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  1. The script work perfect. Thank you so much. How were you able to change the item level? I've tried exact number and encrypted numbers and found some dword values, but when I change it my item didn't change.
  2. Thanks for helping. Unfortunately this script didn't work for me. It gives an error. I am using X8 Sandbox so I don't know if thats the reason it didn't work. Is there a way to search and find the value with GG?
  3. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.minidragon.dw&hl=en_GB&gl=TH I can hack all the currencies in this game, but somehow I can't find hp and damage. I've tried all the methods I know but still came up empty. Can someone help me figure it out?
  4. Koudees


    Just found out the stats edits on equipments are not permanent so you'll have to change it every time u log back in the game.
  5. Koudees


    Stats on equipments can be modified with dword also. You can get free skins and storage by searching the price in dword and change it to a negative number.
  6. Koudees


    Gold, kills, and exp cand be found and modified with (value)X8. When you get elixirs that permanently increase your base stats you can modify that value with dword.
  7. @PaulinaSanchez I was able to get daimond as a reward, but sadly it won't change the diamond value. Diamonds might be server side. I will try it when the SYS event is in to see if it'll let me change it then.
  8. Ok I didn't realize there was a 4th currency. I'll see if I would be able to do somethin.
  9. When you level up search for the values in range Ca. Then refine it to the diamond value and change it to whatever you like.
  10. I was able to change the value of the red gem, but the game detect it right away and my account was banned.
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