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  1. No [added 1 minute later] Means nobody can hack that game
  2. I know how to do speed hack,but I want other type ho hack
  3. Can you help me out toh find the value off this game,how can I find the so so the colour of the puzzle become one colour,plzz help
  4. 1leader and 2member if you Start the game people will come [added 2 minutes later] Jo go to sheep puzzle channel any play as a member,if you want to hack in leader seat you want 2member to join then game will began,just try to hack in member jo go toh gaming channel and try
  5. I want health hack [added 2 minutes later] Can you hack this two thing
  6. [added 0 minutes later] Teach me I will try
  7. Plzz somebody hack this game,if you need any information about this game I will tell you
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