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  1. welp.. i donno any theory, why its using offset! probably cz of memorytool.h
  2. get some offset for ur hacks (sometimes, 1 offset do... sometimes 7-8) after that load it in c4droid & export in binary & add the path in andlua+
  3. why not youtube it? or dump libil2cpp & mod detection
  4. theres a guide on gg forum... how to mess around with libil2cpp or something like that... read then watch on yt, dnspy unity game hacks + ida pro game hacks - thus u will know about arm coding
  5. nio04

    anti vm on PUBG

    wats vm?
  6. since that game is unity... dump it & search for "ShowEnemy" or something like that... u will probably find plenty offset add all of them (hence they r bool.) & paste ur #true hex value according to that game arm using
  7. i donno... but i think, that tss folder chek, if u r trying mess with memory values... if u do, he can crash the game immidiatly thats why u delet that folder & create a same name file... so that game cant automatically make that folder again the byp values used in that script... r patched long ago & also i cant help u in that case... cz m still in infinite loop at making bypass
  8. in vmos... have a root xplorer... then go to that directory
  9. nio04

    arm32 editing... help

    i m not after specific hacks in that case.. just gathering general knowledge u hav telegram?
  10. nio04

    arm32 editing... help

    bro... how can i play with void function??? (lets say - its "AmmoCount on void but not in int32) there r many good things on void... but i heard, u can only nop void function for making hacks... nothing more... is it true?
  11. use vmos pro then [added 1 minute later] delete tss_tmp folder in /data/data..../files/tss_tmp & make a file with similar name
  12. nio04

    GG have problem.

    downgrade ur android to 10
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