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  1. Currently i am trying to hack an offline game naming Cover Fire! It's il2cpp based Unity game! But i want to know how to get crosshair position to aim head automatically or make no recoil and no reload time, etc. hacks! I am new in Searching hacks and even i tried fuzzy search but I don't know what to do because there isn't any change in these values! Can any great person please help me! Thanks! Revealed SoulEven
  2. How can i decrypt this file?? It creates infinity loop in all decrypting apps? load_0000952.lua
  3. Did unloading permission to level 3
  4. Toast messages of other app shows and if i use gg in video it shows but not normally! I mean root! I added lagcat where i executed a script with gg.toast but toast not comes GG_logcat_r89.0_15836_9_28.log
  5. No but other apps can show toast! Also gg in virtual show toast
  6. I can't use gg.toast in scripts in android 9! I have added that in script but it is not showing toast message but it shows in android 8 or below But not in 9 why??
  7. Bro i don't know how to make compilers I am noob i just want the code to change name of script and add something at the top of script using compiler No need enc anything
  8. I want to make a compiler. It just asks for script and path When i add a script it renames it and adds (myname) at the beginning of the script's name and read the script and add (credits) at the very beginning of the script.
  9. RevealedSoulEven


    Why is this happening?
  10. I know for that if you have advanced knowledge of programming (i.e. java by which GG is made) then you can edit mod gg revo and make it hook scripts without letting the script or GG recognise it.
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