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  1. Welcome . and yeah its reason why its removed from GG , people was adding all history files remover if there was detected log ... also it was used for stealing data and etc .
  2. since idk anything about source I can't help u . can u to tell me where can I place my new chair in home ? no , u can't ... bcs u don't know anything about my home , about my chair size and etc. its same situation , u are asking thing fully idiotically , I will be glad if u already knew it .
  3. in old versions of Game Guardian u can do it by reading XML file , but in new GG(s) this feature is blocked ,because it can be used for malverous actions .
  4. current file what u gave is damaged , but I'll tell u how to "do" thing what u asked . it is file from ELF library , I seen this type file before from game's library's (.so) files . for example I wanted to decrypt it ,because get values from here . I knew/i was sure that here would be all values (I wanted jump value) . I started searching how could I decrypt it ... I could not find anything what would be able to decrypt it . only one way was reverse engineering . for this case IDA Pro was best app (by this u can dissamble elf file), but of course my knowledge was not enough for do it . I did not start learning this , because I was not going to continue hacking , but if u are going to hack games and make this ur "work" ,then u will need to learn this . I'll be glad if my text helped u .
  5. add os.exit() , if u can't then send script here ... I'll try to help u .
  6. TopGEOYT

    A question.

    hmm , idk then .. u can search in YouTube . here is example , idk who is this guy but looks like video name is same what u need (since pubg is online game)
  7. if anyone is interested, I'm not getting any responsibility. I helped him for enrypt this script which is avaible in offline , else idk .
  8. thanks for leaving credits.
  9. Updated information of compiler : https://nikatools.site/CA/CompilerAd.html
  10. thanks . well , I told to users that anti log is removed . they told its not problem , they care about full decryption . good developers are creating scripts/projects which are not only merged with gg.searchNumber and his friends. they are implementing codes for searching/editing memory . by logging its really hard to understand what are this type functions... by modified loger which will log all library codes , we can understand more , but as I told its hard to understand this type functions without getting source ... and also people who wants to decrypt&steal scripts , they are not satisfied by log . they always requests full DEC ... and for this time there is not any decompiler which can "break" this modified chunk's cases . and about dissambling and editing code I don't care yet , since this modified chunk is "blocking" dissambling . I hope @Enyby will not create/update dissambler for ignore such things what are used for anti dissambling in this enc . also thanks to Sam(@noblack) for chunk dumping and to @CmP for helping in some Lua server managing things.
  11. nah , my "anti log" stopped working after GG 90.0+ versions bcs of new/updated/modified os.clock/time functions . but this compiler not for this , this is for protect script from decryption ... for keep source safe.
  12. Hello All , my VIP encryption Version III is finally realised . if you want to buy it u can contact me in PM . here is information of this compiler : https://nikatools.site/CompilerAd.html compiler link is here : http://www.mediafire.com/file/sqx59x2z4cl4ytu/%23TDCompiler%28V.III%29.lua/file this client of compiler is encrypted by itself . if you like/want this Encryption , PM me on Telegram : t.me/TopGEO payment method : PayPal or payeer about how this compiler works , u can check my page , which is linked above.
  13. looks like game is server sided , u cant hack this .
  14. TopGEOYT


    in the past it was possible , but today members cant be VIP ...
  15. TopGEOYT

    A question.

    u can try Virtual xposed and install google play services here .
  16. TopGEOYT

    Help Encrypt Script

    :)) [added 0 minutes later] well here is some ways . for example way which Enyby showed above . also u can check it : https://nikatools.site/CompilerAd.html
  17. TopGEOYT


    so u need to root phone ... or use parallel/virtual space .
  18. TopGEOYT

    hide option

    what do u mean "hide option" ? u mean hide script's menu until its not in using and not exited ?
  19. TopGEOYT

    I can not run GG

    "I installed everything according to the instructions" -- everything ? only virtual space is needed . i dont undertsand whats ur problem exactly .. record video and ill try to help u .
  20. looks like game is server sided . u cant hack server sided games with GG (or with any other memory editor app , since server sided game's data is on server).
  21. View File Caesar Cipher (Encode / Decode Converter) Hello Guys , It Is Caesar Cipher . it is open source .. if you will use for ur stuffs , dont forget to leave credits . Video Review : Submitter TopGEOYT Submitted 01/19/2020 Category Tools  
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Hello Guys , It Is Caesar Cipher . it is open source .. if you will use for ur stuffs , dont forget to leave credits . Video Review :
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