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  1. Sorry for the title, don't know what to call it. I wanna use this on C++ Alloc / Anonymous!!! So doing group search is kinda slow but doing a single search is faster. I don't know what code to make and please help and how the code work. Example: It will single search and the results only 4. It will goto address at first result and it will do offset. It will go +1 and detect if the value is 123. If not then it will go +1 again it will repeat 10 times. If that first ddress has no 123. Then it will Go at 2nd Address and goto. Until all of them has find the value is 123. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH AND GRAMMAR! I want to get Infinite HP. Up Address is Health Address (123) Down Address is Player ID (114421) It will Scan Player ID and goto address and do offset repeat 10x up until confirm 123 health if the 123 health not found then Other address of player id and goto.
  2. I'm pretty new to it. Can make better explain? or just share the code here. I don't know how to get the Hex but i can do group search but is slower. If you can't understand this, just say it, is ok
  3. How to hook? and what is the code for it?
  4. in some mod menu game. i find that someone can do c++ Instant Search. is it possible to do it on GameGuardian?
  5. So i just notice that i cannot find the value of the hack that i did before. When i updated the game, the cheats are no longer there. I use range (Code App) to work before. Here example: i use Minecraft PE (1.16.40) and the cheat i find is working . But when is on new update. Minecraft PE (1.18) i cannot find the value that i need. sry for my English
  6. 1x1

    How to close conversion

    How? i contact them or i need get permission?
  7. Hi so i got this code from Lover1500 local selection = {false, false} function start() local multiMenu = gg.multiChoice({'hack health', 'hack mana', 'Exit'}, selection) if not multiMenu then return end if multiMenu[3] then print('Exited') os.exit() end selection = multiMenu end while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) start() end end And i just wanna make it 1 only. Example: local selection = {false, false} function start() local multiMenu = gg.multiChoice({'Skip Game', 'Infinite Ammo', 'Exit'}, selection) if not multiMenu then return end if multiMenu[3] then print('Exited') os.exit() end if multiMenu[1] == true then gg.toast('GAME SKIPPED') end if multiMenu[2] == true then gg.toast('ON') else gg.toast('OFF') end selection = multiMenu end while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) start() end end But the problem i don't want to Remember all. I wanna make Skip Game just 1 check and done, while Infinite Ammo is Check and Uncheck. Pls Help
  8. Hi, so i manage to get the code from someone who helped me. But i wanna close the help conversation i sended. How do you end the conversation? like this topic i send. how do i close it?
  9. Hello, so i wanted to make a save multiChoice checkbox after executing. So i have the code for gg.choice: function START() local Menu = gg.choice({"Button 1", "Button 2", "Exit"}, abc, 'Hello button") if Menu == 1 then abc = 1 end if Menu == 2 then abc = 2 end if Menu == 3 then os.exit(print("Bye")) end abc = 0 while(true) do if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) Start() end end But the problem is, i don't know how to do the same thing like Choice but in multiChoice. Please help
  10. 1x1

    (XA) Code App Offset

    Nevermind, THANK YOU DO MUCH BRO. So i understand, when choosing the lib, the script choose the wrong lib. The script was suppose to scan for XA. not CD. Thx bro!
  11. 1x1

    (XA) Code App Offset

    Do i have to use libil2cpp.so? Minecraft used libminecraftpe.so And how do you instant scan and edit without actually scanning?
  12. Please help www.gameguardian.net/forum/topic/35156-xa-code-app-offset/
  13. 1x1

    (XA) Code App Offset

    Hi, how do you make a quick scan for xa code app for minecraft (latest)? When i make a script of the code it doesn't work. But when i did without script, it work somehow. I choose the correct lib, offset and scan type. Example: I set my Ranges to "XA Code App" I search for "-0.079999999" and type is float I edit the 2nd value (static) to 0, i got high jump When i did lib + offset it work without script When i use the script and the code that i find from YouTube, it doesn't work. Please help me find, i will appreciate so much!
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