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  1. the script will be updated shortly, in the meantime you can use the search mode
  2. New version released!
  3. it works fine but the character has a length of 3, so you are printing only first byte using sub()
  4. local info = gg.getTargetInfo() local flg = 0x4 if info.x64 then flg = 0x20 end local start = gg.getRangesList('libiMonster.so:bss')[1].start local chain = {0x65B0,0xE0,0x38} local offset = 0x40 local newValue = 0x14 local function gotoPointer(c) local p,pointer pointer = start for i=1, #c do p = gg.getValues({ { address = pointer+c[i] , flags = flg } }) pointer = p[1].value end return pointer end gg.setValues({ { address = gotoPointer(chain)+offset, flags = 0x4, value = newValue } })
  5. thanks for the reply, this is the first time I hear about tagged pointers is there a way to solve the problem?
  6. hi all, I have a problem with the chainer script: on android 10 it works without problems, on 12 it can't find anything even if in fact the chains exist and work and are in the same regions as 10. does anyone have any idea why?
  7. Good brother thank you again for your selfless efforts and always follow you.~

  8. MarioRossi93i

    Encosing to Json

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