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  1. This is my first (no) lesson on finding values. What types of searches will be covered in this topic? Let's analyze the search for a known value (exact search), search for an encrypted value. Increment is an additional element of an exact search. How and in what cases to use the search for a known value? For example, we have 350 items of some kind. It means that we enter the number 350 into the search. If a large number of values are found, then we change it. We changed the number to 550. Remove the number 550 (you will have your own numbers, I am not myself) and find the values that are 550. If you find multiple values again, change it again. We get 200. We exclude 200. And so on until we find one single value that we need. When we have reached the desired value, we put any number we need. Now we have not 350, but, for example, 950 something. You can do whatever you want with them. How and when to use encrypted value lookup? If, after manipulating with an exact search, you did not find the value, here we are bombarded with the thought that the value is encrypted. That is, if we have 25248 of something there, we enter 25248 into the search, change it to 25249, filter out the resulting number, but there are no values. Now I will tell you what to do if you find yourself in such a situation. We enter the cost of what we need to do in large quantities. Be sure to check the "Value is encrypted" box. We find all the meanings that are present in the game, and this is not the only point. The value we need can be encrypted by absolutely any other, not equal to the value that we entered earlier. We need to add value. It was 70700, we make it so that we have 70800. Filter out the number 70800, leave the selected checkbox opposite The value is encrypted, that is, we always send this checkbox set. You need to change the value again. There were 8,253 people, now 8,254 people. We filter out 8254. And so on until you find the one you want. If found, you can change it for any amount you need. How and when to use an increment? We need to change the price of the in-game currency in the store. But we can no longer filter out, the meaning was, it is. What to do in this case? The first step, of course, is to find out the price of the product. The price is, for example, 2500, which means that we enter 2500 into an exact search and click New Search. Click the Edit All icon as the search result, open the More tab and we will see a window where we can enter the increment. If we enter the number 1 in the zoom box, then a unit will be added to the values you selected. If our price has become, for example, 2501, then we find the number 2501, but we do not filter anything. When we reach the price value that we have, we save it, and then roll back and delete all values. We go into the saved list, we see the value of the price of the product. We change it to a value less than the standard one. For example, 0 or 1. Better to change it to 1, because if you change it to 0 or a negative value, the game might crash. Can be frozen. GIVE ALREADY INSERT GUIDES AND WHAT I'M LIKE A BAD
  2. Ahahaha, what if I'm registered by someone else's mail?) (I mean by a friend's urine)
  3. You know that at one time I very often made scripts for various games and thus even a whole pack of cheat menu was born under the name ScriptTrust. The fact is that.... I lost my phone.
  4. I will find a problem, depending on what style of code
  5. Bug on the number of script installations This is Russian Magic
  6. Again a lesson on writing a script from a no-name, which has only cheats in its head. Today I will teach you how to record a package check of a selected process. It can be written as follows: if gg.getTargetPackage() == "com.yaga.ndon" then gg.toast("Loading script, await") else print("I am a rooster") os.exit() end P.S My primary language is Russian. I used a translator, I hope everything is fine with the translation
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