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  1. I think IGG will fix this hack soon, they have add some patch on their server. I've just make some test and here is some newest infomation: - HBM mode: still works fine! For safety, use 2-3 hero only. Tip: change skill of Spirit Mage, Thunder God, Pumpkin Duke max lv 180 to 7 (ex: HBM wave I has Ninja, Druid, Thunder God, Spirit Mage and Pumpkin Duke max lv 180, use my calculation file to find their hack number and change their skill to 7, they will become useless and you will pass wave easier. - Hero Trial mode: still works fine! Tip: change skill of all max level 180 heroes to 7. - Dungeon: FAILED, but super3001 has test for some case we can bypass server check. Thanks for his valued help. Maybe, you must use some hacked hero with some didn't, try to extend time in a battle (over a minute or more) to bypass server check . - Raid/Arena: not encourage. - Guild Boss: the same with Dungeon.
  2. Hi all, for KoHx3 and super3001, make sure that: - Castle Clash is global (english) version. Others version not work! - Rooted android devices, not iOS. - Do not update sbgameshacker. To test my hack on your phone, try for new search: 19988483. It must have 9 results. Then leave a message here with all of your hero name and level. I will support you.
  3. For Elite and Ordinary Hero, you just use the numbers on hero map file attached. Can you list all of your hero you have? Can you explain more specifically about the sittuation you've got?
  4. My #1 post gave you new search code since 1.2.48 update. P/S: I've updated instruction v4, hero map and calculation file in #1 post. I also edited Title to newest version 1.2.49. My method still works fine on newest version.
  5. Don't make a post like this again, i saw you make 2 same posts before. Read my hero map in post 1 to know hack number for your executioner, and read QUICK TIPS to know how to hack.
  6. Try to search 1074056396 for some time till you obtain 83 values. :'>
  7. You can use what version is the best for you. For master code search, sometime it shows 157 results, sometime 161, sometime 169 so i need your feedback to write a calculation file suitable for all case.
  8. - I've correct mistake error, thank you. - I think you should try this hack on emulator (Jenneh motion is a good choice) to know all step. Ex: You're going to hack for Druid lv 78 (which is 4 star and max level is 80). Besides, you also get: + Your result is 161. + Checking step on line #5 gave you 60:60:60:0 (12 lines below blue line). + and xxxxx:1:1:0 (20 lines below blue line). So, you will enter these values on calculation file (excel): + Cell D2: type 161. + Cell D3: type 60. + Cell D4: type 1. + Cell B12: type 80. => Hack number for your Druid show on cell C12, for this example it is 51. - Turn back (by click back button) then go to line #51 to hack for your Druid. - How to hack: read QUICK TIPS on my #1 post. - If you got 157 results, check line is #1 line after first search. On calculation file, only keep value 161, other cell do as above example, then subtract all value on C column with 4. Apply to above example, C12 shows the value 51, then you do 51 - 4 = 47. Go to line 47 to hack for your Druid. - This file calculate for Legendary Hero only because their value change everytime, for Elite and Ordinary Hero, all value is the same with Hero map attached.
  9. Hi all, Today i've finished "hero map" and "calculation file" in order to help you find exact hack number for your hero. I attached them in #1 post. Update: How to use the file "Calculation for hack number"? - Your phone must be rooted and installed sbgamehacker and Castle clash. - Open sbgamehacker and castle clash. Close all opening app. - Maximize sbgamhacker, type "1074737971" and click "Search". - You will see 161 results, click on "List". (If not 161 results, leave me a feedback message) - Go to line numer 5, Tap and Hold on this value till a pop-up window appear, then click on "View bound memory". - Look for 12 lines and 20 lines below blue line, remember these value. - Enter the values you've seen to Calculation file. - Type your hero max level on "Max level" column reference to his name. Then you will see hack line for your hero on the next column. - If your result after #1 search is not 161, replace 161 by your value on calculation file (it may get wrong answer) . I need your feedback after using these, please answer 3 quick questions below: 1. How many result you get after first search (master code: 1074737971)? Ex: 161. 2. Does it value CORRECT on your case? Ex: YES/NO. (If NO, what WRONG did you get?) 3. Do you find any mistake on these 2 file attached? Ex: YES/NO. (If YES, what mistake is?) Thanks for your feedback! P/S: - Read my #1 (QUICK TIPS) to know hacking method. - Instruction v4 and Video tutorial is being updated. - All attached file today is on TESTING VERSION so you may get some bugs on using, pls give your feedback message here.
  10. That's a problem, i'm think about the way to access the hack for all people. It's not easy.
  11. - I think IGG had read my instruction and they've add a fix for this on the newest version, the next instruction will not easy to understand. - I know someone can get stuck on some steps of the instruction, if you are, PM me or leave a message here, i will support you (but you may wait for your turn). - I try to update new instruction for 1.2.48 version, with a video tutorial by me.
  12. After 1.2.48 version, we have many problems about this hack, so i must remove all attachment and edit #1. IGG had configured CC's source a lot: - HBM mode monsters seem stronger (DMG & Health). - Towers and troops DMG hacked sometime work, sometime not. - Master hack code changed (but we find out the new one), some hack line changed (to add new hero amonica). WE CAN APPLY THIS HACK ON NEW VERSION WITH A LITTLE OF MODIFIED! CHECK #1 FREQUENTLY. THANKS FOR YOUR ALL CONTRIBUTION TO THIS TOPIC.
  13. Here is some tips, I usually defeat HBM wave I with 2-3 hero: - Bring 4 hero base to near by 4 corner of the map, 1 hero base in a center of the map. - Towers place on center of the map. 4 army camp buy full archer. - Build your home town by model "Death Box" or "Diamon of Doom".
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