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  1. Balance 100% serverside, you cant affect on it.
  2. I have some issues with gg.makeRequest() function. If server not respond - script can freeze up to 1 min. And stopping the script not help, anyway you waiting about a minute to stop script. Its possible to fix that, its very annoying.
  3. I'm giving you a template. You - will edit it to your need.
  4. I have a difficult part of life when I need extra pennies for me
  5. You will want to get paid for it when you've played enough with it
  6. Open Source is good - but who wants to pay for your time...
  7. Anything cant be safe. No one cancel DMA access, for example. But - you can do headache for decryptors.
  8. gg mods is prohibited here(i have one warn from Enyby), so: try to read build.prop file (root only) What i do in my scripts: First auth in server, get uuid from server, create some hidden files in storage, save uuid inside, encrypted with xor, for example. Thats called "fingerprinting". Then you can do comparing uuid, do server checks, etc. And, you can mess with gg.getTargetInfo(), collect some data from this method.
  9. n3kitOzz

    Help me

    Try to find a ammo counter, and change values around the adress of ammo counter, maybe this value not far from this address.
  10. Just logic analyze. For example, if im going to do godmode - i will search functions with name health, hp, or takedamage
  11. as i see, gg.getResults() return nil, maybe it cant find this value
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