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  1. At the momente there are no solutions, so do not spend too much
  2. MarioRossi93i


    Android only here
  3. gg.searchNumber( 98784247823, 32 ) local qwordAddress = gg.getResults( gg.getResultsCount()) gg.refineAddress('F8C') qwordAddress = qwordAddress[1].address gg.setValues({{ address = qwordAddress, flags = 4, value = 9 }})
  4. Pointers stores memory addresses. Search with google. Probably you select 32bit pointer in 64bit architecture, or pointer is really 0.
  5. Bro here is 'Game Guardian', it works only on android, its totally free (but u can support) and u can download it only from this site. so, throw away ur iphone and buy a real phone just kidding, have a nice day Ps: before posting new thread try to use search button
  6. Idk ur device, but not all device can be rooted. alternatively u can use a virtual space, search 'no root' in the forum
  7. Don t select checkbox when you run the script. Changes will be permanent. Or set values to 1, not to 0. You need at least 1 point to level up.
  8. You don t neet to quote its a number [added 2 minutes later] I thought f8c was an offset... sorry
  9. gg.searchNumber( 98784247823, 32 ) local qwordAddress = gg.getResults(1) qwordAddress = qwordAddress[1].address gg.setValues({{ address = qwordAddress+0xF8C, flags = 4, value = 9 }})
  10. You have to download last link. plus 32 or 64 bit support (first 2 links). If u dont know ur architecture, try to run sims in parallel space, the app will ask yoi to intall needed support version. Then install it and, if all is working, you ll can play ur game.
  11. Try to read here to use game guardian without root
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