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  1. Lol . It is Hooked script . Codes are stolen . Huh .
  2. It is decrypted : Revo5.2.lua_DEC strings are encoded but if you arenot going to copy paste script then it is readable .
  3. Show me ur script . I will check it .
  4. TopGEOYT

    Max value of Float

    99999999999999999999999999999999999999 huh.
  5. TopGEOYT

    Value cant change

    It is may be , because values are encrypted . I have seen some games where after change value as 9999999 it willl change as 1 .it is impossible to change some values in some games . So . . . It is may be one reason
  6. Ok , I will explain you. Go in search , set float type and start search . example search 0.1 and change into 5000 . if something will change , it means you found new hack , if not carry on trying. Search 0.1, 0.2, 1.6, 2.1 , 0.04 or anything . also u can change regions . Most usable and easy for starting is "A: Anonymous" . also u can select Region Xa and etc . It is easiest method for beggining . if you didnot understand anything ask me .
  7. Try parallel space lite : Parallel Space Lite + 64-Bit Support (#djr1dlna)
  8. Hmm . Why is your password 666 ? Are you devil folower? Huh .
  9. TopGEOYT

    Fix my script

    I didnot ubderstand what does he need too .
  10. Dear @Scrappy82 sorry but i dont play this game. If you need script for it you can search on this webpage . Here is many scripts for this game .
  11. TopGEOYT

    Fix my script

    Hmm . I dont know why u need it . It doesnot have any starting or ending of script . But if it is starting code it will work: Status = ' ON' ::INDO:: language = "INDO" antidcm = gg.choice({'🏷 Menu Hack',' Keluar',',Status..'},nil,'GHOST HACK V1.6 (Baldi Gamers) ')
  12. s*** this compiler is stolen . I am going to upload your decryptes scrip here , Your deserve it . But i wont do it bcs then copy pasters will be able to copy full script . You deserve to get Decrypted script here ! You are Copy paster .
  13. TopGEOYT


    Ok . You can downvote all post where i havebuploaded dec files . But without reason? You have -12 reputstion bcs noone like u . May i dont like some peoples but at least i forseen this webpage rules and u not . Yes it is reputational war . You downvote my posts wothout reason . Also you are 16 years . I hope you will be blocked and after 2 years when ur brain will get some small evolution you will join us again. I dont want any id*ot enemies like you. You are not enemy . You are just idiot kid . Read all page rules and then message me child .
  14. TopGEOYT


    Yes and u can dowvote post where i have uploaded decrypted file . You dont have persmissions to dowvote my posts without reason. Ok ok ok .it is ur choise . continue down voting .
  15. TopGEOYT


    If you will make it then enyby will give u points. I have experience about it xd. You may dont know this page rules . reputational war is illegal! [added 2 minutes later] Ok . I will fack you . idiot 16 year child .
  16. Hmm . If you dont know what it means then dont use function scripts. Examle : function start() change as ::start:: and etc .
  17. TopGEOYT


    No it isnot executable script .
  18. TopGEOYT


    Hmm delete? Why?
  19. TopGEOYT


  20. TopGEOYT


    If you will again downvote my posts , I Cannot say what i will do ! ( i dont have problem if downvotr have reason , but if you dont have reason dont downvote again ! It is warning ! I dont need enemies . )
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