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  1. You don't get it do you? it still removes an item from the table??! i don't see whats wrong with using a function it but okay both do the same thing still both are functions and you have to enter both arguments
  2. both are the same functions and they do the same thing
  3. i don't really know how to explain it. but is there a way to skip through the gg.sleep function and modify my offset number quicker?
  4. Hi everyone. i would like to see if there is a way to modify offset value quicker without letting game guardian sleep after the user changes their ammo in game Game: Payback 2, (Old Version because latest version developer hid shotgun value (hidden or encrypted)) Game Arch: x64 Device Arch: x64 like for example this is what i use every time: function Bombs() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_C_BSS) gg.searchNumber("20",gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.getResults(66) gg.alert("Shoot once and wait") gg.refineNumber("16",gg.TYPE_DWORD) c = gg.getResults(1) local x = {} x[1] = {} x[1].address = c[1].address + 0x8 x[1].flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT x[1].value = 1 gg.setValues(x) gg.clearResults() gg.toast("Bombs Enabled") end but now im getting tired of defining an address into one table. so is there maybe an other way? ;o
  5. function removeObject(targetTable,myIndex) table.remove(targetTable,myIndex) end x = {"name","yame"} removeObject(x,1) print(x[1]) --Example, Function removes a table item from passing on the target table and index this returns the text "yame" --Im expecting other users to improve or post their way of removing items from a table Try this
  6. Download the app then run the code in the process also what are you trying to do with gg.getRangesList("")? are you making a lib base script or ???
  7. Crystal_Mods100x

    Game guardian

    thats an account popup for certian users not new users who joined https://gameguardian.net/download you should see the game guardian apk and a purple button saying download this file click it then click 101.1 not the nox blue stacks game guardian install on device along with no root virtual spaces provided on this forum. if you still need help it is wise to search first before posting
  8. Download an app called sd maid (in the app store) then open the app click overview then click the green circle button once its done scanning you should see categories with dropdown menus click "Device" category drop down menu arrow look for architechture if it says arm64-v8a first then its arm64 if its arm32-v7a first then its arm32 for me mines say arm64-v8a armeabi-v7 armeabi depending on your device it should be different or the same
  9. Sorry to say this but android 11 isn't well supported Because some Memory Ranges are messed up or fused together its best to downgrade your device to android 8, android 9, android 10 or lower
  10. The only way to not leak your script to the public is to don't share the script to anyone at all. when you sell scripts or upload them then of course you expose it to the public the only thing u can do is just use pastebin and very strong encryption. or again (Dont Share Script With Anyone), and i had a stroke reading the part where you said "also so that this method works on all versions of android" that is not possible. again. pastebin, strong encryption. trial comes error. when conducting an experiment you will always face errors once in a while during execution
  11. Get your value you want to save in the list. go inside the save list once you have your values click on one to edit the value below the [ ]Freeze [ normal ] button you should see the pointer's name You can change it to something else then click Yes
  12. Oh so my device is arm64-va, armeabi-v7, armeabi so since my device is arm 64 and the game is arm v64 and i dumped the armv7 instead of the arm 64 so thats why my edits aren't working from your tool Thanks
  13. Hey guys its crystal mods and for some reason i can't get any arm instructions to edit any methods Questions: Should i download the app from the appstore or apk combo (because some apks have both armv7 and arm64) Should the app only have one architecture and not both? (some app store games have both or one folder that says arm-v7 or arm-v8 they include libs) When should i use ~A BX LR? should i use it after editing an integer method or a boolean method?
  14. Printing doesn't execute stuff you are just printing the function if you want to make a script with pastebin just make an account on there and make your paste make sure its lua code. once you are done putting code in the paste . save the paste and go to the raw link. above the search bar copy that link then do the following here: --GameGuardian makes a internet request local API = gg.makeRequest("paste bin raw link").content --Checks if you granted access. if true then it will procceed to load the code inside of the pastebin if API then pcall(load(API)) else gg["alert"]("Error You have not granted internet access!") os.exit() end Just a little note you don't have to write your functions in bracket notation you can always use regular gg.alert() they both work
  15. Crystal_Mods100x

    1 Question

    There is no learn advanced game guardian. Please learn the basic syntax of Lua programming language. Everything you need is on this forum, youtube and online sources like google, reddit, yahoo then learn the game guardian api: https://gameguardian.net/help i wish you the best luck!
  16. Crystal_Mods100x


    https://gameguardian.net/help Learn the basic syntax of lua then learn the api which is functions for gameguardian Use sources on the web, youtube, even this forum if you get stuck and wanting for help. Goodluck!
  17. freezing won't work. i have come across values like these. and you can't edit them because its probably a const variable. and const variables cannot be reassigned but if its a variable that changes but you can't manually edit it with game guardian that looks like anti cheat then theres other ways to change the value then direct editing but what value is it? is it health? speed? damage?
  18. Try editing it to a large number then freeze it. if it doesn't work there are other methods of modifying the address without direct editing also can u explain what value is it? is it health? damage?, coins? tell me what value is it Find the upgrade button that increases the value when you buy and search its price and then make it 0 for free purchase, or -999,999 to get that much cash back then when its free or minus amount can be undetected because the game doesn't know you directly modified the value and it thinks you are playing legit
  19. i mean they could decrypt the script without paying so whats the point with a password? unless the user has good decryption skills then they don't have to pay
  20. prompt radio buttons or the radio buttons for a menu?
  21. Ok but how many results do you get when you search the value? i need the results so i can use a for loop or a loop in some way to iterate through each value
  22. before i can create an offset function how many results do you get when searching this qword value? and that value that's 15 lines down what data type do you edit it into?
  23. Game Guardian lua scripts aren't external they are internal if you are talking about a injector (which is an external mod menu) then i reccomend rooting your phone, learning MemoryTools.h and learning how to make a mod menu using AndLua The only part that you need game guardian for your external mod menu is you searching, finding offsets, and your edit value to use the C++ functions from MemoryTools.h there are paid courses in telegram but i don't trust them. its better if you probably use youtube or learn the AndLua API. but did you mean lua scripting or injector?
  24. lol. i hope this works when i make a mod menu for the game cause i hope i didn't dump the game for nothing Thanks for the help tho
  25. Hi lover. can you explain what do you put in your original? and the length? because the first row in the hex editor i copied and put it in the original
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