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  1. You found anyway to bypass Hack detect? I can change item to other but it's not pass Hack detect @Silver_fang
  2. Tap on J,A,B,D,W.... Picture 2 Just select only H Hex, D Dword, F Float, S string. It's easy for look Now, look at the result select some and goto The right value will be like this 3446 (edit to what you want maybe 36666) 0 -62727282828 0 -62727282828 (true xor edit to 36666x8) You should update GG to last version
  3. Yes, you need to change both display value and xor
  4. Are you sure that's value you change is true xor? If it's not when you change 111x8 but the result will 0 I try change today and still can hack Ex: 600 0 -12222344 0 -12222344 (true xor)
  5. Are you try change to other memory range?
  6. Just Freeze stamina and for now game has bug you will never die in mine, if you wanna try then play now, you can reach mine level 120 easy
  7. Increse your coins and swap to gold
  8. Yeah i got ban when try to hack skill cd Just fun bro i'm left this game now @AnzRissingForce
  9. New item? Other71-73 i don't have dummy id to test... Maybe this is Mecha Part
  10. If you got ban when you playing game, most case is your fail If you got ban when you try to login that mean they ban you by manual @AnzRissingForce
  11. My new account not got ban yet, try to offline when you buy anything with gold or coins(hacked) @AnzRissingForce
  12. Oh sorry, 10000 Gold For coins i don't know how much 3m per day is still ok but i don't need to hack coins anymore it's so easy to earn
  13. It's Hp7......... So after i try to hack many time and got ban many time Gold and Coins can get you ban if you low level and you hack so much I try hack Gold in level 200 and 30000+ Gold not ban But i try to havk 10000 coins on new account i got ban after 2 mins Maybe this info will help you
  14. I want you to try @NoFear
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