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  1. Then you have some options provided with gg First thing u should do when searching use "the value is encrypted" button keep doing the same thing searching and refining (never uncheck the button) then if you reach to ur last results change it to a big number then wait for the anti cheat code to kick in or change the value to trigger it if it changes back then change the values to a big number then freeze it. you can also use hide game guardian from game levels 1 - 3 if this game is online then its server sided and u have to find a way to crack it (the total amount of coins are sometimes not protected with anti cheat code) server sided games cant be cracked with gg. also that tutorial you sended for no fear i dont understand that xd you gotta be experinced with a game like that ill study it and see what i can do but for now use this
  2. Yea i got ur message you have to search the gold number then change the value then enter its new value then click refine keep doing that untill u get to ur last results. then you can edit all Reply if that works also item swap hack might be a little hard for me.
  3. This forum is an only english forum! so be careful It will not install because of multiple or one thing 1. out of storage = Your device needs to have alot of storage to fit apps on there so try deleting apps and hidden apks that are installed on your device Try using local file cleaner apps like SD Maid, or SD Maid pro, clean master, app cleaner (green brush icon) and more just dont download the apps that say boost battery life or scam apps These apps can put your device into a bootloop forcing you to reset! Please reply if this works =))
  4. ya man it was sick i used to use dnspy also hex editor huh? Hmmm i been using gg with hex editor and it was too ez but i hope i can see what hex editor can do 2 dumped memory of game2cpp.so
  5. What is a bin file? xD is that why when i dump memory of game2cpp.so thats why its bin? How do i open or convert it and what do they contain? dn spy lol i use that for mod menus
  6. Your solutions to run Daemon and stop problems with starting: install latest version of game guardian. install X8 Sandbox or VMOS virtual machines. both are self root android emulators that will surely make your gameguardian run VMOS: https://www.vmos.com/ X8 Sandbox: https://x8sb.com/ Please reply if these emulaltors work i reccomend vmos because you do not have the hassle to add apps.
  7. if you tried to search the number at first and it didnt work use the check box that says "the value is encrypted" then keep changing the value > refining > untill u get the last results before u edit it check to see if thats protected by giving the values a big number if they change back then change it back to a large number then click "freeze" please reply if that works. other things u can do: Use hide game guardian from game features, Use Bypass ptrace protection features crack an older version of the game.
  8. Download X8 Sandbox it has self root and u have to add apps this will run your daemon and if it does not work install the LATEST (101.0) version of game guardian. Downloadc ====> https://x8sb.com/ Thank you.
  9. i dont think thats possible the only group search that is valid is gg.searchNumber("30D;50D;0.2F;", gg.TYPE_DWORD) hmmm i dont get what ur trying to pull here.
  10. Crystal_Mods100x

    my question

    nah that tells gg to require meaning to need something but if your telling gg to require the latest version then there is a script in downloads to require the latest version of game guardian --if i made a mistake please explain more
  11. Thats it! u know how much power ups u got in one run? imma poke around in pixel force 2 lib to see whats going on in there or maybe make an AndLua external mod menu for this game =)) this is gonna be awesome Power up: value = 1 >increased no power up: value = 0 >decreased
  12. You should try pixel force 2 xD im having a lot of fun i making a script that when u edit some float values it gives u a random power ups and when u get power ups that increases values correct? =))
  13. Ahh dang im so dumb rn )= did i even get everything right?
  14. Game guardian cannot work with browsers cuz javascript change memory every time and also can you explain more on what you did?
  15. i dont think u can dump a C# file because in unity or some form of game programming engine all C# files are compiled into C++ which then gets converted into .so files in the lib wich hides in the arm-4 file these files are built to NOT BE READED on android because devs want to keep their code safe from leachers the other thing u can do is get VMOS or X8 Sandbox i reccomend VMOS because the apps are already added and both are self root Vmos: https://www.vmos.com/ X8 Sandbox: https://x8sb.com/ the only thing u can do is script with the .so files and add code in them. but a pc is required to inspect the so file.
  16. There is a light green letter under it A = anonymous Jh = Java_heap if you go to the hamburger icon on the left and select , "select memory regions" it will tell you what letter represents that memory range. and if you already did encypted then this is possibly encrypted with XOR or ptrace im thinking its ptrace... because it sets back when u edit it right? from the game guardian video bypass ptrace protection when he tryed to edit his value it changed back so when he used the bypass feature it allowed him to edit the value with no problems. try that if that does not work then its probably XOR and the servers (meaning that probably you cant edit) (one more thing is try using hide game guardian from game)
  17. Things you can do: Download the LATEST version of game guardian (101.0) Download this app called X8 Sandbox you can add apps and built in self root to run that daemon problem is possibly that game guardian cannot emulate root in that virtual space probably but here is X8 Sandbox Avoid broken firmware or kernel and avoid android companys like samsung https://x8sb.com/
  18. Auto is a slow data type. it searches within all regions for all values you could just use dword with the encrypted button one more thing is your game online? also if you tried to change the value and it change back make sure you only set the memory ranges to only the golds range (speeds up search) Hmmm. im starting to run out of options because when i work with encrypted numbers i find them often Server sided games cant be cracked Lets see if a script could help whats your coins memory region?
  19. I can probably do gold but what is an item swap hack? also i need the memory region of the gold. you should be able to search the gold manually and there should be some letters or a letter next to it representing the range (i cant download the app cuz i got no wifi lol) also is this game online?
  20. gg.searchNumber("value",gg.TYPE_DWORD, true) not LOL gg.searchEncryptedNumber -__-
  21. Remember the first part you said: "i try to change it but it change back everytime" Did you use the encrypted button or no?
  22. Look through walls is still usefull its like an esp but no color on the player! and yeah your correct i was wrong lol i thought he said "wall hack for most games"
  23. Game Guardian is best hack tool no one can out game the guardian =)) This cracker you made is like a door to entertainment. Without this app i would never stop looking for a legit app.
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