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  1. Can't find any type that gives less than 15 results... Can you help us a little bit more? [added 0 minutes later] I totally agree! But Asians hack without get banned.. How they do it?
  2. I thought that Dword is where we only search.. I ll try it.. Thank you! You find the multiplier in Dword type?
  3. Yes, sure... SVID_20210328_190511_1.mp4
  4. Hello MonkeySAN, Please, can you show me that in a video into gg? The multiplier is 1500 but I get 38 results.. And none works.. Thanks for you help.
  5. As you said, I bought again and now I have negative gems and positive coins. But I think I m stack cause I can't buy anything else with negative gems [added 2 minutes later] Can you please be more specific? When I do that I get a hack detected message..
  6. Thanks both of you guys.. Sammax71 just a couple of questions.. 1) I managed to get 8000 gems as you can see at the image, but the coins are in minus... How do I turn it positive? Every time I buy a coin pack my gems goes up and coins goes minus 2) how do I get the paid blue gems? 750;75 dont bring results.. Thank you OS much for your help!
  7. Dear sammax71, Thanks for the quick response. You searched for 5;50;250.. What numbers are these? Where and how did you find them? Because I ve searched for them and had zero results... Could you please make a small video for me to understand that? Thanks a lot for your help! Appreciate it!
  8. Can someone please explain to me how to do this? How did ItsSC found the - 1;250;50::73? I ve searched every option in GG and still missing this.. Can someone help? Anyone! Please!
  9. Bill4gr

    Fb not connecting!!!

    Anyone who can help with this? Can't connect any game with Facebook account. I'm getting an error to try later. The fb app connects like a charm. But I can't purchase any in-app. I'm getting a can't connect to server error. This happens on every space on every game.
  10. Dear ItsSC, Thanks a lot. I face an other issue. It only plays offline in "PLAY" mode.. I get can't connect to server message. Do you know how to fix it?
  11. d***.. Mine is a Huawei.. Can't root it.. I ve changed every virtual space app but always the same error.. Do you have the fb app installed also into the virtual space? Or not? To do the connection I mean..
  12. OK thanks. Did you connected to other games? If yes then, How you did that? Because I get an error saying to try again later all the time..
  13. Bill4gr

    Fb not connecting!!!

    Hello Did you connected to fb? How you did it? Thanks
  14. Hello my friend, Did you managed to connect with fb account? Tap on upper left avatar and connect with fb. I m getting an error, saying to try again later.. Any help with that?
  15. When I try to connect with fb to get my space shooter account active, I get an error that fb can't connect right now. Please try again later. I added fb app to virtualx and it s connected correctly, but for some reason cannot make the connection with space shooter. Is there a way to do it?
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