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  1. some things work and others don't work, honestly you did an excellent job. Well idk if you will like this or not but I did something for you with this you can have the option to enable or disable forced feathers (i did some changes too) ^^ For_You.lua
  2. I'm sorry but i don't know anything about it, i finished my recent flight script, maybe i can take a look at it. If i get something i'll tell you!
  3. I do my scripts with the quickedit you can search for this in play storer. Create a separate folder for your scripts put the name you want, after that your scripts should be saved with (.lua) = Ex: Sky.lua. all the processes that you see him making manual you foresee to write in the script. Ex script: function Main() Local.choice=gg.choice({'Infinityfly','Exit'}) If choice ==1 then Infinityfly() end If choice ==2 then Exit() end End Function Infinityfly() It's important=(gg.setRangers(gg.REGION_CODE_APP) gg.setVisible(false) gg.searchNumber("35",gg.TYPE_FLOAT) End this is just an example and contains errors as well as lack of information! Good luck for you!☺
  4. I made a flight script for sky, plus the truth and that I wanted to learn more about commands in the GG or more about scripts, I find little content about it and the ones I find are at a level much higher than I know. I would really love to learn more about scripts and the GG itself, if you can help me I would be happy!☺☺ At the moment I'm learning Javascript.
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