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  1. Drok

    Kungfu clicker

    Me, but it will not free, i'm so sorry, if you want then contact me, i will for you see a picture i hacked it
  2. Drok

    Grow Castle

    I can cheat diamond but it will not band you, if you want then contact me
  3. Drok

    Cant hack Dungeon Maker

    how to you find it bro ?
  4. Drok

    Just Kill Me 3

    It also working ? Thank you so much guys
  5. Drok

    Royal Dice

    Hi bro, you can try hack it again? Now game updated, and it fixed so i can't hack follow your way Pls help me
  6. hi guys, please help me how I can hack damage of tower ? I find the value damage of tower but I can't change it
  7. Drok

    Royal Dice

    hi bro, thank you for your reply, so you can share or upload file data hacked by you (I hope you only hack diamond and gold), please ? because I don't use magisk hide :(, please bro
  8. Drok

    Royal Dice

    hi bro, how you can bypass notification of game ? when I enable gameguardian and enter game then it has a notification :"Root detected" and it close
  9. Drok

    Sniper 3d

    help post, pls help us guys
  10. I know that, I only want ask you What are you hacking in game, material?
  11. what hack in game bro ? [added 0 minutes later] oh so that, thank you so much
  12. Drok

    Cant hack Dungeon Maker

    good information bro
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