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  1. I was on 22.5.0 when trying, installed your apk but says to update. If a value is 1.0 and the one next to it is a bunch of random looking float values then you really don't want to make it a qword search based on personal experience this search usually doesn't work out for most. The value isn't always 1.0 either. I just tried.
  2. You need to use a disassembler as Ghidra. If i recall Ghidra can show all addresses that hold instructions that branch to your desired address. You can't do it with GG because GG pointers are addresses that hold a variable, that variable holds a value which is an address in VM.
  3. You found the value. Not me. If i didnt find it no need for give me credits in any way. All i care about is for others to find their own values. Credits only needed if you implemented values in the script that someone else found. Or if you take a specific block of code from another script in to yours. Things like that. I just tried your script but it doesn't work. Using 64bit. Thoughts why?
  4. Then it won't work no, but i haven't tried it on so much games so maby the name changing is mostly a thing with obfuscated games. Not sure.
  5. Same. But only on phone. Not on PC.
  6. But you can just dump both 32/64 of the game so that you can input the right offsets. You then need to know the instruction set architecture and check if its 32 or 64 bit so that script works for most devices.
  7. Offsets in metadata are the first character of the string. So unless the string name changes each update you could use this method to. @HorridModz you can use the guns of boom script for check how offset is used. Its open source. Print the offsets or save them in the saved list. Then go to its address...you can see that each offset is the first char of a string. The string is equal to the class name. Then the address of that first char is used as new search...so you can either use offsets to get that first char..or you can search the full string. Check the script.
  8. No, i only use the forum.
  9. I mean. You have a class named "丟七不丗上丑丅丆丞". You search that name in the metadata.dat with GG, If you get the names multiply times in the result list you have to copy a bit more bytes, So you only get the name one time in the result list. Then pointer search the first byte of that string, "丟". Its same thing as with offsets but slower. You still have to do pointer search after, but you wont need to update offsets each time. This is only if your values are in one of those green regions. But a similair way can be used for values in Xa...at least if it are functions your trying to modify or some thing like that.
  10. Making group searches is most of time just trying. But to confirm the values are swuitable for group search you could do a few tests. And since you mostly publicise scripts values on your device could be different then the values on someone else devices although doing it the same thing. With ammo probably not. But it happens. You don't really need to compare dumps from your own device. Compare two dumps from two different devices, me i usually compare emulators(32 or 64) and a mobile(32 or 64) if in all the same then you should be good for copy and make the group search. Its more accurate...if your doing dump comparison for find group searches i mean. Make sure you restarted the game several times to confirm the group search. Make sure you understand the behaviour of the values your trying to make a group search with.
  11. But then why do a group search for individual guns? Your screenshot is for a individual gun instead of all guns. Regarding permanent and group searches. Can't you search the string at that offset. I copy a sercent amount of bytes so that at each update i find the right offsets. If you dont want to use offsets and don't mind group searchers and time delays then use the string names for search. Then the chance that you would need to do some changes depending on the game is very low. But probably if you do some deep metadata analysis there is a other way which doesnt require group search.
  12. These days i only use metadata offsets, getting tired of group searches...only if really needed...for some specific things which arent from metadata..but your trying to cheat ammo. You have multiple guns during match...unless you have one group search that give ammo for all guns it wouldn't be really efficient to do a group search for each gun, This is your ammo class. "丟七不丗上丑丅丆丞" So search that class. It will display all ammo settings for each gun according the right offsets. But you would need to optimize the script so that it works properly for those on emulators or that only have data in region Other...all those special cases.
  13. Hmm i see. All this is done in Lua?
  14. Hmm, never used it but it looks useful. How you mean for a hook? Can you explain? Would be appreciated.
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