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  1. App Guard Alert i use magisk + hide my app list but still detected
  2. I'm looking for other virtual for stable than x8 sandbox cause it's crash every 3-5m
  3. i try to hack Champion Growth Stone today and my account error maybe i did something wrong. so i have to start over again
  4. Don't hack Special Tab you will surely get ban but Materials i don't know never try it
  5. Anyone trying to hack last version? I'm trying to hack special item qty to 599 after use more than 100+ and got banned. BTW my second account hack only gold and secret book not got ban
  6. Maybe he want to jump time to fight boss instant
  7. look like it's worked. i just pass by to test this game and got ban right now haha
  8. Just search 092140B9r And you will get around 150+ result Edit first 100 value to 29008052r;E803679Er Done
  9. Work great guy but today new update come
  10. How? It's not detected? [added 0 minutes later] How? It's not detected?
  11. It's detected everytime when edited value, i think it's can fix by modify apk file direct?
  12. The main problem is cant pass detection, all item can hack. Maybe we need someone to bypass it by mod via apk file
  13. I don't know they manage by themself
  14. Yep, they have only 1-2m coins, they got ban when rank end
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