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  1. View File Roblox Script Updated And Working Please Rate 5 Stars Submitter Blez Submitted 08/03/2022 Category LUA scripts  
  2. local Passwords = {"1234","4321"} local Menu = gg.prompt({"Enter Password :"},nil,{"text"}) if not Menu then return end for l , I in pairs(Passwords) do if Menu[1] == I then A = true end end if A ~= true then gg.alert("Wrong Password") return else end
  3. Same issue. Game guardian doesn't rotate and stays in bug. I use Android 11
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Updated And Working Please Rate 5 Stars
  5. To find boost value: First make sure you are in training mode with unlimited boost turned off in settings. Then click the pause icon near game name in game guardian. It's gonna pause the game when you are on game guardian screen which is what we need to search correctly. Search "1" in Float ( Memory range only "Anonymous" ). Then spend your boost in air. When you finish your boost quickly click game guardian icon and search 0. It goes like that.
  6. I found the boost value. 0 is no boost and 1 is full boost. I tried to freeze and change it but it goes back to normal. Here are the values hope anyone can do it for me.
  7. Blez

    Save results and edit

    Thanks! You also made actual On Off Thank you too now i understand how it works ( Btw you made typo "Clio" insted of "Clip" XD )
  8. Blez

    Save results and edit

    Hi I need help. I need to search and save results and edit them when needed to make my script faster. test.lua
  9. Blez

    Please Help LOL

    Thank you so much. I thought it won't work Yes you can set speed by holding gg icon but i tried to make it a function For ones who wants to know why i spent over an hour trying to make that it's not just that simple i will add this function to my main script where there is over 20 hacks in it
  10. Blez

    Please Help LOL

    Hi, I'm trying to make a slider. I can't explain much that's it. Can you tell me where is my problem ? test (1).lua
  11. Sorry my bad. I also fixed your outdated no clip and new one is working well. I can't delete old comment so download this flie and btw OFF speed hack is not working you can try to fix betterthanbettertestgg.lua My Discord is Blez#4860
    Hello newbie guy i remade your script you need to see this. betterthanbettertestgg.lua
  12. Noo i don't have that skins lmaooo ( g22 pattern etc. )
  13. View File Simple Menubase Simple Menubase for Beginners Are you tired of getting crashs ?? Use this simple menubase and don't get crashes I'm here for save your time Submitter Blez Submitted 12/05/2020 Category Templates  
  14. Version 1.0


    Simple Menubase for Beginners Are you tired of getting crashs ?? Use this simple menubase and don't get crashes I'm here for save your time
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