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  1. Nice to meet you Zalafi, no hope for the other teams
  2. My mistake... i m sorry. Wrong value for 32 bit devices... fix coming soon
  3. @racecar could you share log of the script please?
  4. Ok dears, i ve rewrote script, test it and let me know if it works fine this time... ps: soon combo hack to activate autopilot, freeze and ghost with one script only rr3_freeze_bots.v2.0.lua
  5. Are you the famous zalafi in RR3? However, script still working with old, full updated, cars, but newest have different updates system(driver Level, pe points, etc) . To work script needs full updated cars... tested yesterday. To find values manually you have to search float values for acceleration , braking and grip without he Vp added by updating driver level
  6. Here is a new video tutorial to get max level:
  7. also knowing how to decrypt a script is knowledge, if i want the addresses i will log the script...
  8. @Boss45 tell us more about it please
  9. New Autodrive script, Simply run it after signal lights turns green... Thx @Fuzzifier rr3_autodrive_hack.v2.0.lua
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