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  1. Contak me broo... I'm script maker too. +62895378932655
  2. Help me command in the script. I use editall/ ipair not work. Someone can help me to command script. This is in addlist memory.
  3. @Emarkxim not sell, im just make script and im share but random people marking/license that the script was hers
  4. Help me to encrypt lua scrypt
  5. I need help Example i search value : 1;2;3;4::14 value show : 1;2;3;4 i want to edit : 1 to 10, 2 to 20, 3 to 30, 4 to 40. simultaneously How i write command in the script?
  6. How to refine value, example : 99;1~3;100 I just want value refine value 1 and 3 So i'am refine 1;3 but all the value are gone How i do?
  7. Help me!! How to command : freeze may increase put at script?
  8. Where i can put this command? if open_processing then os.exit() end
  9. Thanks you so much Enyby
  10. Help me, how to end script when open processing?
  11. Help Me search value How to jump search value? Example value : 1;2;3;4;5 i want value 5 but with search, : 1;2;5 I need solution
  12. Please Help me, i want to value 1D, but every next game/login this value -15,541,632D and 113D always changing numbers. usually to look for it I use an ordered... Thanks for reading and has helped me
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