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  1. Things you can do: Download the LATEST version of game guardian (101.0) Download this app called X8 Sandbox you can add apps and built in self root to run that daemon problem is possibly that game guardian cannot emulate root in that virtual space probably but here is X8 Sandbox Avoid broken firmware or kernel and avoid android companys like samsung https://x8sb.com/
  2. Auto is a slow data type. it searches within all regions for all values you could just use dword with the encrypted button one more thing is your game online? also if you tried to change the value and it change back make sure you only set the memory ranges to only the golds range (speeds up search) Hmmm. im starting to run out of options because when i work with encrypted numbers i find them often Server sided games cant be cracked Lets see if a script could help whats your coins memory region?
  3. I can probably do gold but what is an item swap hack? also i need the memory region of the gold. you should be able to search the gold manually and there should be some letters or a letter next to it representing the range (i cant download the app cuz i got no wifi lol) also is this game online?
  4. gg.searchNumber("value",gg.TYPE_DWORD, true) not LOL gg.searchEncryptedNumber -__-
  5. Remember the first part you said: "i try to change it but it change back everytime" Did you use the encrypted button or no?
  6. Look through walls is still usefull its like an esp but no color on the player! and yeah your correct i was wrong lol i thought he said "wall hack for most games"
  7. Game Guardian is best hack tool no one can out game the guardian =)) This cracker you made is like a door to entertainment. Without this app i would never stop looking for a legit app.
  8. LOOL its gg.clearResults() not gg.clearResults you need to pay attention with coding script remember to clear all is gg.clearResults() with parenthesis -__- thats why u get syntax error near end.
  9. then this value is a drumroll please bbbrrrrrrrrrr encrypted value!!!! please when searching that value select "the value is encrypted" and keep searching and refining till u get to the last results at NO time you must uncheck the value is encrypted button. then when u get to the last values in the list try editing them to a big number just to check if that changes again set it to a big number then freeze the value --Please reply if that works
  10. alright here is a few things i know. 1. how can you call a java or C++ function with gg when you can just search your health in fuzzy (float) then hurt yourself then tell gg it decreased. 2. no i dont think that is possible its best to just search fuzzy on float and decrease or increase your health then tell game guardian how did the value changed calling a function with a memory editor? never heard of that
  11. Hey dude! whats up? yeah sandbox is the best! i tried using vmos but too large for me, X8 sandbox took up a chunk of space from me lmao i started off using dual space when i was using that i finnaly stopped getting SOME crashes when seaching enc values then i have heard about vphone gaga apk! another virtual root space stopped working after a few weeks (threw out a java exeception cuz i was on a 4g network LOL) then Tiahh the android modder mentioned X8 and a whole new world came =))
  12. Awesome dude! you sure this is for a game like dude theft auto or something else? because wall hack region for among us was XA but ill give it a try and yes all games you can look down and up sooo
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