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  1. Maybe they're server sided?
  2. Hi, mate. Very congrats on your hard work. Really: thanks a lot!

  3. "I think this is bad idea. Users can setup something in config and do not know how fix it. " They can clean the data's GameGuardian, or back to defaults. Looks like nothing can be useful what I have said. Thanks for your time, then. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later I'm aware this is developer's opinion regarding updates. What about users? including the VIP ones?
  4. NB, thanks for intel. For replies that you came resonably, I'd thanks a lot for educating me and you have a better view than I did. Any chance to let us config this later? Enable an option to start a search on dword, more expanded by default, as examples. System defaltus can be as disable, as some users can change this later, because we're aware about float and else. Regarding updates, I see no reason from you to deny it, and you might deny it for just denying. If you agree, I want to open a pool and see if someone else want to change it. Sure, I'll keep myself in my place: I don't know how to "make" an APK, mod or else. I'm just an user who likes your hard work. Can we have a deal? If the pool says more guys wanna change how often to search for updates, you'll be fine with it? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all. This ain't a proper question, but it is a feedback + ask and I cannot find a better place to give this feedback and, if it is the case, to ASK to deploy this on updates: 1) Select application - I'd like to hear another forum's people, but I'm used to start a GameGuardian and start the game. When i touch GameGuardian, Select application pops up. Well, on 6 version we were able to work without this. Sure, this is good to fix user mistakes, but I can't see a reason to hack another apk while you're using under a game. E.g. Metal Slug Attack and GameGuardian opened. Why I want to hack Nova Launcher while I'm gaming? 2) Know values: Into type, I'd love to see a fixed type, or the most used from users: we all use Dword and barely another ones. To get me what I'm asking here, just loook to value: equal is fixed and if I want to change, just touch it and make the changes. 3) Memory Ranges: most of it selectabe by default, but keep the other (slow) unckeck. 4) edit selected: if we select more than one to change, might be useful to expaned "more" by default, because I belive users do use if often when search a game with a lot of hits. 5) Updates: let us change how often GameGuardian might search for updates. Let's how this thread works out. By the way, I'd like to say hello to Enyby. Can't sure if you remember, but I was a member from Alpha. I'm still a member, but I figured it's time to "hang out" here. Thanks for making this happen.
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