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  1. Drok

    Anima rpg 2020

    i'm so sorry, you can make a video guide hack it ? I tried hacking it on your own but I still haven't succeeded :((
  2. Drok

    Anima rpg 2020

    wow, i will try, but how you can find it ? you can teach for me ? thank you so so much
  3. Drok

    Anima rpg 2020

    I tried to sell it and bought it to change the parameters but I still didn't succeed, and why I want to hack the gem is because I want to experience the game, if I hack the stat my character will be too strong and that will make the game boring, and if you can try it please: ((please help me one last time: ((
  4. Drok

    Anima rpg 2020

    thank you so much again bro, can you help me hack this? because it's only 1, I can't find a way to hack it
  5. Drok

    Anima arpg

    hi bro, you can try hack it ? because it has only 1 item with amount 1 so i cant hack :((
  6. Drok

    Anima rpg 2020

    why bro :v
  7. Drok

    Anima rpg 2020

    oh wow, thank you so much, i will try it :3
  8. very good post :3 thank you
  9. link game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mouseduck.boomerang&hl=en_US i can find value red diamond only a times, after that time I couldn't find the value again? please help me :((
  10. you can try hack reincarnation ? please help me
  11. Drok

    Cant hack Dungeon Maker

    wow wow, thank you so so so much
  12. Drok

    Cant hack Dungeon Maker

    wow, perfect, i will wait it :3, i'm very happy, i hope you will share it soon
  13. Drok

    Cant hack Dungeon Maker

    4th image from the top down, how did you hack that much? I just hacked 2b
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