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  1. #17 th Tutorial How to make offset script and offset explained. Credits ==> https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT
  2. You Can write offset script to hide the real value. Like this is a group search value. 134;241;834::13 So now search 134;241::9 and refine 241 then apply offset (+4) and edit the value. This is just example you can put more distance than 4 also. And now the users won't be able to screenshot and use the value.
  3. In the above highlighted part of screenshot , i see the same value represented as Dword, float, Double , Qword and also as an instruction. So how am i supposed to know the real data type of the value ?
  4. #16th tutorial Pointers With GG In this vedio we will learn something about pointers using practical example with game guardian. This is part one for 1k special vedio. I divided in parts because vedio was too long and would be boring. Credits :- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT Test metarials of Tutorial 16. Use this to play with pointers yourself and practice. 1 ==> Download this compiler 2 (link) ==> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dztall.ccr.android.admob 3 ==> Now download this code 4 (link) ==> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uq0sHSq9uSqtb2mYw35Si9_r20Y_bnzm/view 5 ==> Run this code in compiler 6 ==> Scan compiler with gg and start testing with pointers 7 ==> Dance
  5. #15th tutorial How to find Skin,emote,item hack part ==> 1. ___________________________ Watch item replace hack which is similar to this . To get more idea ___________________________ More value finding vedios here :- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT 20210731_1440p_640x360.mp4
  6. #14th tutorial AIMBOT Tutorial you can skip the vedio in middle but don't skip the last five minutes. Don't use the value i found in vedio it will give ban . Find your own aimbot If you like my work and wanna see more tutorials join. https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT 20210624_1440p_768x432.mp4
  7. ATTENTION Game cheating tutorial vedios will be coming in this telegram chanel . And chat support will be given in group chat . Join it i will be sharing different tricks from basic level to pro. And i will share values for learning. Its free. We already have good tutorial on YouTube too. check out this all. 1. Make script Basic -- https://youtu.be/vlJQdQw13Qg 2. Make script more managed -- https://youtu.be/mXsQG0kUl0Q 3. Find any type of values . -- https://youtu.be/H60VaumH1rE 4. How to do without root -- https://youtu.be/IvhjhOUKidg 5. Make online script -- https://youtu.be/v-j7XNZlIsY 6. Encript script -- https://youtu.be/1OydFrmRMng 7. Block copy paster -- https://youtu.be/04v2FSc-SzY 8. Put password in script -- https://youtu.be/5VbDtDspQJ0 9. Block ss tool decompiler -- https://youtu.be/zaOcQq5o7vU 10. Add expiry date. -- https://youtu.be/alL1Rxo8QRY New tutorial vedios will come in telgram chanel so join it now and add your friends. Contributers will be made Admin. Telegram chanel -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT Telegram group chat -- https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT_chat_group
  8. #13 th tutorial Title :- how to find walk through wall values Note:- editing the values with 0 may cause crash rather try editing to less value like edit 1 with 0.8. wallhack.mp4
  9. Rxhacker

    Head ball 2

    I also tried not success. But i was able to change the match duration
  10. I know gg is best but others may offer some different features then gg which may be useful
  11. Is their any tool which can act as alternative of game guardian.
  12. Hello . The thing you are talking about is Force close . Its a protections in game against memory editors. There is a effective bypass for this . Install Xposed Module and X privacy (or similar tools ) block shell exclute permission ,Identity , Check installed package and running process , query intent services , then clear data of game , update game and now get free from force close . There are many other methods (just For Desperate people) . If you want any more help i am available in telegram chat . Join my group in telegram @Hackers_House_YT_chat_group
  13. While playing level 1 search 1 and refine when playing another edit value to jump level
  14. Vedio https://t.me/Hackers_House_YT/50 #12 th tutorial Title :- how to make Item replace hack Example app detail:- Name :- Raft Servival Multiplayer Link:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vade.raftOnline Value type :- Dword Memory Range :- Anonymous Value :- 54 for potato farm 56 for mill 58 for stove Description Today we are going to find item replace hack . In this game I had 2 items in my inventory (Mill and stove) . But i want Potato farm. where potato farm is hard to build or it may cost money . So we are going to replce mill with potato farm by changing only 1 value . In an game with many items . The items are recognised by their item number . So we have to find the item no of mill and change with item number of potato farm to replace them in our inventory. There is no fix way to find the item no . But we can try . Let us consider a game called among us where you can choose about 1 of 10 colours for your character during a match .let us consider the blue colour is at first then green and red at third. 1.blue 2.green 3.red Now we will take blue and search 1 . And take green search 2 and take red and search 3 . You may find the value . Then you can freeze the value to get any colour for your character . You can even unlock skins from this by freezing to 15 or similar. But it is not always easy. The best method to find item replacement value is first go to your shop or list of items . Then equip the item which are at first then take item on second or more . And search increased . Take first again and search decreased . Repeat until you get value . Then edit and freeze this. boom skin unlocked . (Note:- The items at first of the list usually have less item no) Now lets talk about vedio below this post . Now what i did was i searched the no of items in my inventory. Not item no i just searched only number of items . After that i saved both of them . When i went to item list . Both mill and stove were near to each other. So i went to their value and tap goto . Now i will search values which will be interesting. I found that 1 step up of our mill value there is an Number 56 . And 1 step up of stove value there is 58 . I remembered that in the list of items in shop mill was first and stove was second. Here also 56 is less than 58 . So maybe this are the item no of those items . Now the potato farm was 1 step first than mill in shop . So i edit the 56 in the mill value with 54 . Now i restarted game and my mill is replaced by potato farm . Now i can replace this 56 with 120 to replace mill with cloth . And similarly edit to anything you want. More Now if you want to replace 2 guns then . Take 1 gun. search fuzzy . take another search increased. And take old gun back and do decreased . Find the value freeze it to get a gun of your desire. Sometimes you can search bullet of 2 guns . Use the goto option to find item no as we already said in description of the vedio. Sometimes you can simply count the item no like in our among us example. If you found item no of bullet then edit this with another no to change it . Sometimes item no can be found near inventory no . Don't understand no worry . The inventory in an game may be from 1 to 10 . In shooting games inventory may ne 3 . 2 guns and 1 pistol . In minecraft there are about 5~10 inventory . So we can do this . Put your gun in 2nd inventory and search 2;1~99999999999:20 now refine the second value . Now put your gun in 1st and make the inventory empty. And refine 0. Now again put gun and search increased. Repeat to find item number . Most of the time if you searched the value you may get 20 ~ 100 values. Freeze them 1 by 1 and try to change gun . If you can't then value found. Replace it to get another gun. Watch vedio to understand.
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