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Found 1692 results

  1. Angeline

    Dynasty War - Global PK

    Name of Requested File: Dynasty War - Global PK Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.nagmes.dynastywarlords&hl=en Is the game server-sided: Yes . It is Comments: I tried using Game Guardian but there is no result. Any mod will be good. Thank you in advance
  2. noobandroid

    Need help on sky force 2014

    I was wondering if anyone could help me on how to hack sky force 2014 using GG for unlimited stars on galaxy S6
  3. god262

    clash of Lords 2

    I need unlimited anything it'd be great if the characters with a lock as well
  4. Name of game: Brothers in Arms 3 Version: 1.1.0k Needed Cheats: Unlimited Medals, Unlimited Dog tags, Unlimited XP Mod apk not work
  5. Icanucanwecan

    Zombie War

    Name of Game:Zombie War Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vn.tdpvn.zombiewar Version: 1.5.3 What cheat? Ultimate Health + Ammo while fighting, No Cooldown Skill Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?:by Gamekiller or GG I tried search health value, ammo value and it go 1 value like Axxxxxx but it could not be change or lock. i will appreciate for who care this post! thanks
  6. Name of Game: Dream Pirate 3D Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobgame.op&hl=en(free game) Version: 2.0 Anything would help, the gameplay almost similar to Brave Frontier, please help me mod this game Thanks Sincerely ~jackleggs~
  7. domi1410

    Heroes Charge

    Name of Requested File:Heroes Charge Link To Download:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ucool.hero Is the game server-sided: no Comments: can anyone please make a modded apk for unlimited gems and coins? Thanks in advance
  8. hayatokazuma

    Request honey trap mod

    Name of Game: Honey Trap Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yilegame.efun.en.mj&hl=en Version:1.4.1 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: unlimited ingot Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: yes i tried already with game killer and others app and can't work Comments:Hope anyone can help me,thx before
  9. <p><strong>Iron Force by Chillingo</strong><br><strong>Play Store Link Sorry I do not know the link but thevapp is iron force.apk):</strong><br><strong>Version:</strong><br><strong>I am looking for a Money/Diamond cheat:</strong><br><strong>I have tried Freedom, it says payment complete but it does not work, I have tried packet sniffing, with no luck, Game guardian still no luck:</strong><br><strong>I have purchased Diamonds before, but now I simply can't afford to anymore. If it is of any help, the tank refuels offline I have tried changing the system clock this has no effect, but for that timing part it is defenatly done offline with no WiFi enabled. Thank you in advance Sspri2015 </strong></p>
  10. NoMeansYesHD

    Run Sackboy Run

    Name of Game: Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Version: What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Comments:
  11. kylepl

    can u get days of crime

    Name of Requested File:Link To Download:Is the game server-sided: Comments:mod apk unlimited
  12. jrmet09

    Lol fantasy

    Name of Game: Fantasy Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ae.lof.android&hl=en&referrer=utm_source%3Dgoogle%26utm_medium%3Dorganic%26utm_term%3Dlol+fantasy&pcampaignid=APPU_jnR4VMiWGMyjugSpr4CwCg What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Gold Money Ap Energy Merit Medal Have you tried cheating this game? No What happened?: Comments: Please mod this game thia game totally awesome
  13. john89

    Knights amd Dragons

    Name of Game: Knights and Dragons Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): (not sure how to get the link...... Version: What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: health, xp, gold, and crafting time. Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: the only cheat that I know of that works is a slow gold cheat where u send invites to ur friends over and over and over a d depending on ur lvl u can get up to 20k gold per 50 people u invite. As for what happened....nothing i have gotten over 200m gold and deposited 190m+ of the gold into my guild and nothing has happened meaning ng I haven't got caught or banned. Comments: if anyone could find a way to hack the game so that epic bosses and raid bosses have little hp, or hit u for berry little dmage (say 1-3 damage per attack) I would b extremely grateful. Hi sorry I forgot to put the version.....Version: 1.14.300 is the most recent one. Thank you
  14. Culprate

    uno and friends

    <p><strong> Name of Requested File Uno and friends 2.0.1b:</strong></p> <p><strong> Link To Download: dont know how to post links on phone </strong></p> <p><strong> Is the game server-sided: i think? Cant use freedom </strong></p> <p><strong> Comments:i just need tokens to be able to play this game for a long time, its ver addicting </strong></p> Gonna sleep now too, tyvm will see comments tomorrow
  15. hi folks, i tried gg for the game road.racer by blu river arts. without success. is there a way to get money?
  16. Name of Game:cars fast as lightning Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftCAHM Version:1.0.0 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...:coins,diamonds,fuel Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?:if i changed the coins it changed back same with diamonds Comments:pls pls pls pls pls realy thx if you do it!!!!!
  17. dhatt24

    monster warlord

    Monster warlord https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamevil.monster.global&hl=en&referrer=utm_source%3Dgoogle%26utm_medium%3Dorganic%26utm_term%3Dmonster+warlord&pcampaignid=APPU_HE8FVIbRD6eIjAKd8oGoCw Tried to mod this app but it's really difficult and I can't accomplish it unlimited coins and Jems would be nice
  18. Name of Game: Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.colopl.enslingshot&hl=en Version:1.1.10 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...:gold,gems hack Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?:I've tried cheating this game but , massive damage and armor hacks only and it works Comments:just want to request gold and gems mod for this app please please please thanks
  19. Rysel

    Stone of Life EX

    Name of Game: Stone of Life EX Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Stone of Life EX Version: Latest Version What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Gems Only Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Never Tried Comments: Please make one for me. I just need the Gems Hack only. I saw few modded apk for that game, but it's Gem,Money,HP,and Exp. I don't need that, just need the Gem Hack. Hope you guys can fulfill my request. Thank you.!
  20. Sareyu

    Zettabyte Monsters

    Name of Requested File: Link To Download: Comments: I want to change gold here but i never find value even if i changed 10 times :/ can someone help ?
  21. hellraiser7985

    request for bingo partyland

  22. anroidgeneration

    Smash Bandits Racing

    Name of Requested File: Smash Bandits Racing Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hutchgames.smashbandits Comments: my 1st request. please i want to have modded file of this game please. Thank you in advance
  23. eAm0n

    Xeno Quest

    Name of Game: Xeno Quest Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ngames2014.xenoquest Version: 1.0.0 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Unlimited Gold , damage , gems , energy Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: , game killer , game guardian, freedom - not working Comments: This is quite new game, very interesting. would love to get at least energy mod.
  24. Game save request of "Aralon Sword and Shadow"
  25. Name of Game:9 Innings: 2014 Pro Baseball Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.com2us.nipb2013.normal.freefull.google.global.android.common&hl=en Version:4.0.3 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...:Points, 100% Enhancement Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Comments: The 2013 version has been hacked, but it is a bit outdated, so if this version could be hacked, it would be great!