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  1. freezing won't work. i have come across values like these. and you can't edit them because its probably a const variable. and const variables cannot be reassigned but if its a variable that changes but you can't manually edit it with game guardian that looks like anti cheat then theres other ways to change the value then direct editing but what value is it? is it health? speed? damage?
  2. i mean they could decrypt the script without paying so whats the point with a password? unless the user has good decryption skills then they don't have to pay
  3. lol. i hope this works when i make a mod menu for the game cause i hope i didn't dump the game for nothing Thanks for the help tho
  4. Hi lover. can you explain what do you put in your original? and the length? because the first row in the hex editor i copied and put it in the original
  5. Hi guys today i want to talk about zombie cubes 2 uh first of all when i tried to hex patch boolean with original and replaced it didnt work Game: Zombie Cubes 2 steps i went through 1: dumped lib file 2: opened lib file with hex editor and copied the first 8 bytes for original 3: set my value for replaced to "return true" or true 4: i put offset of the boolean and it still didn't work boolean offset for zombie cubes: 0x76A62C what i did was --Lib folder: Zombie Cubes 2_1.1.apk/lib/armeabi-v7a/ name("libil2cpp.so") myoffset=0x76A62C original("7F 45 4C 01 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00") replaced("01 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1") gg.toast("Speed Boost: Active") didn't activate after that the script did run but didn't activate i used to get this invalid pattern error but not anymore the problem is the speed boost would not trigger
  6. This script has a function which takes values from a table and searches them and it uses offset handling too thats what this script does
  7. Please resend the file so i can see whats the problem =(
  8. --Make a variable for user input local password = gg.prompt({"Enter Password"},{[1] = '0'},{[1] = 'text'}) if password[1] == "1028371" then gg.alert("Correct Password") else gg.alert("Incorrect Password") end Here is the code if you still want it. lol i don't use passwords anymore but as soon as they decrypt or know your password length then thats basically it but How can lua interfere with game guardian prompt boxes? thats weird the only way it can is by setting the password variable to a random item in a list but how could they know what name of that prompt box variable (probably logging) unless if its encrypted
  9. You can only run game guardian files on game guardian executor you can't run them on android studio or any other IDE its better to use game guardian
  10. the game is simple sandbox 1 or simple sandbox 2 lmao you can't keep game secret unless people play it too. this game is an UGH to cheat on it has anti cheat but modders can bypass it. when i modify ammo it says cheater and kicks me out but back to the game can't you just search value then switch guns? diffrent guns diffrent spread correct?
  11. Hi its crystal mods back with another tutorial. i will show you how to call a lua script with one lua script i have been using this ever since to add extra features or just add imports but its files not actually importing in the text editor. 1. Make 2 files one can be your main script the other will be your script you will be calling from your main script Main Script: (file name: Main.lua) (warning: menu doesn't have to be a local variable but i just do that you don't have to make it local! function exec(thisPath) doFile(thisPath) --using dofile the script will try to execute the other script :D end local menu = gg.choice({"Call File","Exit"},nil,"Main Script") if menu == 1 then exec("/storage/emulated/0/Download/Import.lua") --We pass the file path in which the import file is located. end if menu == 2 then os.exit(gg.toast("Script Killed")) end Now we code our import script Import Script: (name: Import.lua) --import code gg.sleep(300) gg.toast("x") gg.sleep(300) gg.toast("xx") gg.sleep(300) gg.toast("*****") gg.sleep(300) gg.toast("xxxx") gg.sleep(300) gg.toast("xxxxx") gg.sleep(300) gg.toast("Script Loaded") gg.alert("I have been imported") dofile("/storage/emulated/0/Download/Main.lua") --We call back to the main script because the import script has finished its operation You can use this for hiding stuff, or whatever you would like Hey Enyby think you can get around the import feature? i have been using this for months now and no one has gotten my values or ranges ever since with this import i write my scripts the weirdest as they can. Give me your opinions guys i want to know what you think about this feature?? alright im out! (neck hurts :P)
  12. lol the script is patched anyway so i guess u can't take values from lucky day anymore.
  13. You are welcome, also Yes! you could learn C++ and Java so you could learn modding with lgl (template isn't for newbies) Learn java. then C++ then you should sign up on the polar mods forums after you are done with both. just learn the basics then you could learn the hooking, hex patching API Library they have Have a nice Day!
  14. He is talking about instance variables from a dump.cs class Example: //Example Simulation //Every field has an offset beside it, these are example offsets public class Enemy { //Fields public float health; //0x12 public boolean isDead; //0x23 public double loot_drop_chance; //0x29 public boolean isBoss; //0x10 public float dmg; //0x11 //Next would be methods and other stuff but the starting variables are what he wants to be modded } You cannot Hook instance variables from a dumped lib file with lua. you may only use C++ using a function pointer
  15. View File Gangster City Script! Another day. Another script! i have released Gangster City 6.0 Credits to: @CmP , @XxhentaixX, @YeetMeister For all helping me with errors and stuff with my script and Credits to @HEROGAMEOfficial for his awesome date encryption script Features: Gun Menu that includes: Aimbot (not real aimbot but increases the aim assist value's strength), Fire rate (for all guns), Destroy Game (a Debug mode Warning: MAY CRASH) Special Cheats menu: Lib base aimlock 1, lib base aimlock 2, lib base aimlock 3, lib base aimlock 4. lib base Wall aimlock (aim at enemy even through walls!); Warning: Turning on all lib base cheats will result in an immediate crash LOL, distorted aim, or a game freeze. remember this is only increasing strength of the aim cursor when you touch the enemy with it but not physically pointing toward enemy yet. Player menu is empty for now because nothing is inside there The faster you comment the errors the faster it will be debugged so im not gonna be active for one week that lets the comments settle in Warning: This script expires: December 30th 2022 so on christmas this year (2021) ill make it open source until the new years Script Config: IsEncrypted: True hasPassword: False check package: true (com.gangstar.crime.fps > Gangster City) has Expire code: True (dec 30th 2022) if you repost this script please provide credits this took days and weeks thats all i ask! thanks and enjoy! Submitter Crystal_Mods100x Submitted 06/29/2021 Category LUA scripts  
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