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  1. If want change,you used wrong. It should be like this t[14].value = 9 gg.setValues(t) print('Done') As i say you can check saved file. Not to save only address! Check below photo. Address are always changed ever restart game. But Arrangement in lib are same whenever. Starter address may be started from address 0 or adress blah blah. But same arrangement. So you can use lib + offset. Idk your lib and offset. For my case,lib is libunity.so and offset 6ae934. Always check before code. print(gg.getRangesList(your lib)) I will code like this for printing the value. start = gg.getRangesList(blah blah) lol = start[depend info of lib] + 0x6ae934 lol.flags = 4 lol=gg.getValues(lol) print(lol.value) Do as you wish!
  2. If its in Xa region(code app), you can use easily lib + offset! No need to search value. When you get the address of that value,save it. And check lib and offset in saved file(.txt).
  3. Wrong again! When you use edittAll,you need to set flag(type). gg.editAll('5000', 4) --if you want change dword
  4. You used the wrong key. That must be i.e. gg.searchAddress('blah blah', -1, gg.TYPE_DWORD) -- or something type And you can use easily gg.addListItems() and gg.getListItems().
  5. results = gg.getResults(99999) for i,v in ipairs(results) do v.address= v.address - 0x44 v.flags = 4 end results = gg.getValues(results) gg.alert(results[1].value) I dont understand question clearly.If you just want to see value,why did you freeze them? But i hope this code help you.
  6. What feature should i put next? And i want to know if there is a problem of which script doesnt work. Im really excited!Thanks for using this script. I'm working now for 64 bit(but yeah same features as this 32 bit script)
  7. You can search normally gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_C_DATA) gg.searchNumber('4294967297', 32) Or as I said in your previous post, you can use directly by offsets cuz it is in lib.
  8. Done update .Still need to improve.
  9. Now I have check your bypass script record. After print(gg.getRangesList('libtersafe.so')), show me the results. I can help you build your code.
  10. gg.sleep(5000) Its a command to sleep 5 seconds(5000 mili seconds)
  11. If its sure in the libtersafe.so lib,you can make save file of its address. Lib + offset are very good chance to use. Everytime restart game, reload save file and you will get its fresh address . If you have succeed save file of lib ,you can use it in script easily.
  12. local hi = gg.getRangesList('libtersafe.so') print(hi) Check info in it
  13. Is that online or offline?
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