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  1. aries skill isn't viable using this hack method because of the 7 second cool-down. the easiest way to beat hbm is using 2 TG and 1 PD. I've tested hbm 'I' with level 100 heroes.
  2. what are missions, even? 1200 gems, 2400 shards, 135000 hb per month are just from clicking your might title everyday—they're totally free and super easy. vs. 360 gems, 4500 hb, and NO shards at ~12k might. every little handout in this game adds up exponentially, especially for f2p players. I've been playing this since it came out and helping people hack it since february; I'm a veritable encyclopedia of information on this game. maybe show some respect.
  3. nearly every aspect of the game is now scaled through might: the rewards from expedition, the rewards from quests (you don't even get all the quests until ~45k might), the daily rewards—you can scoff at these, but the player with 45.9k might getting the full quests is also banking a free 1200 gems, 2400 shards, 135000 hb per month vs. roughly 240/0/1500 for someone with 7k might—hero strength in arena and expeditions, etc, etc. the rewards for expedition are TEN times higher for my main account vs my smurf, and since the update, it's pretty much a joke to beat at any level. also, I frequently raid bases with 400-900k gold or mana, which I can't even use because the rewards from doing the simple quest board are overabundant. at low might you have to hit dozens of bases to make the same flow, and while it might be super easy it's also boring and repetitive. and for what it's worth, higher might players will usually wipe you out in one go leaving you with a 10 hour shield as opposed to weaker players picking at your mines for hours until someone shields you. you guys are actually doing more work for a fraction of the benefits. if you level the right way, you shouldn't run into problems raising enough gold or raiding. if you hit a lull, buy and sell statues for a while to maintain gold for upgrades.
  4. I don't see the benefit to being lower might any longer. Avoiding getting raided is pretty pointless when you aren't upgrading your buildings: that's the main reason you need resources. And the daily benefits—might rewards, better quest rewards, hp/def bonuses in arena & expedition—far outweigh the drawbacks.
  5. did you press and hold the value till the menu comes up
  6. most of those are fake accounts the player created to flood his real account off the leaderboards, likely because he finished the round too quickly.
  7. extra steps are just to help people who don't understand the code. it all basically translates to: if it's not working, check for clues to make sure the values are lining up with your heroes. occasionally the values have switched around on me, but they generally come up as the original values (from previous hacks). if hack isn't working for people, check the values; make sure the hero level value check (provided in instructions) coincides with your hero's level range (140, 140, 140, 0 is levels 120–140). make sure the skill value makes sense with your hero before you edit it (succubus should be 19, etc). once you figure out where the values are, you can compare them to the map sqrestreno provided. like I mentioned, the results returned are often the same, with occasional variance (at least for me), so if they are different from the values in the hero map, but are consistent, you can just remember the difference and apply it each time. so if you're finding that all the values are 4 less than they are on the hero map, then subtract (-4) from the map to find the hero values you intend to edit.
  8. tower damage is still effected: the more higher level heroes you have hacked, the more damage you do. people with lower level heroes shouldn't be trying high rank HBM anyhow, unless you want to call attention to yourself from IGG. I've heard of people getting banned for clearing the dungeons too quickly. also, thundergod (43) is still IMO the best skill to use in HBM. this is because it still has an excellent damage output and AOE even with lower skill level (the level of your hero's skill affects the skill you substitute as well—observable with spirit mage skill) it's stun affect helps prevent enemies from rolling over your base, especially when you're outmatched (and using fast proc hack). it's really handy against dinosaur, too. I only put it on one hero, because otherwise I would clear rounds too quickly. it's maybe worth trying minotaur skill (63), but my reservations would be two things: if your heroes are too strong, match would end too quickly, and there's a cooldown on proc, so it can only strike every 6 seconds.
  9. I'm finding the values easy enough, but I can't get a return of 161 no matter how many attempts I search. I'm getting 158, which makes sense because it lines up with the original hero values. hmph. oh well, it's actually better since I've memorize all my hero values.
  10. just tested; still working. it's through adfly, so wait a few seconds, then hit 'skip' at the top right (in the blue-bar area) to proceed to dl link.
  11. pierre probably doesn't realizing it's just spending his gems to compensate for difference in gold cost (like when you try to upgrade without enough resource, and it prompts gem purchase) only the game thinks you have the resource, so it circumvents gem prompt. for those it's not working, you don't have enough gems to cover the cost. there's no known way to hack resources without private server.
  12. I wanna recommend thunder god skill (43) over serpent queen (41) for almost any cheat application. with quick action skill hack and stun bonus, it's the biz.
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