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  1. Here. This is what they use
  2. I'm not sure what do u wanna exactly get, but if u r looking for game files u can simply try apktool, it's a free and works perfectly. If the game gets ur IMEI patch their il2cpp file and edit it with hex editor, then NOP the function responsible for getting ur device info.
  3. hey guys I figured out how they ban players. They use device id and device hash to ban people, so u need to change ur device id or clone the apk in parallel spaces
  4. it would be great if u make a tutorial video thanks
  5. Hello I'm trying to implement a group search on a script, I wanna modifiy each number in the group on its own. Like searching for 10;10;5, I want to edit each one of them to a different number. I make the following code but it doesn't seem to work. gg.searchNumber("70;29;1::", gg.TYPE_FLOAT) results = gg.getResults(100) for i,v,f in pairs(results) do if i.value == 70 then i.value = 0 end if v.value == 29 then v.value = 0 end if f.value == 1 then f.value = 100 end end gg.setValues(results) gg.addListItems(results) gg.clearResults() I'm still learning LUA scripting so idk how to solve this for now.
  6. u can use Rootcloak, it may be able to help u bypass the detection. If not, I guess u should decompile the app yourself and remove the permissions that allows it to detect if u have root on ur phone, and recompile it again. I'm not well experienced in that as well but u can give it a try at least. U can use apktool for the process, lucky patcher, or apk editor.
  7. Thanks for the explanation I wanted to ask about sth, I have 2 XOR encrypted values, both of them are related to player's level. A : is for the current level points B : is for the points required to pass to the next level I couldn't find them straight by an XOR search, I did the number of current pointsX4 and I cannot find it. For example: I have 1548/5000, I searched for 1548X4, found some values, but none of them is the one I'm looking for. I managed to find them by another method, but I wanna implement that in a LUA script which I cannot do if I followed the other method I found. Is there any method I could use for that ?? Thank you
  8. can u re-upload the video please !! or upload it to https://streamable.com/
  9. If u r talking about TOH Games, this one : https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6065070488969278177 then specify which game
  10. Do you need to know where exactly does the script interrupted ? If so, you can add an alert or toast to every function you have a doubt that it is causing the problem so you can detect it specifically.
  11. You can't. It's nearly impossible. Server-based games store game and player data on their servers, which are encrypted. You really have to be an expert hacker, and know how to bypass these servers' high security, to change your gameplay data.
  12. Hey I'm trying to hack the xp value in a game, and I did it manually by changing some XOR encrypted values. The problem I'm facing is that I cannot find a command to change a normal value to an encrypted XOR value, because I wanna add it to a script. I'm wondering if there is any command that would allow me to do that
  13. I decompiled the apk file of the game, and then start looking for the Assembly DLL files in order to remove the anti-cheat using dnspy But I cannot find any dll file in there. So I have no other method in mind. Any help please
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