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  1. CC has been updated to 1.2.45. Not working anymore in bluestacks and sbgamehacker.
  2. Got banned in Respawnables. Lolz. Moving on to this FPS then.
  3. Is it odd that 1.2.42 is working while not in 1.2.41? Could they added some code that will detect SBGH modification? Hhhmmmm.........
  4. Yup, still has issues though something to watch out if it becomes a major player in the android emulator business. Using bluestacks and genymotion for now.
  5. We could also try this new android emulator called "andy" released 10 days ago. http://www.andyroid.net/
  6. Found this facebook link https://www.facebook.com/groups/freestacks/. Group is about sharing rooted bluestacks.
  7. Hey Jenneh. It works for me. Happy Days are here again.
  8. Internet in my country sucks, too slow. To compensate, Im using Internet download accelerator software but the link does not allow it. I guess I'll just have to do the usual way.
  9. Hi MiC2o, could you upload it to zippy, mega, or other mirror sites. Thanks.
  10. Chillax (chill and relax ). We are here to enjoy and have fun with games, no need to attack others. Peace.
  11. You have to change it everytime you restart your CC.
  12. Keep a low profile in Endless Mode. Do not get up to more than 130 or you might get the hammer ban. Legit player with GS score of 10k have a hard time finishing wave 120. Peace.
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