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  1. try this. one for size --main code --Version: 1.0 --description: toxic executor v1.0 local gg = gg local cmds = {"cmd 1","cmd 2"} --checks the item[1] which is a table and if its true then it will print hack on then sets item to nil then do main() which is back then stop function checkAnswer(item) if item[1] == cmd[1] then print("hack on") item = nil main() end if item[1] == cmd[2] then print("hack off") item = nil main() end end --executor runs a function which passes itself into another function which gets accessed function main() su = gg.prompt({"ENTER A CMD"}, {[1] = '0'}, {[1] = 'text'}) checkAnswer(su) end --executor booter st = gg.choice({"Launch Executor", "exit"}) if st == 1 then main() end if st == 2 then os.exit() end
  2. 1. of course editing a dangerous values in a range that could cause harm to the process. 2. How in every game? and did you even know what you were doing? if you are no root clear the data of your virtual space then restart right there if you are root then it would be dangerous to edit random Xa values when you have an app called lucky patcher i don't think there isn't much to do (change my mind others) but try to delete the app u corrupted and restart your device. if that does not work im still here
  3. Because fifa has found a way to hide the app process from gg enyby will look into this problem im pretty sure
  4. local gg = gg item = "/storage/emulated/0/Download/filename.txt" io.open(item,"w"):write("hello World") io.close() gg.sleep(10000) os.remove(item) is this what ur trying to do? lol
  5. so is it possible that the jump hack values i cant find that are in float A, is actually region BAD in float? doubt this would work but. thought the dev stopped working on this game.
  6. i searched throughout the whole api. no luck
  7. Hi. im wanting to know how to make gg open files and write to them and how do i make my own script encryption tool?
  8. in the first chunk of code. why are you getting results when you didn't even search anything to begin with? also that slash means next line for lua so those </em> gots to go it would be helpful if you can compile the script and screenshot the error game guardian gives you so i can debug the rest
  9. Crystal_Mods100x

    Help me

    make the script search the damage value then edit it to an increased value, can you explain more about the whole topic? and the game you are cracking? thanks
  10. Hi everyone today im needing some assistance in 3 script options! 1.Wallhack 2.Aimbot 3.Jump Hack Game: Gangster City (app icon: the one with the soilder, the helicopter, and the explosion in the background) (same game from my last topic) so lets start with the aimbot! Memory Range i use: Anonymous (used for jump hack and aimbot) idk if i found aimbot or aimlock so the aimbot value does not trigger unless you aim the crosshair on the enemy! so i searched 1.0F; and clicked edit all and i tried 10.0, 6.0, 5.0, 3.0 and when the crosshair touches the enemy it stays on the enemy longer (like aimlock) but it would not let me make the value strong enough so it will manually point instead of me pointing then it locks on forever (possibly aimlock? and possibly multiple values being aimlock) Jump Hack: About the jump hack: so i set ranges again to Anonymous and searched fuzzy on float and my last results it looks like a mess, like multiple values are the jump but not one and i tried to edit them and they change back fast! even when frozen. and i knew if i edited all then it would crash , i tried hide game guardian from game but the values don't seem to edit (it would be helpful if you can teach me how to bypass this feature ) Wallhack: Last one is the wall hack! i do not have any experince in wall hack but if someone has knowledge about it please tell me! Well thats all i need! thanks everyone
  11. Yea that is the game but i hope i said the correct description the player looks like terminator as well OMG THATS IT! thanks so much monkey san your such a life saver! i didn't remember that have fun finding values! in that game imma look for the aimbot value cause it has a little aim assist to it thanks once again!
  12. i didn't say anything about gg telling you i said open the script in a code editor and put a comma at weapon fire rate No. im not teaching you neither i gave you the fix
  13. open the script in a code editor and add a comma at weapon fire rate option then save it it should work now
  14. Hi everyone today i have a problem with my offset script the offset calculator miscalculated even though game guardian gave me the number between a fire rate value and an ammo value First lets start with the game: Gangster City, App Icon: Police car, Solider, explosion in the background with a helicopter this is a copy of > Zombie City in which look the same but the other is pixel has the same guns too but fire rate is a diff offset So i found the fire rate value for all weapons and the offset the crazy part is all the weapons fire rate is: 30 so when you search ammo in the offset calculator don't type 30 then because it will give you the wrong value also the real value highlighted in dark purple? what does that mean? the thing is i entered 0x30 , 30 and none of them worked i only got a crash the second time i even got the operators correct but i am thinking the guns are using the same value over and over again script: --main code function fr() --Random Gun: SWD Sniper local gg = gg gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) gg.searchNumber("200", gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.alert("Change value to: 190") gg.sleep(10000) gg.refineNumber("190", gg.TYPE_DWORD) x = gg.getResults(1) local t = {} t[1] = {} t[1].address = x[1].address + 0x30 t[1].flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT t[1].value = 0.01 t[1].freeze = false gg.setValues(t) gg.addListItems(t) end function stop() os.exit() end menu = gg.choice({ "Fire Rate", "Exit" },nil,"test menu v1.0") if menu == 1 then fr() end if menu == 2 then stop() end if menu == nil then end The fire rate number is 12 values above so that last number you land on (12) is the fire rate value but something is weird when i calculated what gg gave me (30) it gave me another address that was way off of and not even the fire rate value? what do you guys think about it? weird? any suggestions?
  15. down grade ur android to android 10, 9, or away from 11 the else thing u can do is use X8 Sandbox which is a vm with root probably or probably not also XDA Devs Updates Magisk so it roots android 11 which has even more security! but just use this app there is a chance it might not work there is 2 ways gg.setSpeed( ) or clicking and holding the button. im guessing that the clicking and holding the button Download: https://x8sb.com/ App is huge
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