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  1. I am using Xiaomi and it is very difficult to root.I also don't have a computer.As far as I know it is impossible to root without a computer. I also want to root but I don't have a computer Anyway thanks for your help.
  2. I did but it didn't work. i did a manual installation but the result is the same. I'm opening the game I'm trying to connect to Google Play services and the game shuts down without warning. GameGuardian does not work in other virtual spaces I have tried. The most I approached was multiple accounts but GameGuardian doesn't detect the game. Do you know other solutions?
  3. Google play services are installed without any problem from the settings of VX. But when I try to connect in the game, the game shuts down without any error. I will also try the manual installation, thanks for your suggestion. I hope it works. If it doesn't happen again, I'll tell you.
  4. i did this but still the same. still not connecting to google play service. I installed it from settings, but when I enter the game and try to connect to the Google play service, VX shuts down. I tried something else. I installed the Google play services directly into VX. This time, when I try to connect to Google play services while in the game, VX does not shut down, but something appears like "we are updating Google play services to run Google play services." And it gets stuck like this no matter how long you wait, it stays the same and nothing happens.
  5. I tried this way but it did not work. I tried another application, virtualxposed, and I did not get an error, but I cannot connect to Google Play services in virtualxposed. How can I run Gameguardian in any virtual space without any problem by connecting to Google play services?
  6. I open the Sky: children of the light game with virtualxposed, but I cannot connect to Google play services. Can someone help me?
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