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  1. so i was wondring if i can do smt like this test = www. test2 = google.com test3 = test test4 = test2 test5 = test3 test6 = test4 print("test5, test6") and that shuold then print www.google.com
  2. dose it operate in the same directory as the script is located or how do i know where the script at do i do /emulated/0/Downloads/scipt.lua /emulated/0/Downloads/renamed_scipt.lua ??
  3. i think the titel sees it all tbh i just want to prevent gg from doing os.exit after i execute a hack
  4. ok look i tryed to look at the lua doc but it just dident explain it good i think so i was wondring if anyone cuold help me out and tell me how to use os.rename to rename the script name thx
  5. are you plaing to add this? i mean cant you just add some basic html code to the gg api?
  6. insted of exiting can i make it go to sleep? go to backround you know
  7. hmm yes your right. cuold i make a anti crash by frezzing all the crach values? by record the script while its doing all these things then getting the pointers from the values that crach me?
  8. ok so i was wondering if there is something like a brute force tool to search and edit one by one evry value between0.9 and 0.00001and then preferably have a pause button that you have to click ok or stop on depending if the game did what you wanted it to do so like it will search 0.00001 and edit 13 values then pop up aleart saying ok or stop if lets say editing these 13 values of 0.00001 gave me the reslute i want i click stop but in this case it did not so i will click ok and then it will search for 0.00002 but in this case it dident find any values so it skips the aleart and gose to 0.00003 and then 0.00004 all the way to 0.9 untill i find the value i am looking for and if lets say it comes up with like 10k values it will go 100 values at a time and act like evry 100 edit is a searcha dn edit so it will pop up with the comfirm thing like idk if this makes any seens but a script like this wuold be awsom i wuold make one myself but i have no clue where to start so yeh if any one cuold point me in the right direction or maybe even make such a script for me that wuold be awsom thx in advanced )
  9. thx exacly what i was looking for
  10. thx for the help but i cant seem to get it to work if you cuold explain where i shuold put what that wuold help a lot thx
  11. great i will msg him thx
  12. ok look so right now i am using this right while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) Qjctx = 1 end gg.sleep(100) if Qjctx == 1 then main() end end and that works fine and all gose to main() on start up but just on start up i want it to go to startup() and not main() but after start up and after i have selected a option in startup() i want it to defualt to main if main was selected in startup() but if lets say lite() was selected in startup() then i want it to defualt to lite()
  13. so i saw this right GGInjector (#9c9qcq9g) but i dont see the meaning or the point of it so if someone cuold explain that wuold be greate thx
  14. so like i have a function in my script and i want to execute this function on start up how wuold i do this? i tryed to do function_name() at the start of my scrit but it just crached?
  15. yes sir the menu right now is perfect for em ))
  16. ok so i got my script right and when it open up i got a few hacks i can activate ye but the thing is when i click the cancel button it dosent put gg to sleep it just re opens the script any tips how to?
  17. well thats what i would want to prevent i dont want gg to sleep after i activate a hack
  18. I cant seem to find the rules can someone link them to me i dont want to break them but its kinda hard when i dont know what the rules are
  19. Are you thinking of added this possibility in a later update or will it be like this forever?
  20. So in my script i use the following to load and save results and was wondering how can i encrypt these so if someone where to finds them they cant open them and see whats saved. Save value: gg.addListItems(gg.getResults(gg.getResultsCount())) gg.saveList("/sdcard/Values.txt") Load value: gg.loadList("/sdcard/Values.txt") gg.loadResults(gg.getListItems()) gg.clearList()
  21. Ok so i have this hack right and when its clicked i want it to display the edit value thing so the user can select what value to change the searched value for. If you dont understand please comment So i can explain so good as i can
  22. animehack

    Anti ban

    I think you wuold need to find all the anti cheat values or ban values and freeze them (i think)
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