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  1. Would you Pls help me on how to use Android bot maker...

  2. Bit under the weather atm, sb working again on cc in genymotion. Will have updates later this weekend

  3. Jenneh

    New guy and a noob

  4. Jenneh

    Jenneh Motion V 2.0

    GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! Genymotion Support 6:26 AM (0 minutes ago) to me Hi Jenneh, We're taking into consideration your request. We are actively working on a solution. You'll be notified by email as soon as it is solved.Regards, The Genymotion Support teamLe 02/05/2014 08:03, Jen Neh a écrit : PREVIOUS MSGS support genymobile <support@genymobile.com> Apr 28 (7 days ago) to me Hi Jenneh, Thanks for your suggestions! I have a glitch when I double click while full screen it closes the full screen and makes genymotion super small Could you please explain this point? Can you confirm that you are talking about full screen mode, and not window maximization? In addition, could you provide me: - the Genymotion log archive that you can generate from the Settings menu > Misc tab (this can help me to understand why you have resize/rotation issues); - screenshots or videos that could be of interest; - any further information you consider relevant. Even if your Genymotion window re-sizes, the video won't be changed. Regards, Damien May 2 (3 days ago) to support Wrong, because when the screen resizes, it messes up my videos and cause me to have to spend an extra minute or two every resize to cut it out of shot. Now I will include a youtube link so you can understand what i am talking about. Everyone on my forum complain about it, we would like a fix! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8YsrSjfr4o&feature=youtu.be
  5. Jenneh

    CC hack v1.2.49 with support and discussion

    Hey Sqtstreno, I got a model built with the apps you requested. Just lemme know when you wanna make a tutorial.
  6. Jenneh

    Castle Clash SBGH

    Here is nooby Cakez video of him "exposing" capito hahaha Here is nooby cakez being pwnd by my friend
  7. Jenneh

    Castle Clash SBGH

    We can use other alternatives, but atm we have an a** clown on the site named Krikara trying to get everything patched right away, so you can say thanks to that tool that you wont get new values for a bit He's a super noob and trying to say genymotion is a bot net bahahahahahha, he is sprl that annoying youtuber who puts out awful boring yawntastic videos
  8. Jenneh

    Castle Clash SBGH

    got it updated. Hero list download on youtube, sb game hacker http://gameguardian.net/forum/files/category/3-vip/
  9. Jenneh

    Castle Clash SBGH

    not certain why that is. i am still able to play with not too many problems on many accounts. sometimes if you modify numbers around your hero lines it will fix the problem
  10. Jenneh

    Castle Clash SBGH

    Forewarning, the codes have been shifted on the TW update so our version will update soon too so after update be careful searching values.
  11. Jenneh

    Castle Clash SBGH

    My video was taped using Jenneh Motion located in GG team cheats other wise you can use your own phone or tablet. You will need sb game hacker http://gameguardian.net/forum/files/category/3-vip/ and the hero list and a little common sense, follow the video
  12. Jenneh

    cattle clash script

    you can use hiro macro pro it super easy.
  13. Jenneh

    Castle Clash SBGH

    they are hot patching some registry values. i annot help you if you only check markled your first 5 heros. dont check them all they fix that method
  14. Jenneh

    Castle Clash SBGH

    At least they dont auto ban for having sbgh installed on your phone like some re-re devs do. Like I said first comment, this was bound to be patched. The whole world has known about it for much more time than this forum so yeah. Do searches in other languages you be surprised the info restricted on your ip
  15. Jenneh

    Castle Clash SBGH

    Got Thank you got SM, cupid, champ, and TG codes updated also the hero line code for Immotep is wrong, his line starts at 141 I think, will repost correct values as soon as sure