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  1. It has root access. It is allowed by SuperSu. MyAndroidTools and AppOps also work fine.
  2. I tried to reinstall the ROM from funkyhuawei and reroot again this weekend. and still not working, neither the logcat. I use Huawei Mate 10.
  3. I use Logcat Extreme this time. Log_2018-01-19_19-56-23.txt
  4. This is what I did. Thank you. alogrec.2018-01-19-19-41-25.log SVID_20180119_194137.mp4
  5. Could you give me the address to download? I can't find it on Google Play. Thank you! _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later It is so strange. :X
  6. The same. I can easily find the address, but still can't change thevalue.
  7. I mean when I tried to edit any value, it still remain the same. Like I tried to edit it from 6 to 9, but in GG it still 6
  8. I found the value, but everytime I tried to edit the value, nothing happened. It is not an online game, and I also tried when WIFI was turned off. Thank you for the help!
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