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  1. My bad . It's working sorry about earlier
  2. I am trying to restore a pointer. If you know how pointer works then maybe you can understand what I am trying for. Don't talk about chainer.lua it's too complicated so I am trying for a simple way. [added 0 minutes later] That's my main problem :,-)
  3. Which one? If you talking about 0x7585CF7008 this, it's not a fixed address but I can easily get that. Ex. I searched value 6969 I got one result and the address is 0x585CF7000 and if I add +0x8 I can easily get that desired address. But the problem is how I can convert that addresses value to hex. Normally we do gg.searchNumber("6969" , gg.TYPE_DWORD) p = gg.getResults(1) local q = {} q[1] = {} q[1].address = p[1].address + 8 q[1].flags = 32 -- (32 = QWORD) gg.setValues(q) end but how i can copy the hex value of this address and use it for next search as goto address
  4. Hello guys (◔‿◔) I am bit confused with something so look at this and if you can help me. 0x7585CF7008 -- its an address that contain value 507,196,847,712Q or (761749B660 in hex) i want to create a script that take the value 761749B660 (hex value) and use it in next step as address (goto adress function). thanks in advance (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
  5. I guess you can found some tutorials for pointets here. Honesty finding pointers easy on PC but for android its hard.
  6. Finding coordinate easy. Use float and fuzzy search then move your player to higher or lower place then refined using increase or decrease search . do it some times and found your player z coordinate. Now go to memory editor and look nearby values you can found x and y co-ordinate and all done. About aim lock I don't know that much but try to use pointer search to find it or search weapons related values then pointer search. Another method search random values and try to edit them if you found any helpful stuff. Good luck !!
  7. I saw screenshot its not fully decrypted but almost 90% decrypted and why you need full decrypted script when you can get all values from 90% decrypted script
  8. Not me i am using elgg for protection but someone decrypted my script so its same thing. He also show me screen shot of decrypted script and I am pretty sure its mine
  9. Your encryption free and good . But its not best because now someone decrypted elgg encryption and in sellg we can't use old gg
  10. I am from all Bangla tech tips you tube channel . I am really happy with your script how can I contact you
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