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  1. i dont think anyone will do it for free . go and learn more . for this thing only Lua will not be enought . u will need web languages (at this way PHP) . but if u want only lua u can try it with read imei , build prop file and by some files which will have only this device . GL .
  2. hmm , its strange that u are telling this . there is not any explain how to make compiler . noone is able to do it like this as u told . for it , you need to learn language , where are u going to create compiler and then u will be able to do it . we spoke many times about it in PM .
  3. show me show me your compiler's paet where it have prompt for open and part where it does out put of file . ill try to help u .
  4. i dont understand , what do you mean ?
  5. i cant come in Telegram , sorry . i have 100+ new PM message . i cant ignore people , but also i cant waste time for all them , sorry . if you need something we can speak here (on this page's PM) .
  6. hmm , its not string encode or decode . it only convert to string byte . and decode will not work , im sure .
  7. TopGEOYT

    Help lua script

    i didnot understand your problem . explain it again .
  8. if u need any details ask me on Telegram (on in PM (here))
  9. yeah , its Encoder's bug . if/when ill update , it will be fixed .
  10. i already told its joke .
  11. its big joke . its not hard to stop log , but it can be bypassed . but thing what u told , its not like this . this Enyby's publiced hooker can be blocked , but this blocker can also be bypassed by modified compilers .
  12. for block it , u need to know how Enyby's loger works . and if you are asking for code , i dont think anyone will share it (here) .
  13. TopGEOYT

    gg code

    print("Script is for ROS , You are running "..string.match(gg.getTargetInfo().name,"[^.]+$").." , Please run ROS and try again .") [added 2 minutes later] in some apps may be it will get problems but if it wil be problem , u can try only gg.getTargetInfo().name .
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