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  1. didn't work! Erro: Script terminado: Talvez este script precise da versão mais recente do GameGuardian. Tente atualizar para a versão mais recente. Script error: luaj.LuaError: @/storage/emulated/0/Download/Lua/testes.lua:23 `gg.addListItems(a)` Failed parse item { -- table(ceaaf3d) ['address'] = 0x96080db4, } on key '1': bad argument for key 'flags': int expected, got nil level = 1, const = 14, proto = 0, upval = 1, vars = 8, code = 33 CALL v1..v2 ; PC 31 CODE 0100405D OP 29 A 1 B 2 C 1 Bx 1025 sBx -130046 stack traceback: /storage/emulated/0/Download/Lua/testes.lua:23 in main chunk [Java]: in ? at android.ext.Script.failedParse(Script.java:5251) at android.ext.Script$addListItems.invoke2(Script.java:4393) at android.ext.Script$ApiFunction.invoke(Script.java:1296) at luaj.lib.VarArgFunction.call(VarArgFunction.java:58) at luaj.LuaValue.callNotNull(LuaValue.java:3131) at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:508) at luaj.LuaClosure.call(LuaClosure.java:159) at android.ext.Script.runScript(Script.java:5600) at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(Script.java:5370) Caused by: luaj.LuaError: bad argument for key 'flags': int expected, got nil at android.ext.Script.badArg(Script.java:5259) at android.ext.Script.checkint(Script.java:5292) at android.ext.Script.toItem(Script.java:5174) at android.ext.Script.toSavedItem(Script.java:5238) at android.ext.Script$addListItems.invoke2(Script.java:4391) ... 7 more
  2. thank you! I will test and see if I can use it for my goal! Is there a good script to study? I'm starting now, but I already have a programming logic! i go test!
  3. I understand, I can't save an address multiple times by adding the different offsets to each item! thank you!
  4. but I want to do a search and at the same time save that address using the script! In the case of your script, I would like you to increase by putting the search in it too! if possible!
  5. How can I save an address book from a single output using offsets with a lua script?
  6. It would be great if in search mode I can already add the search mask! That would make the search much faster! ADMs trying to put this in the next updates would be very useful for a lot of people, I think! for me it will be very useful! thank you!
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