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  1. Ahahaha, what if I'm registered by someone else's mail?) (I mean by a friend's urine)
  2. You know that at one time I very often made scripts for various games and thus even a whole pack of cheat menu was born under the name ScriptTrust. The fact is that.... I lost my phone.
  3. Bug on the number of script installations This is Russian Magic
  4. Again a lesson on writing a script from a no-name, which has only cheats in its head. Today I will teach you how to record a package check of a selected process. It can be written as follows: if gg.getTargetPackage() == "com.yaga.ndon" then gg.toast("Loading script, await") else print("I am a rooster") os.exit() end P.S My primary language is Russian. I used a translator, I hope everything is fine with the translation
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