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  1. freezing won't work. i have come across values like these. and you can't edit them because its probably a const variable. and const variables cannot be reassigned but if its a variable that changes but you can't manually edit it with game guardian that looks like anti cheat then theres other ways to change the value then direct editing but what value is it? is it health? speed? damage?
  2. Try editing it to a large number then freeze it. if it doesn't work there are other methods of modifying the address without direct editing also can u explain what value is it? is it health? damage?, coins? tell me what value is it Find the upgrade button that increases the value when you buy and search its price and then make it 0 for free purchase, or -999,999 to get that much cash back then when its free or minus amount can be undetected because the game doesn't know you directly modified the value and it thinks you are playing legit
  3. i mean they could decrypt the script without paying so whats the point with a password? unless the user has good decryption skills then they don't have to pay
  4. prompt radio buttons or the radio buttons for a menu?
  5. Ok but how many results do you get when you search the value? i need the results so i can use a for loop or a loop in some way to iterate through each value
  6. before i can create an offset function how many results do you get when searching this qword value? and that value that's 15 lines down what data type do you edit it into?
  7. Game Guardian lua scripts aren't external they are internal if you are talking about a injector (which is an external mod menu) then i reccomend rooting your phone, learning MemoryTools.h and learning how to make a mod menu using AndLua The only part that you need game guardian for your external mod menu is you searching, finding offsets, and your edit value to use the C++ functions from MemoryTools.h there are paid courses in telegram but i don't trust them. its better if you probably use youtube or learn the AndLua API. but did you mean lua scripting or injector?
  8. lol. i hope this works when i make a mod menu for the game cause i hope i didn't dump the game for nothing Thanks for the help tho
  9. Nope just regular lua. You cannot make game guardian hacks with CSharp
  10. CSharp Cannot work with game guardian it only works with game guardians api by putting a game functions method offset with the libs address to get a base address for it to be modified i think u are talking about something else >_> can u but how can gg work with C#? unless ur talking about Arm Assembly to edit methods like those is that wat u ment?
  11. Hi lover. can you explain what do you put in your original? and the length? because the first row in the hex editor i copied and put it in the original
  12. Hi guys today i want to talk about zombie cubes 2 uh first of all when i tried to hex patch boolean with original and replaced it didnt work Game: Zombie Cubes 2 steps i went through 1: dumped lib file 2: opened lib file with hex editor and copied the first 8 bytes for original 3: set my value for replaced to "return true" or true 4: i put offset of the boolean and it still didn't work boolean offset for zombie cubes: 0x76A62C what i did was --Lib folder: Zombie Cubes 2_1.1.apk/lib/armeabi-v7a/ name("libil2cpp.so") myoffset=0x76A62C original("7F 45 4C 01 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00") replaced("01 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1") gg.toast("Speed Boost: Active") didn't activate after that the script did run but didn't activate i used to get this invalid pattern error but not anymore the problem is the speed boost would not trigger
  13. This script has a function which takes values from a table and searches them and it uses offset handling too thats what this script does
  14. Please send code file so i can see what you are doing
  15. Please resend the file so i can see whats the problem =(
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