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  1. that was interesting question. im kinda wonder too.
  2. i doubt that. you a good script maker no doubt about that. but you always straight gave them a script instead of what was they asked for. its a time saver i can rest assure but that also defeat the fundamental purpose of the forum. TEACHING and LEARNING. you the TEACHER and them the LEARNER. Did you ever tried to find those values yourself and struggle like @sammax71did using GG ? Did you ever found those values like @MonkeySAN did using GG? or you straight dump the game? those guys and many others will not be here forever and new generations will take over. if they not learning and someone not teaching how to use GG and try to find what they want in a game...soon those knowledges will be gone. and GG will be only a tool for running script..nothing more. dont get me wrong..im not blasting you for making a good script but it would be nice to show them how find those values first instead just give them a script right away. only then will they learn how to use GG for hacking game. my apologize if i offended you somehow. not my intentions..its just my piece of mind. Good Luck.
  3. dont want or they dont know the real situation? some people ask for help but they dont give ENOUGH DETAILS about their problem. unless there are people that had experience the SAME PROBLEM and manage to resolved it come forward until then you may need to wait for a little bit of time. fyi..some people just dont like to play guessing game. present your case strong enough. make them understand. soon help will come in no time.
  4. those are the codes for Physical Resistance Booster. Float value is the one needed to change in order to get high percentage. see how small that value is..it less than 1 exactly 0.05999999866 = 6 in the game. see that Dword values above and below it. 1006 and 1 can be mean its the ID for that booster. scroll down or up and you will see almost the same pattern like that. Dword(big in thousand); Float(slightly less or more than 1); Dword(small maybe less then 10)
  5. well...this still working.
  6. pheww...i thought im the only one.
  7. Botworld adventure - Page 2 - Requests - GameGuardian.mp4 can anybody see this video..? in Chrome..the video seem unwatchable. but with other browser no problem.
  8. nope. i understand you. that comment was not meant for you. if you get what i mean.
  9. its look like the "r" return no results. message show error on line 39 but picture you post show nothing from that line. perhaps a bigger picture is needed.
  11. i missed the part where thats my problem. -GG User Interface- i failed to see anything like that statement being written in the first post in this topic. "close GG" can be same as "exit GG" thats is WHY question came in place.
  12. WOW...WOW..just Great. what an attitude you having there. people are just trying to help and you blatantly dismiss them. well @Enyby and people of the forum.. what do you guys think?
  13. yeah. how about show a simple video with online match and Lucky Shot while using the Beginner Cue hack?
  14. thats strange.. you had been here since April 10 2020. its almost 2 years..thats not new anymore. havent you learn anything since that? and you always ask for video where written details given are more than enough. part of learning is exploring by trials and errors.
  15. so.. that 8ball pool long line hack really work for online match? will it give no error when try it on Lucky Shot?
  16. ah..yes. still remember those days.
  17. Q mean Qword..a type of value. in this case its was used for search group.. but with 2 different type of value. example from pic above : if you put search = 50;10100:: type = Dword - it will only search both values in Dword type only. if you put search = 50Q;10100:: type = Dword - it will now search 1 value in Qword type and the other in Dword type or whatever type you choose. if you wanna do search using Qword type then it would be like this search = 50;10100D:: type = Qword - putting D for Dword to specified value type for it or otherwise both will be search in Qword.
  18. what do you mean by logic?
  19. or search = 50Q;your Cash value:: type = dword you may get 2 results only.
  20. for some game..values are located nearby from each other. save the address that had the correct cash value.(delete the rest) then long press it until a box of this options appear.. choose <Search nearby> as shown above new search = 50 type = Qword
  21. well..i think he is already read that post of yours. and if i know him better..he is totally ignored you now. its a lesson to learn. not to worry though..im here you to help on his behalf. but first i need to know how did you managed to change that cash to that huge amount?
  22. come on dude.. MonkeySAN reply to you on February 11. and you what...4 5 days later? i know MonkeySAN..he usually reply after the owner of the topic come back some time later for the answer. and if he can wait for you days later..not before..just to spoil the answer to you.. why cant you? and i cant see him rant about you take so much time to reply either..given whatever reasons you may had.
  23. zam535582


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