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  1. Only some cracked pubg are safe. Not all of them so use non moded menu ?
  2. I already post a warning in my telegram channel. Some of the hack has been detected by developer and will made you banned. So beware for now. I will try finding a new way to solve it ?
  3. On my telegram channel, new script call "SCL Simple" included Anti Shake Camera + No Recoil for non moded pubg (Playstore Version)
  4. The anti-cheat is on and patched the crack. So use a normal pubg menu for now.
  5. Try using a different virtual space such as Dual Space Lite
  6. The Link is still work, if you have any problem contact me in telegram. Ty
  7. Download game from playstore..then open game download the update..close game..then replace android/data file with cracked version. Link: https://t.me/sclpubg/95
  8. Please update the game to 0.8.5 and follow the instruction that i put on this post to get latest cracked file to use modded pubg menu.
  9. Modded PUBG have a cracked file in it, so you can use any hack in the game. Galaxy PUBG is same with Playstore PUBG. And in landing menu, some of the hack i put a limit for non moded pubg (Playstore/Galaxy App) to prevent getting ban. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later For exynos there is no wallhack and color for you, try get moded PUBG and use antena to detect enemy.
  10. Later in feature still testing a new hack _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Hahaha that hack still in testing, im still trying to figure out how it works. Its mean you health doesnt decrease...
  11. Good, you use another virtual app? And i will update aimbot later, still testing a new feature. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later Error 106 on virtual app? Or what?
  12. Yes its work for me. If it doesnt work for you. Try change your device id or try another virtual app like dual space lite~ im using that. Btw im using redmi S2
  13. Just clear data + cache for dual space only. Then open dual space, insert pubg and gameguardian. Open pubg in dual space and your done.
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