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Found 11 results

  1. I know load→print is decoding, but PMC can’t decode with print. How can I decode it? I try many time(130 times), and This file is decode 1/4. PMC VIP 2.8 - Edited by Reload download link
  2. 脚本密码:1314 http://t.cn/RFPQIXF
  3. How to Decrypt a Password protected Lua file?? Pass : saifuBW SUPERSAFE WALLHACK_YELLOW CLR.lua
  4. Who can decode the script Chưa có tiêu đề_❲๖ۣۜTis❳.lua
  5. Hello GG members, I started a while ago in the .lua script to be able to write and then run my own script on my favorite game , the problem is that I unfortunately discovered that the .lua files from the apk from my favorite game are all encrypted, on google I have not learned anything about .lua file decryption on android, there is only, today that I learned that Makefile did the work to encrypt, decompile or even created files on one or more directories of a project to compile, but it's still fuzzy for me because despite the topic that I see on this forum, I still can not know how to decrypt files lua, even if I do not have a concrete answer on the solution to my problem, a small index would help me greatly. Moreover, if I manage to get a solution to my problem thanks to your answers, I volunteer to detail A-Z how to achieve the decryption of a .lua file in a tutorial topics. See you soon and thanks ! Encrypted Files : https://ibb.co/cZFtoA
  6. View File [Decrypt] Mobile Legends Complete Script To @NewbieSquadArk, Stop copy-paste my script kid. I watchin u Submitter maulz Submitted 09/01/2018 Category LUA scripts  
  7. Hey there, I tried to decrypt/decompile this gameguardian file brom BadCase. I tried this with a lot of files on YouTube, but it didn’t work for me. I don’t know if I used this wrong or if it is just not working. I just don’t know how to decompile/decrypt, is someone able to do this for me? It goes about the following file: BadCase's Script Launcher (#5vkp70uo) Thanks in advanced!
  8. YoloBro666


    Can someone decrypt a script for me plzz. I want to look into the codes to learn tysm. Bullet_ForceEngV1.8.lua @TopGEOYT
  9. Version 1.0.0


    To @NewbieSquadArk, Stop copy-paste my script kid. I watchin u
  10. Hello everyone! I searched on google, youtube, this forum. The results I got were NOT very promising. All I found was unluac, something about ss tool?, hooking script, loader script, source dumper, encrypter.. I am so sad about the fact there is not a single thread about introduction to decryption so I thought I *NEEDED* to make this thread so others can learn too. First of all I have some questions: 1)How to determine the type of encryption used? 2)How to decrypt HEX, XOR encryption? 3)How to FULLY DECRYPT a script? I'd be thankful if someone writes introduction on decryption of scripts, some people like @TopGEOYT can magically decrypt scripts. New people like me must be given some idea. @Enyby @NoFear @Backlift @Anonymous1000 @bukandewa [Don't bother replying if you are not gonna help] This would also be very helpful to other new members, so a kind guy please help. I MUST REMIND: I am NOT a copy-paster. I haven't released a single script in my entire life. All I do is modify some scripts a little bit in order to make them work better or make them work anyway I want. I DO NOT have any bad intentions, so help would be much appreciated. Thank you so much, have a nice day.
  11. How to decrypt lua script.. Or. Anyone can dec this script. Script_FF_mpG_V84.lua
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