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  1. Some simplified for range -127 .. 127. function dec2Hex(val) if val >= 0 and val < 16 then return string.format("0%X", tonumber(val)) elseif val > 15 and val < 128 then return string.format("%X", tonumber(val)) elseif val == 0 then return "00" elseif val < 0 and val > -128 then return string.sub(string.format("%X", tostring(val)), 15) end end Thanks for help for all!
  2. Thanks, man, great job!
  3. Thanks for your reply! Im writing memory editor script, and this script show old and new data. If number < 0, we have FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFBF, but in hex editors and in gg memory editor its simply show "BF". I need to do it same way.
  4. Im trying to convert dec to signed hex with string.format("%X", tostring(number)) But, tested it in lua interpreter, and have this: But, i need to convert it to signed hex, like that: How to do that? string.format("%X", tostring(number)) returning a FFFFFFFFFFFFFFBF
  5. Help! I change the value but it always return to his real value (#4idv9fwk) Read my last message in this thread. This can help you
  6. I can tell you. === Easy level === Use regular search Here is "value encrypted checkbox", enable it, then refine visible. Refine to 5-10 values, try manually change it in gg, then update it in game. If value is extremely changed, you found it, if not - try Medium level guide. === Medium level === Select this one Here is type select. Select your type, then press search. Change value in game, then go to gg. Here can you see 4 buttons: (N)ew = new value, (O)ld = old value, (D)elta = difference between N and O if value in game decreased, press N < O + D if value is increased, press N > O + D if not changed(press it sometimes after first two, to refine garbage), press N = O + D refine to 5-10 values, try manually change it in gg, then update it in game. If value is extremely changed, you found it. If not - try refine with N = O + D and N !=(not equal) O + D, press second if you changed a value. This need some practice. P.S: Most used type of encrypting is XOR. You can use xor calculators, to calculate it Select base 10(regular decimal numbers) Then look at this pic: Paste your visual and encrypted value, then calculate. Output - is XOR key, 444444 - stock value in Unity protected games by Anticheat-Toolkit. Find you xor key, then you can write just visual value and key and find all needed values.
  7. 1st. Use only CODE_APP region (Xa). Here is libs of game. 2nd. You can do it without offsets. Just copy part from hex viewer( 64 bytes for example) Do gg.searchNumber("Q 12 34 56 78 98 ...") Take first 8 with gg.getResults(8) Then gg.editAll('h 01 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1', gg.TYPE_BYTE) Later i will post a guide and script for using the offsets.
  8. For example - damage can be close to ammo counter, refine ammo and seek some in memory editor. Video range - its Hogwards, here is magic. Try to search random ranges, edit it, and see for results. Other way - edit return of function in Xa, but is more difficult.
  9. n3kitOzz

    Check GG appname

    UPD: Im looked again - and found it! getTargetInfo() This is return table, and have "name" key inside. This method in API: *click*
  10. reinstall woth random package name, use hide from game modes, use sudohide etc.
  11. n3kitOzz

    Check GG appname

    I found only gg.isPackageInstalled(string) Here is method in api: *click* checking app name is not needed, it can be changed easy.
  12. Im going to write aim, its freezing enemy position in one place with my coords. But i need to freeze all cords without my coords. x_cord = {} y_cord = {} z_cord = {} x_cord[1] = {} y_cord[1] = {} z_cord[1] = {} function aim() gg.clearResults() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_C_ALLOC) gg.searchNumber('1.0;0.65000009537;0.15000000596::18', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gravitation = gg.getResults(1) x_cord[1].address = gravitation[1].address - 28 y_cord[1].address = gravitation[1].address - 24 z_cord[1].address = gravitation[1].address - 20 --[[here is only mine coords, x, y and z]] x_cord[1].flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT y_cord[1].flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT z_cord[1].flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT gg.toast('finded your xyz') gg.clearResults() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_C_ALLOC) gg.searchNumber('1 028 443 341;1 956 496 814;1 000 593 162;992 204 554;1 053 609 164;1 052 938 075::60', gg.TYPE_DWORD) --[[this one can find coords of all players, and mine]] gg.refineNumber('1 052 938 075', gg.TYPE_DWORD) vals = gg.getResults(500) --[[here i need a cycle for, this cycle offsets to +30, +34, +38 address from refined, checks with x_cord[1], y_cord..., if equal - ignore, becouse i dont need to freeze myself, else - edit and freeze it to my coords. I tried to do this manually, this is working. Help me with this cycle]] end
  13. How to return True in arm64? Im founding game function with dnSpy, take offset, copy some date, and find it in Code App. for false im using: mov w0, #0 ret in hex - 00 00 80 52 c0 03 5f d6 For false this working. Im tried to do this with True: mov w0, #1 ret Hex: 20 00 80 52 c0 03 5f d6 but this dont working, and game crashing. How to return True? @Enyby
  14. Enyby one love! Thanks for this great tool!
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