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  1. if you need fame points try to use fame hack script, or ,if you want revert values manually: 1. before you run the script search value 0x10101 2. save results 3. run the script 4. to revert values check changed results in your list and revert them to original it will not work with kikcass
  2. I have never heard of people banned for racing with an altered car, but I take no responsibility for that. However time is not saved if you run online events(tc,wtt, etc) with modified cars. therefore the problem does not arise
  3. this ins t fake, if you log in with these amounts you ll get ban imediatly, for this I recommend not to exceed the suggested limits, but of course you are free to do what you want ...
  4. I have discovered something, others have discovered something, I have put the pieces together. however no reverse just a lot of time spent trying and trying again ...
  5. d*** me, second stupid mistake today, I must be very tired, or at least I hope so thanks again bro, now I'm going to be ashamed
  6. and here where is the error pls? first search doesn t work, 2 and 3 works, why? local g = gg --g.setVisible(false) local c,i,ls,n,src local chr = {} chr[1] = { n = "Sub Zero", s = "1.000;900;1.000;850::" } chr[2] = { n = "Goro", s = "1200;1200;1000;1150::" } chr[3] = { n = "Baraka", s = "1100;1225;1050;1050::" } ls = {} for i=1, #chr do ls[i] = chr[i].n end local c = g.multiChoice(ls,{false,false,false},'Select characters you want hack') if c==nil then print('Canceled') os.exit() end g.clearResults() for n=1, #chr do if c[n] then src = chr[n].s g.searchNumber(src,4) print(src) g.clearResults() end end Thank you all! 20210422_180120.mp4
  7. thank you @MAARS the main problem was solved
  8. what an idiotic mistake I made, thank you so much bro!!
  9. this is what s happen to me 20210422_160104.mp4 [added 1 minute later] the purpose is search for values stored in 'val', but after first search the script ends
  10. local g = gg local ls = {'test1','test2'} local val = {"10;0;0;1::","20;0;0;2::"} local c = g.multiChoice(ls,{false,false},'prova') if c==nil then print('Canceled') os.exit() end for i=1, #ls do if c[i] then s = val[i] g.searchNumber(s,4) print(s) end end hi, the problem is that script performs only first search, but if i comment the line with searchNumber() script works as expected and displays both values. can you help me understand where i am wrong please? the purpose is to carry out the searches set in the table val if they are selected. Thank you all
  11. MarioRossi93i

    real racing 3

    to make fame points you can use fame points hack, i m very busy this period so idk if i ll update it for this release
  12. gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber('-574,128,128',4) -- why search this if you don t use it? gg.searchAddress("7AC4102570") if gg.getResultCount()==0 then print('No results.') os.exit() end r = gg.getResults(1) gg.clearResults() r = gg.getValues({ { address = r[1].address-356, flags = 4 }, { address = r[1].address-352, flags = 4 }, { address = r[1].address-348, flags = 4 }, { address = r[1].address-344, flags = 4 }, { address = r[1].address-340, flags = 4 }, { address = r[1].address-336, flags = 4 }, }) for i=1, #r do if i==6 then r.value=6 end -- you should use r[i].value if i==9 then r.value=9 end if i==0 then r.value=0 end -- 'i' can t be equal 0 r.freeze = true end gg.addListItems(r)
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