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  1. I only can make speed hack this game, other value is visual. Can someone find other method? Record_2021-10-19-21-28-34.mp4
  2. Hmm how did u do? I make 0 cd but some games will not be scored.
  3. Ty, can u teach me how to dump il2cpp game have protected?
  4. https://apkpure.com/mythic-heroes-idle-rpg/com.igg.android.mythicheroes Can someone help me dump this game?
  5. Godismata

    XOR key error

    remove the dot or replace it with a comma
  6. Like i said, CD reset is visual
  7. Some one help me hide gg from GuardianTale! I used Sudohide, Xprivacy.. But it didnt work.
  8. This game only have drone view, all else just visual
  9. I did, so hope some one can write script for this.
  10. Yes, if your ball(point) too high, i think it will notice other player/dev.
  11. - normal search Dword your pokeball point. - work ranked - i think we should set 600-700 point per game, just 1 goal/game, then play normal. Bcs they can check your stats in history.
  12. Worked, but i not recommen use it bcs you cant upgrade skill. Pkm points are enough.
  13. Yeah, my bad, pokeball point worked on rank.
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