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  1. Firstly check if Cb region is there. If it is,then have a chance. Fix some codes. use lmao[3]['end'] instead of lmao[4]['start'] Result will be still the same. If not then i'll have to search a new chain in Cd static address
  2. Normally when print out lib.so, there are 1st Xa, 2nd Cd, 3rd Cd 4th Cb. (some lib shows 1st Xa,2nd Cd,3rd Cb) I noted someone explained that Cb is extra junk of Cd.exist after Cd. Like i said, when i try to get Cb in the beginning of game the error is appeared.not found Cb. But after play for a while, and print again, Cb become there. You can test it. I think i should have use Cd for static address instead of Cb. LoL
  3. That happens sometimes to me. print(gg.getRangesList('lib.so')) Its fine. Nothing error. print(gg.getRangesList('lib.so:bss')) Or when i tried to get Cb memory range in lib. That nil problem come. Play game for a while. Then the nil problem will be gone. It can be happen in both 32 and 64 bit.
  4. Im 64 bit device. So i have to use vmos for 32 bit. I have put only 1 pointer chain in script for 32 bit. May be there is something i missed. I'll take a look back.
  5. For move you can use this short script. It will give you two value. Freeze them both.move wont decrease anymore. I dont encrypt. So you can check my codes. homeEscape.lua
  6. Have u tried gg.getTargetInfo()? Have u tried path by checking lib name?
  7. No you cant. Addresses are always changed each time you play. Group search is fine.If you have a little coding level,u can use offset checking group search. Its also faster then normal group search. If the game have lib and you know how to use pointers,then you can make ur hack to run fast But if its java game, im out .i hate it :3
  8. local vs = {{1.83675196e-40, 0}, {2.125, -52},} -- Value signature local vm = {{10, 0}, } -- Value modify This is from work. local vs = {{1.0, 0}, {0.60208392143,80},{1.30322527885,100},} -- Value signature local vm = {{3.5, 0}, } -- Value modify This is from not work. You used decimal offset in script. When use offset calculator in gg, it shows u as hex. Not decimal. Decimal 100 is hex 64.dec 80 is hex 50.Are you sure your offsets are right?
  9. Show some codes. May be some codes or static values wrong
  10. I read it. I read it. And i didnt understand this line if (w[3] == true) then In tb2 , what is tb2[1][3]? I dont know. Im lack in scripting. What i understand is In tb1, First of all, He search 1055286886 dword type. For clearity,see photo White color represent original values. Script will check and choose those three values by using offsets. From view of first value 1055286886. When it find the correct condition, yellow cross are the ones we will edit to blue color value. It'll edit and freeze as tb2 variable. Hope you understand
  11. U should put full script Better to know those variables.
  12. Make a value checking loop. Search one and check its around codes by offsets. Its a lot faster than normal group search but need a specific writing lua.
  13. If they are near,you can use offsets. There may be some static codes u can search. Have u tried?
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