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  1. already pm you...did you get or not?
  2. im not an expert...so you will have to wait until some one find a way.
  3. the game detect GG almost instantly...using Parallel Space. maybe need rooted phone?
  4. its online game...the real value data was kept at server side client...thats why you can change but will never get.
  5. this game required active internet connection..thats mean mostly data are keep at server side..you can change coins and cash..but it would let you keep it. the game also seem able to detect any suspicious modification to game and force you to restart the game...where everything back to normal. well im not the expert...maybe some one else could do it...??
  6. nothing change in v1.9.0...so far.
  7. just fine....thank you.hik im just not gonna give them the easy way.hik [added 2 minutes later] new version v1.9.0 just came in.
  8. come on guys.. you found the Door..... you Go inTo the Door but only to find another door Same as the Door you went through just now. you know by now...going into that second Door will be same result as before...another Same Door. but you see there is 2 other doors...on Left and Right to it...what you gonna Do about it??
  9. try messing up a bit those dwords after you goto...see if any changes..you can always revert back to original value.
  10. try again...search -->refine -->goto and there is more than 1 Dword.
  11. search Dword and refine...then goto...change.
  12. durability...i had no idea when i did that...
  13. items. [added 1 minute later] character stats.
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