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  1. Version 23.08.22


    Game Name: Words Episode (Words Mobile) Versi: 2.6 FEATURE 1.DOLLARS CREDITS Mod by FAMI Thank you for using our MOD
  2. Version 5.0.0


    Video coming soon! By User123456789#6424 (discord) After weeks of hard work, the finished version is finally here! It has 35 options! Control time in pixel gun 3d! You can use speed for many hacks, including freezing match time, rapid fire, and gadget spam! If you want to run fast, remove pullout delay, spam gadgets, rapid fire, control match time, or whatever other hack you want, this script is for you! The possibilities are limitless. No other currently working and public hack is able to do this! This hack comes in two versions: Lite and Pro. With lite, you can only choose from a limited number of speeds, and you can only edit the value once per game session. With pro, you can change the value to whatever you want, as much as you want. This includes setting negative time, and freezing time. Guide to using script: The script instructions are self-explanatory. To edit the match time, you must be the host of the match. I do not know exactly how to be the host. However, if you do duels, you will have a 50% chance to be the host. If you make a private duel, the person who creates it will have a 100% chance to be the host. Some hacks may get you kicked. Rapid firing or gadget spamming too quickly will get you kicked. Rapid firing is advised to be used on low fire rate weapons like melees and snipers. Using rapid fire on a automatic primary will get you instantly kicked. My recommended weapons (high capacity and low fire rate) are ultimatum, laser bow, and proud eagle. Rest assured, however: You will not get banned, no matter what. Suggested uses: -Use high speed to remove delay. -Use high speed, a one-shot sniper, aiming assistance, and auto-shooting to quickly kill any enemies who approach you. -Use high speed in duel to quickly farm wins. -Use low speed to easily complete difficult parkour. -Use high speed to rapid fire or spam gadgets. -Use low speed to make gadgets like denied, rocket mech, and biotic shield last longer. -Use low speed to make spawn protection infinite. -Use low speed to make boosts like damage boost from teammate's weapons and invisibility from clock of night last longer. -Use low speed to hover in midair - especially useful in block crash! Credits: Credits are in script.
  3. View File ALLcarsBRONZEone Another way to unlock all vehicles in Hill Climb Racing 2 without any difficulties Youtube Video (Tutorial) : https://youtu.be/8juAEvAHtnM Submitter OTOP Submitted 10/26/2022 Category LUA scripts  
  4. View File Sandbox 3D 0.2.7 Mod Menu Hey Guys This is my first menu/script! I Hope you enjoy it beacause its the first Script for this game! Errors,Bugs and Sugestions are welcome in the comments or via Mail herrhypnose(at)hotmail.com The code is 7002. Please write down in the comments If it worked or not (i can help with trouble) Submitter HerrHypnose Submitted 12/17/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  5. View File 8 Ball Pool Lua (Long Line+HackShop) Tutorial Cheat : ./Yaelahkaaa Submitter Yaelahkaaa Submitted 01/25/18 Category LUA scripts
  6. View File Asphalt: OverDrive (Unlimited Money) Overview: *** ASPHALT SHIFTS INTO OVERDRIVE! *** Discover the award-winning Asphalt series' first spinoff with Asphalt Overdrive, an intense arcade racing experience packed to go! Outrun the cops in an exciting game set in a “new '80s” version of California. AN ORIGINAL MISSION-BASED ARCADE DRIVING GAME - Unlock and drive 30 high-performance, fully licensed vehicles such as the iconic Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa! - Improve and upgrade your car to dominate the California streets - Challenge yourself in 7 different mission types: Escape the cops, defeat bosses, avoid obstacles, and perform impressive stunts while you race! A UNIQUE RETRO STYLE - Drive fast across the gorgeous highways of Southern California - Enjoy a subtly retro “new '80s” atmosphere - Stunning visuals thanks to real-time lighting and particle effects CHALLENGE THE WORLD - Connect to Facebook to play with or against your friends - Join a gang to team up with friends and achieve weekly objectives full of speed and action! - Track your progress and show off your skills as you advance in League championships - Compete in limited-time, Gang, and League events as you battle your way to the top of the leaderboards! Mod: 1. Unlimited Coins (Play a Race) 2. Unlimited Cash (Play a Race) 3. Unlimited Energy 4. Anti Ban This app has AdColony advertisements Submitter d2dyno Submitted 10/15/14 Category Android Mods (APKs) Required Android version 4.0+ Credit Zahir_Sher More Info Google Play
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Subscribe My Channel Follow My Instagram
  8. Version 1.0.0


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  9. View File Head Basketball Script V3 by EgiJuliana Feature: -Unlock Points -Unlock League Simulator Subscribe My Channel Follow My Instagram Click for the tutorial Submitter EgiJuliana Submitted 05/31/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  10. File Name: Tank Battles (Unlimited Money) File Submitter: d2dyno File Submitted: 12 Nov 2013 File Category: Mods How-To Guide For This Mod: Required Android version: 2.3+ More Info: Google Play Overview: Get ready for Tank Battles! This is General McTankerson, the greatest tank commander in the world, speaking! Many have come to my island for the Tank Battles Tournament, but only one can be crowned the Tank King. Will it be you? Roll out and let the Tank Battles begin! Tank Battles Tournament, but only one can be crowned the Tank King. Will it be you? Roll out and let the Tank Battles begin! Customize your tank, enter the battlefield and destroy your opponents! Tank Battles delivers one of the most exciting multiplayer experiences ever, as well as challenging solo missions – for FREE! The tanks are fast and easy to maneuver, so you’ll become a master tank commander in no time! √ PIMP YOUR RIDE: Customize your tank with more than 90,000 combinations of cannons, armor, treads, camouflage and more. √ RULE THE BATTLEFIELD with 22 powerful items, such as mines, turrets and bombs, to deal massive damage to opponents! √ TEAM UP! Ally with your friends, or challenge them in epic battles while climbing the weekly and lifetime leaderboards. √ INSANE FUN! The 80+ single-player levels & 10 multiplayer maps have been designed to offer maximum fun, with destroyable blocks, moving obstacles, closing doors, conveyor belts and so much more. *** Warning: Tank Battles is extremely addictive. Gameloft will not be held responsible for any acts of tank-related mischief committed by players. *** * All this available on smartphones and tablets! This game has AdColony, Tapjoy advertisements Hacks: Credits To: Roy10 - Unlimited Cash - Unlimited Coins
  11. File Name: Slime vs. Mushroom2 (Free Shopping) File Submitter: d2dyno File Submitted: 17 Sep 2012 File Category: Modded apks Slime vs. Mushroom2 v1.9 (Free Shopping)Requirements: 2.1 and upOverview: An outstanding sequal of 'Slime vs. Mushroom'. As the war of mushrooms and slimes lasted for a long time, they developed their skills to cope with.Someday there was a big conflict between them, as a result the leader of slime village was killed in the battle.Without the leader, they were defeated terribly in many battles and faced the hard situation. Please be a wise leader of slime tribe and save your slime friends. Your mission is to defend slime village from evil mushrooms by placing various slimes with their capabilities in best strategic positions. [How to play]- Gather slime points by touching or dragging baby slimes from productive slimes(Mom slime/Twin mom slime) before mushroom corps attack.- Build up impregnable defenses with various slimes by placing them in best strategic positions.- The longer time passes, the stronger attack you will be face with.- Productive slimes sometimes produce diamonds instead of baby slimes, you can scout new talent slimes or upgrade them with diamonds. [Features]- Absorbing 140 stages.- Simple and easy operations.- Cute characters in the game. Released by -Market Militia- More Info:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.westriversw.SvsM2 Click here to download this file
  12. File Name: Eternity Warriors File Submitter: d2dyno File Submitted: 12 Aug 2012 File Category: Modded apks ETERNITY WARRIORS v2.2.0 ModRequirements: Android 2.0 +Overview: THE ULTIMATE BATTLE FOR ETERNITY HAS BEGUN... 3D fantasy world with fast-paced melee action gameplay: Experience an amazing variety of heavy and light attacks, devastating special moves and powerful combos to take out the hoards of demonic enemies Spectacular sword-wielding combat alongside your real friends: The Eternity Warriors always fight the Demon threat together with fellow clan members found on Facebook and OpenFeint. Magical array of swords, axes, armors and power-ups: To be a truly great warrior you need truly great weapons. Build your inventory with some of the biggest and most insanely powerful weapons imaginable! +++ XPERIA PLAY OPTIMIZED +++ Mod:Unlimited money,gemscredits to LeetWolf Click here to download this file
  13. File Name: Mission of Crisis (In-App Billing Cracked) File Submitter: d2dyno File Submitted: 27 Oct 2012 File Category: Modded apks Mission of Crisis v1.1.5Requirements: Android deviceOperating System: Android 2.2 and upOverview: Extremely enjoyable and addictive tactical gameMatt and Angie, members of the Bad Dog Ranger, need help recovering the royal puppies from the invader’s evil clutches! Guide them as a strategic leader and destroy the mystical invader Mombies for victory. More Info:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gts.mombierush.full.en.all.google&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImd0cy5tb21iaWVydXNoLmZ1bGwuZW4uYWxsLmdvb2dsZSJd Instructions: Install apk file and play!, shopping is free! All Credits to Twingo Click here to download this file
  14. File Name: Monster Galaxy Exile MOD File Submitter: d2dyno File Submitted: 23 Oct 2012 File Category: Modded apks Monster Galaxy Exile v1.0.1 ModRequirements: Android 1.6 and upOverview: Explore a fantastic world to capture and train dragons and other magical beasts. Battle & tame hundreds of insane creatures in Monster Galaxy: Exile, the sequel to the most popular monster-battling game! As the world's greatest monster tamer, you toppled the evil King Otho and brought peace to the land. But Otho still has one more trick up his sleeve... he's exiled you to his bizarre prison dimension! Now, you're lost in a strange land without your trusty Moga team. Can you survive? * Battle through 14 insane worlds!* Tame more than 125 unique monsters!* Gawk at incredible hi-res hand-painted graphics!* Meet odd characters, including clown rappers, legendary haters & hot tub swingers!* Scratch your head at the weirdest plot you've ever seen! Can't get enough Monster Galaxy? Learn more by visiting our website - http://www.gaiaonline.com/monsterg. We also invite you to check out our Facebook game at http://www.playmonstergalaxy.com. Love the game? Remember to rate & comment! Disclosures In-App Purchases. Monster Galaxy is free to download and play, but contains optional in-app purchases that cost real money. Privacy. The game gathers and stores non-personal device information upon installation and in-game purchases. We also collect non-identifiable usage pattern data. Players may share game content via Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS but we do not store any information related to sharing. This game allows targeted advertising but players must opt-in to view the advertisements in exchange for virtual goods. For more information, please find our Privacy Policy at http://d.cdn.gaiaonline.com/gaiamobileprivacy.pdf. Having issues with the game? Please email [email protected]. All Credits To Lothily Release info:- Always perfect- Capture rate 100 %- Fast regen energy- Master seed For Free- Daily prize every 1 second- All Monsters can be buy For Free This game has no advertisements More Info:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gaiaonline.mge Click here to download this file
  15. Version 2.1


    My First script! Instructions for versions below 2.1 Beta: You must have 25 balls before executing this script, When you do, and for the script to work, make sure you have 24 balls left after it searches values, so it can refine it then you would have Seemingly-Unlimited Balls! Instructions for 2.1 Beta or future versions: 1. Execute the script, 2. Tap on Search Values 3. Enter a value of how many balls you have (example: If you have 174 balls type 174) 4. Throw a ball after you entered a value/after search is 100% complete 5. If it refines successfully, you should see several buttons Finally 6. Pressing any buttons (except Custom, and BPS) will give you more balls, possibly 'Infinite'! If you somehow happen to have bugs/errors using this, comment below
  16. Version 2.1


    Hey guys Luffy here First Password Is :- LUFFY I am Back With New Script For Sim City Real Server This Took Me A Lot Of Efforts to Made the script IT'S A ONLINE SCRIPT SO IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED AND IT IS HAVING A PROTECTION KEY THAT WILL BE ON MY VIDEO Link of The Video Make sure to Follow Me For New Script Byeee
  17. Currently i am trying to hack/mod asphalt 9. While hacking it i found out that asphalt 9 doesn't use il2cpp or ue4 libs they have custom lib named as libAsphalt9.so and i tried to find metadata.dat file but unable to find it. I thought that libAsphalt9.so could be dump by ill2cpp dumper but without metadata file i can't do it. If anyone knows please help me. It would be great way to increase our knowledge. @NoFear
  18. Version 2.3


    Hcr2 mod menu version 2.3 And Hcr2 1.25 parts hack Password is niepokonany on top MY DISCORD: FREE HACKS Free hacks Free scripts Mod menu.apks Mod.apks No scamming Shops Invite rewards Friendly community And more join now https://discord.gg/HTHFNbtasS For support,hacks, scripts,mod apks,mod menus, giveaways,free accounts and more join now!!! Discord: niepokonany#6666 SUPPORT FOR MORE! MY PAYPAL–[email protected] HACKS: Password is niepokonany on top "Unlock Beta Test Dummy Skin (Need FireFighter Skin)", "Unlock Pit Crew Skin (Need Framer Skin)", "Unlock All Legendary Animation (Open All Common Animation)", "Unlock All Epic Animation (Open All Rare Animation)", "Unlock All Adventure Hat", "Unlock All Vehicle(activate in loading screen)", Rank hack step 1 Rank hack step 2 Season cup points step 1 Season cup points step 2 Autowin Works only on arm 64 (playstore version) Fly hack Works only on arm 64 (playstore version) Moon gravity(ALL VERSIONS) Infinite fuel hack(32BIT ONLY)(ALL VERSIONS) Coins and gems hack(1.40 to new version 1.53) Downoforce hack(ALL VERSIONS) Flat road adventure(32BIT ONLY)(ALL VERSIONS) Flat road cups (32BIT ONLY)(ALL VERSIONS) Fast coins (ALL VERSIONS)(NO BAN) Inf scraps Inf Tokens And more but am to lazy to write all hacks now 40+ hacks! Skin hacks 1.25 parts hack 1.25 jump stock op hack Fast coins (ALL VERSIONS)(NO BAN) And more!! Discord: niepokonany#6666 SUPPORT FOR MORE! MY PAYPAL–[email protected] You need 32BIT hcr2 for some hacks Password is niepokonany on top Version for Hcr2 1.25 parts hack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ngn5tyqgCEWyDsDvb-Cpw04ovKzL9R51/view?usp=drivesdk 32BIT hcr2 link: Not available now for 1.53.3 64bit Hcr2 link: From play store install to get 64bit
  19. PRO TIP! You may need to pause, please follow the steps carefully! This guide will help new blue stacks rooters to counter act the "Google Play" account switch issue. However this shows it clearly isn't a Google problem... I am already logged into a modded APK on Blue Stacks at the beginning and I am walking you through rather quickly the steps to fix the account switch issue on a modded apk running brazillian? lmao proxy XD downloaded every language of the app and am ready for some fun! To be able to run a modded apk of cc on blue stacks you need root, it only takes a minute: http://forum.xda-dev...571308&page=103 download Falcon's auto rooter, its the only one i found that works You will also need jrummy root explorer.... "That time you used up all your dungeon chances and killed guild boss but you suddenly realize you are stuck on that modded account!" TO FIX: Run any language version of castle clash Switch to google account you want mod to work on and exit app Run modded Castle Clash apk then exit once you see still on old account Run JRummy root browser Press home then data / data Then com.igg.castleclash_(what language) Go to files and copy user data Take JRummy to com.igg.castleclash paste user data in files folder Run mod then click on account Get disconnected then reconnect on desired account. Rinse and Repeat... Viola! No more switching issues, plus you get free account in that language to collect maintenance gems. Do not use this mod in pvp if you have it. Nameless is better! Lets keep this update going a while before patch, pl0x. Easter Egg working mod in the middle and end Have fun, Crashers! xoX0 <3

    © Anon Artista

  20. Name of Game: eternium Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Version:1.2.99 What cheat? Health, xp, gold,gems Have you tried cheating this game? Yes What happened?: it crashed Comments: plz update the script, i try for hours trying
  21. Minecraft Pocket Edition Hack V0.11.1 Hacks: 1. Infinite Health 2. Infinite Armor 3. Infinite Inventory Size 4. No Knockback *Signed using one-click-signer. Might have some problems, so report if it doesn't work* Download: https://userscloud.com/epnf0eii511z VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/e3b0c44298fc1c149afbf4c8996fb92427ae41e4649b934ca495991b7852b855/analysis/ If you enjoy this game, buy it!
  22. Name of Game: Clash of Clans Game Version if known: 6.186.3 Name of Cheat: Private Server, Unlimited Gems, Gold, and Elixirs. What is UCS (Ultrapowa Clash Server)? UCS is a server emulator for the famous game Clash of Clans. UCS allows you to host your own games for you and your friends instead of connecting to Supercell servers. Please note that: UCS is not affiliated with Supercell. UCS is not a cheating tool. Everything happening on UCS will remain private and will never synchronize to Supercell servers. Install UCS Requirements: UCS is a console application developed in C#. It requires: Windows 7 x64 OS (or above) Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 Other configurations may work but are not supported here. How to install and launch UCS? Download latest version at http://www.ultrapowa.com. UCS does not require a system installation. Unrar the archive the folder of your choice (ie. C:\UCS). Run Ultrapowa Clash Server.exe in UCS folder Connect to a server Requirements: Any rooted Android or jailbroken iOS device. I recommand using a rooted version of BlueStacks if you want to play from your computer. You can also connect UCS with a non-rooted or non-jailbroken device by editing your router configuration, but no support is provided for this at the moment. Please note that UCS has been tested with a few devices and some connection issues may remain. With an Android device: Download and install Hosts Editor Add a new row: Hostname: gamea.clashofclans.com IP Adress: address of the computer running UCS (example: With an iOS device: Open /etc/hosts file (can be accessed with iFile) Add a new row: Hostname: game.clashofclans.com IP Adress: address of the computer running UCS (example: Start the game: Ensure you meet all the requirements, then just start the game normally. Edit Server Configuration Description: Server configuration is stored in ucsconf.config file, which is located in root folder. It can be opened with any text editor. Config parameters are: •startingGems: initial gem amount on player creation •startingGold: initial gold amount on player creation MODERATOR EDIT : dont edit Elixir or gold ! •startingElixir initial elixir amount on player creation •startingDarkElixir: unused , modify it with what you want but not too high •patchingServer: Web server used for updating client (ie. csv files). •fingerPrint: technical data, do not edit •buildings: technical data, do not edit •buildingsMap: technical data, do not edit How to edit: You can edit value attribute in xml tags to customize your server configuration. Do not edit key attribute. You will have to restart UCS for the changes to take effect. Image for Proof: Image For BlueStacks rooted :
  23. Version 1.0.0


    features: ... money hack and diamonds hack auto update by the web no passwords need Must have internet connection if in the feature require password the password will be 0 or you can join on the discord and find all the passwords find me on discord: αμπουσερούκος καπιταλουκος#9921 here is the official discord that i will start sell some scripts and there you will find all my scripts and you will find my new youtube account Join to discord if you need support and if you want to get my new scripts faster than anyone https://discord.gg/vEMJpkW
  24. Version 1.0


    Feature: -Hack Coin Subscribe My Channel Follow My Instagram Click for the tutorial
  25. View File Hill Climb Racing 1 | Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod Menu All version ( Chinese , Old , New) * 5 Different Mod * Features : 25 advantage. - All cars hack ( fly and speed) Ver1.1, Ver2.2 , Ver 3.2, Ver 4.3 V5.1.0 video - Autowin Ver 4.2 - Speed (NoBan) Ver 3.2 - Ver 3.2 Work in hill climb racing 1/2 Work all ver, OLD , NEW, CHINES Update Scripts For 1.1 , 2.2, 3.2, 4.2 thx!! Script V5.1.0 video Script Fake Rank. Video Script Ver 4.1 only work 64 bit Video Script Ver 4 : work only in arm64-v8a Video Link Ver Arm64-v8a Script Ver 3.1 : One Button, NOBAN MENU, BAN MENU. Video1 Video2 Script Ver 2.1 : Bug fixes and hacks added.Video Script Ver 2 : Video Script Ver 1 : Video Discord All you have to do is click on the top to access the video or the Discord server. Please rate the topic and also write a comment. enjoy. PayPal: [email protected] ~ ENDUPَ Submitter ENDUNDER Submitted 08/12/2022 Category LUA scripts  
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