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  1. hey i just wanna know how can i delete 35 values from 135 values. so that GameGuardian will only edit 100 values instead of 135. i tried the automatic way, but gg 'script maker' cant do the delete function [want to delete values in lua script, of course] hope someone could help me
  2. Hi again. i know this is not based on GameGuardian. but its based on hacking game. And i have nowhere to learn stuff but here. So, i hope someone will guide me As we all know, there are no bypass memory + host for CALL OF DUTY : GLOBAL. so, i want to create one. but i have very basic knowledge about this stuff. when i got ban at some exact "minutes", i start my investigation on "Network Sniffing Tools", All the time, i Noticed i got ban by port "7500". so, blocking This Port will prevent ban? (by No Root Firewall) please i will be greatful, if anybody enlighten me about this stuff
  3. give your YT channel. wanna subscribe
  4. Hello everyone, Hope you are well in this big mess. i play CALL OF DUTY MOBILE. And i am not a super excellent script maker. But i am always trying my best to reach there. As i was Saying - i just found out, all super amazing hacks are available in ANONYMOUS Memory Range. And also its super protected. Just searching a value crash the game OR i get 10 year BAN So, can anyone make a Bypass Memory Protection of call of duty game? we already saw that, people made bypass ptrace for PUBG. so, i think its possible to make one for CALL OF DUTY too. If anybody have any idea, how to bypass ptrace protection, please share with us. OR make one for us. we will be in your debt. THANKS (nio)
  5. Can any of you give me a little hint (practical example) how to use this FUZZY search!? Like want to know the value of speed of my avatar OR gun recoil etc. by FUZZY Please, need some help
  6. For an example - (same pistol) In first search, value address are - B6826990 . kill the game and restart again. In second search, value address are - D7392559 Do the same process to restart game Again for the third search, the address are - C729277 So, if this value change memory so rapidly - how am i supposed to make a group search. Please help!!! I am very new at this "Changing game". And i am very curious to make SCRIPT. THANKS
  7. nio04

    group size trouble

    things will be more obvious from now on btw i am very beginner at these things. can you please xplain - what group size mean? and how to solve it edit* this group size was made by gg
  8. nio04

    group size trouble

    i found these health values (7) not sure there are more than 7. (number1, picture) so, when i group search them, there is a problem showing of gruop size (number 2, picture) i am not sure why its shown. but its happening many times. how to solve that? plz help edit* these are the group search 0D;0D;0D;0D;-50,529,028D;-2,041,392D;-2,041,392D:511788830721
  9. First, i am very beginning at this lua script hacking. And i am running sooo trouble doing every search (group, basic search, finding stuff) The reason i knock -- i hope someone here, can help me, how should i run these codes!!! or how to do these stuff (practical). or basic rules, how things should be done the tuts r here... is direct. impossiblefor me, to understand if someone r so friendly amd know about how to find stuff and modify them then plz knock here. i will install any other social media to join and have some conversation with you about it. plz i do it for my curious. only education purpose. And lastly, veryy soory for my bad English.
  10. OH sorry. didn't saw that But i think running script on FF.. will crash the FF just curious to know can i disable any button or the button action by GG? I am talking about the REPORT button on FF
  11. if i have the full bar of hp and i freezed the hp value... so, when enemy hit me will my hp (live) will be down or it will stay in same (cause of freeze). ((thinking of battleground hacking)) THANKS FOR TUT
  12. THIS itel s11. FREE FIRE forced closed on this Virtual space what should i do?
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