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  1. Is it possible to use both? I already have the speed value which I got from sir XxhentaixX (tnx for the help) where I can edit the speed to my liking. Now, I want to also apply a no cooldown to my skills while using the speed hack. Can someone help me accomplish this (If only possible). Thank you in advance
  2. [email protected], did I give the right setting? Which is the default fps setting is 30 and the best one is 60 fps? Cause I don't know where to check for it... I just asked a guildmate of mine and that's what he said.
  3. Ok sir, the default is 30 and it's best setting is 60
  4. If it is not possible for all, the red one (4th skill) which is the SS and the 3rd one (the blue one near the read one) will do for me... If only possible. If not, still thankful for the help you gave me for the past days
  5. I already did that, still did not work. After clicking the Facebook icon for linking, nothing happened. Regarding the CD There are only 4 skills that I always use on my mercenary character. Is it possible for it (all 4 skills) to have no CD and still have the speed hack on use (speed hack + no cd skills both functioning simultaneously)?
  6. Sir @XxhentaixX is there a possibility to find a value for cooldown of skills and use it together with the speed value? If it is possible, can you help me again? If you don't mind... But I can understand if you don't want to... Especially knowing that I'm slow in understanding tutorials xD
  7. Flyffer


    After using rootcloak to the game to prevent it from detecting root... This was the result Record_2022-01-09-11-26-37_bebc5b24fcfa09fec0f188d50da87968.mp4 Record_2022-01-09-11-26-37_bebc5b24fcfa09fec0f188d50da87968.mp4 Is there a way to fix this?
  8. Last question sir... Do you know how to fix this? Can't log in with Facebook T.T Record_2022-01-09-09-49-37_bebc5b24fcfa09fec0f188d50da87968.mp4
  9. Ohhhhh... I got it! It's working now... Thank you so much! You're my hero
  10. Look, is there something wrong in the steps that I did? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=950074215871746&id=100026075282740
  11. How do I change that? Cause the tutorial vid shows that after he searched 1 float... He got 150000 while I got 100... I also followed the procedure in the vid... But there's no change in speed... It did not work T.T
  12. I did what was on the video... But I only got 100... Not like the one in the vid.. he got 1500... Why is that? It's so confusing for me... Sorry T.T Look what I got... It's only 100 after searching T.T
  13. Btw, before doing the the tutorial in the vid you posted... I should do this 1st? gameguardian hide: 4 Speed value: 1.0F Memory Range: Ca Group search: 1.0F;0.33333334327F;0.02999999933F:9
  14. It's too complicated for me... Are you doing a script? Can you teach me how to change the speed to just 1.1, 1.2, 1.3... I don't nid higher than those value... If only you help me... I'm having an headache watching the tutorial... Especially not knowing the function of each step you are doing... Sorry for being so slow T.T
  15. It only detects when I use speed hack, that's why I want to try using speedhack script for it, but I can't find any, and I also don't know how to make 1... Hahahahaha Question... If I use the hide gameguardian from game 1 to 4 which the 4th box disables the speedhack... Will the script (speedhack) work?
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