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  1. OH sorry. didn't saw that But i think running script on FF.. will crash the FF just curious to know can i disable any button or the button action by GG? I am talking about the REPORT button on FF
  2. if i don't use those script... how am i gonna cheat on FF? plus will you plz see about ignore update notification ?
  3. if i have the full bar of hp and i freezed the hp value... so, when enemy hit me will my hp (live) will be down or it will stay in same (cause of freeze). ((thinking of battleground hacking)) THANKS FOR TUT
  4. THIS itel s11. FREE FIRE forced closed on this Virtual space what should i do?
  5. This is a good thing that you gameguardian update your project most frequently. But you know that Free Fire game. To run the free fire script, we have to run specific version. And when we enter in GG we have to remove the update notification every single time. so, plz i think, you should add a option for ignore GG update THANKS
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