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  1. what the heck...!!! any reason to why this is happening... never happen before. creator of the script..what say you??
  2. cant see what is what in video...??? so me...make myself. https://youtu.be/n6d8gZWfvtc
  3. built myself a second town...with a second town hall. the greeny thing...its Energy ...if im not mistaken..the max value reset as usual as you upgrade your town hall. try to find the front value but results show nothing. so i search my wood...found it and goto...manually search the values for Energy..guess what.. the front value = -10 the max value = +50 thats why i cant find it...in the first place. hope this info help in the future.
  4. so you found all them..... right?? Gems would be nice....try so far..but no good news. best of you.
  5. who need extra storage....if you can hack to infinity. well please try...do tell the result.. if still cant find...then no more i can help you...maybe you just uninstall the game and start from zero again. best of luck.
  6. Ok...i found something. -GameGuardian version was not the problem. try remove all the extra storage...you had built before. try on wood storage...and find the value again. see if it work.
  7. what version of GameGuardian...that you use..?? its kinda old... have you try...the latest version??
  8. Dont give up...check this out when you search and find one..you actually can find them all.
  9. just set memory ranges to =A:Anonymous only.
  10. example Search Wood : 94  change the value by using it : Refine the new value : 93 then GOTO --> change both the high-lighted and the one below it hope you can understand it.
  11. yup...its Dword. almost every aspect in the game.
  12. im not an expert..so i cant say for sure if it was your phone.. i still manage to search and change the values...couple of times now. i turn off data while play the game but dont sure if that really the reason.
  13. to use GameGuardian...you need root. for non-rooted phone...you need virtual app like Parallel Space...to run the GameGuardian. or just simply search a modded/hacked version of the game.
  14. Video on Youtube..search for LDOE chopper level hack its manually hack...you need to do only once.
  15. chopper level upgrade.... the one that when you put items it goes up...can be hack. after that just put 1 item...and its going up all the way to max..so that you can upgrade your chopper to max stats. chopper.mp4
  16. Just go to Youtube...search Manchung Gaming. You sure will find it...its not that hard. I been using his script for long now. There is new script for v1.14
  17. Well...im suggest you find it how in Youtube. There is alot about it..look for Manchung Gaming channel.
  18. Dont know about script but still able to hack this :
  19. just as i thought so...i couldnt recall what im hacking before and im never succeed but it did banned ur account. the game can detect GG apparently...??
  20. in this case for the game....i cant find 2 double. only 1 double...each and everytime when tried.
  21. BTW....this example not from the game right. from the game...im always end up just one address.
  22. As for my video... its not to give anyone deep understanding of how GG can be use or something. just simply follow and do as i did...and you done.
  23. what i had showed in the video was how i find the address...change it and succeed. i did try change the double at first..and the game did crash or stuck..i did 3 times..the results still the same. as i said before...im not good at this kind of thing.i dont know..we must change 2 double at same time. the only address i had found was only that one double at that very time.. so i go to into the address...and saw that 2 dwords thought if i change it may works...and it did.
  24. what do you mean by created game guardian??
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