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  1. Hide game guardian from the game (Level 2 and 3)
  2. You can try xprivacylua to bypass those read identifiers. Or you can bypass all options
  3. Oh thank you. I got you. But... For arm64 it's arm. I think I can create it. Thanks
  4. Lol. Lib names are same in all the variants
  5. Any idea of how can I check whether whether the game is using armv7a or x86 or arm64? I can do manually. But... I want my script to support armv7a only. And the user may use other arms. So please tell me how can I check arm?
  6. @Lenn1 garena removed metadata security I don't know why? But... Anyways now.... I can get dump.cs and all types of dummydll monoscript and all
  7. You can get dump.cs from riru-il2cppdumper. But no idea coz it works 99% but not always
  8. Yes. That's true. Using armv7a will fix or if you have knowledge then you can dump the game yourself and create your own script of x86. Did you tried removing any protection of global-metadata.dat? @NoFear please help. I know you know. I saw on iosGods
  9. But... I tried riru-il2cppdumper it's working with arm64 but not with armv7a. I changed unity version but it's not working
  10. But... I am trying with Android game and ain't getting something like metadata in maps.txt got from dump. Can you try?
  11. For this game you won't find that metadata in dump also
  12. Using gg dump memory feature [added 0 minutes later] I didn't get it
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