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  1. I want to know what gg.setValues() do in a script.I viewed the help but I didn't understand anything
  2. What is the use of the setValues() and addListItems() and viewed the help but I am not understanding it.Can you explain me.
  3. Yes it worked.But why my code isn't working.
  4. I am not understanding why freeze is not working in the code listed below.Any help is appreciated gg.searchAddress('7F4?????34',0xFFFFFFFFFF,gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(999999) gg.refineNumber('1.0~100.0',gg.TYPE_FLOAT) Res=gg.getResults(999999) gg.editAll('999999.9',gg.TYPE_FLOAT) for i, v in ipairs(Res) do v.freeze=true end end
  5. Many many thanks Alex
  6. Please create it.Thanks in advance
  7. Can you please explain me this in detail
  8. Hello.I want to make a script.I know how to make it but two addresses,which are for gold changes every restart.Also the gold changes every time so the values changes.I want to make a script so that the script changes the values even if the addresses and the values changes. The addresses are as follows: After restarting the game and after the gold increases because of playing some games.The addresses and the value becomes: After some researching I found that I need to do group search with the values that don't change.So I had given the picture of the values nearby them; The 2nd value's nearby values are listed below: After restarting the values and the addresses becomes: The 1st image nearby values are: After restarting the nearby addresses and the values becomes: Please help me.Thanks in advance
  9. How to find the value for activating the antenna hack in free fire and into what value should I change the dword value into to activate the antenna hack
  10. Hello.I want to make a script to hack free fire.I want to know how to make the antena hack and jump hack and other hacks which you know.Thanks in advance.
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