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  1. Not understood sorry
  2. RevealedSoulEven


    Why is this happening?
  3. Anyone's not replying...
  4. How to make this?? In scripts?
  5. I know for that if you have advanced knowledge of programming (i.e. java by which GG is made) then you can edit mod gg revo and make it hook scripts without letting the script or GG recognise it.
  6. u cant dec it you can log it using a mod gg but its very hard to do and only gg experts like tis nquen do that
  7. RevealedSoulEven


    Can you decrypt revo 5.6?
  8. I know but you have gave xgck a command with do and while But what about glww no command was given
  9. I already use XGCK but what is GLWW and lw=1 in home() Because you haven't added any method regarding lw and GLWW like you did with XGCK
  10. I am making a script and I want a back button inside a menu to reach the Main menu I made this function BACK() gg.setVisible(true) Main() gg.setVisible(true) But it doesn't work Actually it's working but my gg is in background i want it to be visible at the time when back is pressed. Actually it hides and I have to click the gg icon again to make it visible.
  11. I want to make a script that copies a text document from the game and uploads it on my link so that if there is any error in the script for other users i could see it and resolve the issue
  12. RevealedSoulEven

    Free Fire

    How can I get addresses of free fire like antenna, grass, and all?
  13. Oooo hello. Man it's very tough to upload scripts on github and 000webshost? How make me understand
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