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  1. Oh nice! great! it s not a coincidence that you re the admin Thank you very much!!
  2. 49999 for gold, 4 millions m$, for R$ is not clear but you do not over 200 millions
  3. Yes but i have to search 2 values instead one that, if you are doing group search, can slow down scripts significantly Your seems only way without user interaction and double searches. Thanks a lot!
  4. @Enyby thanks for the answer i m going to do an example: to find fame points in android 10 i have to search, eg: -1500000100, then knowing the offsets i change my values to find the same pointer ( with same offsets) in earliers android versions i have to search, eg: -1700000500 searching both values slows down the script, so i would like avoid double searches... to find a memory layout like your suggestion i have to do additional searches and i slow down the script anyway, or i m wrong? I saw that there are few ways to bypass the problem, but a built in function would be a good thing Regards
  5. Thank you bro, this is helpful... Is there a way to to this without interaction of the user?!
  6. In real Racing the value to search the fame points (and others) changes if you re running android 10 or earlier. I don t want perform double search because it is slow nor write 2 scripts. So if i can detect android version i can select right value to search directly... [added 1 minute later] Could you explain Please?
  7. You have hacked more than 50000 gold. Over this limit you get banned
  8. I search ed a little bit in the forum but i found nothing. So my question is: is there a way to detect running android version with gg/lua?! Thank you!!
  9. Ok sorry for my bad english, i ll try to better explain myself: don t know the game you want Hack but if you can t find the value that you want edit (in your example 60) you can try to looking for the total amount of your gold. If you have, eg 1000 gold, search 1000, then refine results every time you win (or purchase) some gold, until you get few results. The value of your gold should be in the results. Try to change them one by one until you see the value of your gold changing. If you find nothing you can try to perform encrypted value search. I hope i was clear...
  10. You want that when you purchase the first item on the left you get more than 60, right?
  11. I think that you should search for your total vip exp score then you refine results each time you purchase an item that add 1 to you score until you get few results... Then try to change them.. The value can be encrypted so you should have to search it encrypted
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