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    idk why but it have very bad raiting . in reality its best virtual space guys (forbmy device its best) . I tested all virtual . almost all not works and which works they are lagging . and its only one which is 100% working . guys try it .
  1. TopGEOYT

    Help mee

    gg.copyText("ur txt")
  2. View File Set Mutli Password For Script Hello Guys , Today I Will Show You , How To Set Multipe Passwords For Your GG LUA Script . Its Easy , Follow My Simple Codes . Submitter TopGEOYT Submitted 09/04/2019 Category Templates  
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    Hello Guys , Today I Will Show You , How To Set Multipe Passwords For Your GG LUA Script . Its Easy , Follow My Simple Codes .
  4. I cant see codes clearly . And also i need to see which is line 17 . Show me it . But as i see , unexpected simbol is near START . you have written something like this : "goto START _" remove "_" here and try again .
  5. Send script or at least photos of part of script where its error . And full error message .
  6. a = gg.prompt ({"Choose a number[0; 1000]"},{500},{"number"})
  7. TopGEOYT

    help pls

    What do u mean ? If you need help , dont be lazy ! Exlain better what do you need by more words .
  8. Its possible (in 85.0 and down versions) But dont ask me how , i wont answer .
  9. Go in LUA scripts download page and you will see here or just type game name in search .
  10. 1) first of all its V7.0 compiler , its old , use new one . 2) this error is because you edited something in chunk by text editor . Next time when you want to modify chunk , use hex editor or it wont work anymore .
  11. Haha , of course , very easy , lol .
  12. Its Dump Source . Its third option in official Compiler by Enyby . Also GG have this feature , see GG built in buttons .
  13. Terrible question ever . What do you think , will someone expalin how to make decompiler ? Peoples dont share decompilers and will someone explain how to create any of them ?
  14. TopGEOYT

    Password prompt

    Remove "or" .
  15. No , But if you know how to use gg.internal2 and assembler well then you will understand whats about im talking .
    I seen your codes (about encrypt) , i want to tell that its not by you . I seen this codes before in by another person , its not by you , next time when you will copy paste anything leave credits ! And also this encryption is by bukandewa . Its just modified version of bukandewa's basic compiler .
  16. Oh s*** , i already had fixed assembler for assemble this chunk but remove garbages like this ... . BTW this updated internal2 is defeating all encryption ,
  17. Idu , u want to log out or connect to google play services ?
  18. Try parallel space lite or virtual xposed . If cant too then do it manualy .
  19. 100% possible , but for save file/text in server u need to know little bit in PHP .
  20. TopGEOYT

    help me

    Show me what about are u talking me .
  21. TopGEOYT

    help me

    U can use simple code : if not loadfile(gg.getFile()) then gg.alert("Error") return end it will detect if ur script is in load , loadfile , makeRequest . of course it can be bypassed .
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