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  1. I don't understand what they say even drop a hello, they will reply in russian.
  2. BlueStacks_Recording_2019.12.19_16.06.45.08.mp4 Well...
  3. BlueStacks_Recording_2019.12.19_15.49.37.39.mp4
  4. That's why dont do any tutorial here. Most Russian will steal it and take credit.
  5. If my script work, "his" script must be work.
  6. damn membership? gonna think of another idea to prevent stealer.
  7. yes there are too many like them. Because they have no ability to hack, so they steal. Loser can't even hack. it's okay if they just sharing, report if they make money from my fucking work. Thanks. By the way I guess that is my old script, so no donation feature inside.
  8. gg.alert("Alert with no button", "")
  9. your package got bug.Cannot be use anymore. Nothing to do with my script.
  10. Restart your game again and again. It should be working.
  11. local t = gg.getResults(5) local t1 = {} for i = 0, 99 do t1[#t1+1] = {address = t[1].address + 150*i, flags = 4,value = 99} end gg.setValues(t1)
  12. I used for thousands time and not get ban... Pro tips: Don't do anything that you are not sure, then won't get stuck.
  13. If you found 10000 results in your current GG version, it will still show 10000 results in newest version. What I meant not work for last version is my calculator. Script that you using now does not have the calculator yet, so no affect.
  14. That wont happen in next update. I had made a new calculation for script but somehow not work for newest version GG.
  15. Well , somehow it work for me. Nevermind, i had fixed it but haven't update yet.
  16. Means it's actually successful. Your fullness had already fixed at 100% . But just that message show you "Hack failed".
  17. I guess Never hungry and thirst hack success. Just I coded in wrong order, so everytime show failure. Actually it is working and notify you it fail. ....
  18. I don't share that. Once I share, someone will steal it and sell. Might as well i sell myself
  19. Yes that will work, but it change all general ID. Such as when you change stone id to chopper wheel. If you have stone in your backpack or inventory, they will turn into chopper wheel also. This is the disadvantage. So finding that particular address for picking up id will be better. Yes
  20. It is because you switching all wood id to stone. I look for a particular address. The only address that use in pick up, which will not affect your inventory stone/wood .
  21. Use all + 20. Every value that exceed 2147483683 will be consider as -1. So 999;1;20::9, edit 20 to -2123456789 and take item twice. It will disappear.
  22. Wood, stone. Both have thousands of dummy address.
  23. Easy solution. Take all full version +20. Make sure none of it left . Restart. No bug image anymore.
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