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  1. Wrong usage. It would be like this if gg.getResultsCount()>=1 then Or hi = gg.getResultsCount() if hi>=1 then I use >=1 because the results may be more than 1.You can use >0 too. Read here about gg.getResultsCount https://gameguardian.net/help/classgg.html#a1123e55c5eb365b425ccfe465c52c510
  2. Hmm i have heard its hard to dump cod. I'll let you know when i found a way to dump. yeah
  3. get lib through gg dump runtime. get metadata from gg dump too. Go to il2cppdumper. Dont use auto. use manually. Input start address of the dumped lib. Done!
  4. Use method-2 for protected lib. if that doesnt work, let me know. I'll update script.
  5. View File libil2cpp.so and metadata.dat dumping script -Launch game -Run script -Two methods to dump This script is Open Source! I'll update script when i found new features. Big thanks to cmp for precious coding knowledge. Submitter Lover1500 Submitted 09/10/2021 Category Tools  
  6. Version 2


    -Launch game -Run script -Two methods to dump This script is Open Source! I'll update script when i found new features. Big thanks to cmp and enyby for precious coding knowledge.
  7. gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) --set anonymous memory region gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber(100, gg.TYPE_QWORD) --search Qword value 100 res = gg.getResults(99999) --store results in table res checkRes={} --this table will be used to check at line 15 finalRes = {} --after checking, we will store here for i, v in ipairs(res) do --loop.Dont ask me idk what it is. checkRes[i] = {} checkRes[i].address = res[i].address + 0x3c --Put offset between qword 100 and your 1. dont put line 15 XD checkRes[i].flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD --put datatype of your 1. end checkRes = gg.getValues(checkRes) --Now we have all values at 15 lines of qword 100.If you want to know, use print(checkRes). Now lets choose only 1. for i, v in ipairs(checkRes) do if v.value== 1 then table.insert(finalRes, res[i]) end end if #finalRes==0 then return print('Not found desired value') end --Now we have Right qword 100 Values in finalRes.use print(finalRes) if want to know. Now its time to edit. gg.addListItems(finalRes) --I'll add those in saved list. delete if you dont want. editVal = {} for i, v in ipairs(finalRes) do editVal[i]={} editVal[i].address=finalRes[i].address+0x4 --if one cell down, i think offset 4 editVal[i].flags=4 --if want edit dword editVal[i].value = 123456 --if u want 123456 end gg.setValues(editVal) --whenever u confuse, use print(blahblah) and check their progress If this is not, i think you should change your help question.
  8. Upload on yt (unlisted or something you want). Paste video link here.
  9. which value to change? double value? or dword value at 15 lines? i think offset is 0x3c?
  10. Thank you. I was searching for an easy moddable libil2cpp.so game for my mod menu training. It becomes this one.
  11. This is just for fun. I really respect every anyone.
  12. I edit it into mov r0, #1.doesnt work. but this one work // RVA: 0x767AE8 Offset: 0x767AE8 VA: 0x767AE8 public void takeDamage() { } i edit into bx lr and my hp doesnt decrease anymore XD
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