then subscribers () end if ts [2] == true then like () end if ts [3] == true then MAINMENU () end end end function subscribers () gg.toast ( ' thank you very much for 4000 subscribers 🇫🇳🇾 🇷 ') end function like () gg.toast (' thank you for like my videos ') end function exit () os.remove(Cashe) print ( ' 🇫🇳🇾 🇷') print (' ZЌR ') print ( ' ') gg.toast ( ' ') os.exit () end while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then MAINMENUVISIBLE = 1 gg.setVisible(false) end if MAINMENUVISIBLE == 1 then MAINMENU () end end [added 0 minutes later] Welcome. Yeah, im still making encryptions.
  7. Its not that simple. You should have experience, i advice you to start editing of open source compilers . That will give u enough knowledge for do ur own. And about api book.... I advice u to read/analyze strings library, its main for encrypting/decrypting.
  8. Man, mod menu works in current process and after ending process (at this way game) , libstrike is returning to back in normal form . You should extraxt it while game and mod menu is in process and something is hacked (whatever u want) At this way i think you can extraxt inprocess moded lib file from /data/app/lib . I dont know exactly, but u can try.
  9. By This Code (code will be bellow) Script will detect if script process was not ended by Exit button. If script was interrupted or process was killed or in general if script was not ended by exit, it will alert you : local Cashe, A= "/storage/emulated/0/...cfg", "" if io.open(Cashe) then gg.alert("Previous Script Process Was Interrupted !","") else io.output(Cashe) end function Start () -- add your codes here and you should also add exit button in script for detect process killing. local M = gg.choice({"hack1","hack2","exit"}) if M == 3 then os.remove(Cashe) A = nil end end gg.setVisible(true) while A == "" do if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) Start() end end
  10. root your phone. its best solution for all phone, about risks i think there is not any risks if u will not do anything bad by urself. once again, i always recomend root, its best solution (especially if you want to start learning of programming)
  11. well, it install google play services, i remember it automatically installed all needed things for google play store , i could connect to google play games without errors. but sometime it cant be done automatically , follow tutorial form VX (i mean manually installation).
  12. go and install it from settings of VX.
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